Traditional Asian Ice Cream: Ais Krim Potong

August 30, 2009 / Culture / 11 Comments

While surfing around YouTube yesterday, I stumbled some old Klondike bar ads and had a sudden revelation (and a sudden craving!). It looks a lot like the traditional Singaporean / Malaysian ice-cream called ais krim potong my parents used to eat as kids. Translated to English, ais krim potong means cut-out ice cream.

It probably got its name from the way it’s served. The ice cream is molded into a large block. When served, the ice cream seller would cut it up into smaller rectangular pieces and insert between wafers or bread.

I don’t usually fancy ice-cream but thanks to the Klondike videos, I just had to get my hands on a traditional ais krim potong. Yum!

Happy salivating. πŸ™‚

  • I am indeed salivating. Mmmm. I want some of those now. It looks yummy! Nom nom nom!

  • Oh, I always have those when I go to my grandma’s place! She always keeps a ready stock of those ‘sliceable’ ice-creams and waffle biscuits so that my cousins and I have can some whenever we feel like it. Today’s visit to my grandma’s house saw my cousins having Ais Krim Potong … although I couldn’t have any this time round because of my recent asthma flare-up. πŸ™ I’m really craving for one, though.

    What’s yer favourite flavour? Mine’s chocolate chip. (;

  • Ivy

    @Tara: Haha! It is! Come over here to try it. πŸ˜€

    @Brenda: Oh no! Hope you feel better soon. My favorite is raspberry ripple, although durian ain’t too bad too. πŸ˜€

  • That looks soo good! I love any Asian snacks, their ALWAYS good. =P

  • wow..sounds delicious…
    i think Indonesia has the same ice krim potong but we have different name of it…

    nice blog….

    i already add your blog at my google reader ^^

  • min

    This makes me, missed the ice-cream potong, wrap around with a white fluffy bread. It is delicious and mouth watering.

  • ej shum te mira akulloret
    edhe shum te bukura

  • Anna M.

    Would you know where one can buy the wafers used in ais krim potong? If it is sold commercially, can you tell me the brand that makes them? Thanks!

    • Ivy

      I think the Wall’s Fantasia range sells wafers as well. As to where to buy it, not sure where you can get ’em actually. I just buy ’em from the ice-cream man.

  • alisa

    anybody knows where to buy those block ice cream?

    • alisa

      in singapore that is