Life Lessons Learned from Sports

August 26, 2008 / Culture, Opinion / 6 Comments

Today, I finally realized why sports is so important in life. As an elementary school sprinting champion, I am now able to run fast, fast enough to run after the bus that seems to always want to escape me. As a basketball point guard, where I was a dwarf amongst giants, I gained the skill to maneuver around people. Number 9! She runs, she pivots and dashes past the center, she shoots and SHE SCORES…. a seat in the jam-packed subway, that is.

In a country where the prevalent culture is “me first”, people will alawys find themselves tirelessly sprinting and skillfully dodging to get what they want. This is all fine and dancy, since it is precisely this attitude that has gained Singapore the 7th highest GDP per capita in the world despite being just a small town 20 years ago. It is, however, not so dandy  when people start making irresponsible shortcuts to satiate their own desires, at the expense of others.

With that said, there one last thing last should learn from sports – the spirit of sportsmanship. Coming in first is great when you play fair and square. Among the many reason, there is one simple reason that any sportsmen can understand; there is simply no glory in winning a rigged game

  • I’m starting to think I should have stopped using “But I’ve got my period miss, I can’t do sport today!” as an excuse during gym classes at school…

  • Give me a computer and a desk and call it a day…sometimes, you can even keep the desk.

    I don’t do sports…except dodgeball…and I’m still not very good at dodging. LOL! But sports do create life lessons.

  • What I learned from gym class: kids are cruel, gym teachers are mean, being short and uncoordinated sucks, it hurts to get hit in the head with a basketball.

  • Hehe about how sports is important in life. Yeah, it makes sense the way you’ve explained it.

  • Nice post on sports! I agree that they are important =D I love the manuevering around people part 😀

  • I love reading your posts like this, it always gets me thinking about whatever topic you mention (: