Okonomiyaki: Japanese Pancake

April 10, 2008 / Culture, Daily Life / 31 Comments

I used to be one of those people who thought that Japanese people only eat sushi/udon/teriyaki *insert meat of choice* all day. So I always thought their food was…well, kind of bland.

Then I was introduced to okonomiyaki, which is Japanese savory pancake of sorts. The pancake is fried with, among other things, cabbage, eggs and meat/seafood of your choice. It is then smothered with okonomiyaki sauce, which is the Japanese cousin of Worcester sauce, topped with a dollop of Japanese mayonnaise.

Betcha hungry now. 😉

Japanese Pancake
My Monday Lunch: Shrimp Okonomiyaki

To be honest, it was too flavorful for me. (Who’s complaining about bland a second ago?) I’m not a big fan of salty food. I would have love some salad or rice as a side to balance out the taste. But it is refreshing to have once a while (yes, this isn’t my first okonomiyaki) – especially when my favorite sushi restaurant is jam packed.

If you live in Toronto, and would like to try something new, head over to Okonomi House at Charles Street. If you live in Singapore/Malaysia, Sakae Sushi actually serves okonomiyaki, but it’s nowhere as good as the one in Toronto. Sorry, guys. 🙁

I’m Back!

I’m technically done with my undergraduate degree now. I’ve finished all my exams and assignments. 🙂 Now, I’m just waiting for my graduating diploma to be printed and I’ll be heading back to Singapore – but I’ll save the details for another post.

Anyway, all this means that I can go back to blogging, commenting on all your sites and designing the new layouts I promised. I’ll be updating slowly over the next few days as I will be cracking my fingers and my head on the new layout for Nanyate?! In the meantime, happy drooling.

  • k

    OH i love that actually!!! i couldnt get enough of it when i was in tokyo!

    and welcome back! ^^

  • Udon…yum! I like Tempura Udon the best. :drool:

    Anyway, welcome back and congrats! 🙂

  • that DOES look delish — yum! but i have to disagree with you — udon and sushi aren’t bland!!! 😉

    congrats on finishing your degree! time to party like a rock-star!!

  • oh, I’m so going to Sakae sushi. The nerest is in Subang, Malaysia. woohoo. the pancake looks scrumptious!

    by the way, congratulations on completing your undergraduate degree. 🙂

  • Yay welcome back Ivy 🙂 I miss all your interesting posts and good humour, really! Same here, I thought Japanese only eat sushi, teppanyaki, udon, sashimi, soba and ramen all the time… Japanese pancake sounds so foreign to me!

    Congratulations for completing your undergraduate studies *applause!* I can’t wait all the exciting stuff that will follow 😀 take care and have fun!

  • Id

    *drools until she short circuits her keyboard* XD

  • Nothing beats a Katsu Don for me. 😛

  • What’s that? The iApple logo?!

  • How on earth do you handle smothering it COMPLETELY with okonomiyaki sauce? It’s pretty strong… at most I only cover a quarter-half of my okonomiyakis with it…

  • yay, for being done with undergrad! Guess that means you’re going to graduate school?

    That looks pretty yummy, but unhealthy 😛 But most yummy things are unfortunately.

  • speaking of Japanese food, we were talking a bit about it in my Japanese class a few weeks ago. Apparently Maison du Japon (in Markham) has pretty good food. There were a few other places named, but I can’t recall them at the moment. I haven’t been though, my family doesn’t eat Japanese food often.

    Done your undergrad, eh? congrats! How does it feel? I think I’ll miss the school life when I finish next year, but I guess it’s also very exciting.

  • I learnt of Okonomiyaki when I was probably in grade 7, when we first started watching Ranma 1/2. Then my brother got obsessed and learnt how to make okonomiyaki. I haven’t had one in YEARS but I need to find a place that offers it here. ^_^

  • It looks… interesting, lol.

    I bet it feels so good to be done! Good luck with the updates 🙂

  • Whoa. It got too much of okonomi sauce! I thought they tend to crosshatch okonomi sauce and Japanese mayo, not pouring okonomi sauce all over the okonomiyaki! D:

    But I love okonomiyaki! Easy to make 😀

  • That looks really delicious. Mmm.
    Congratulations on finishing you degree. I’m so eager for exams to be done with.

  • My hair is soo fried too.. it doesn’t grow past the length it’s at now anymore even when I trim it. Boo. Or else it just takes forever and I keep on cutting it or it just breaks off!

    We have The Face Shop here too but it’s always so bright in there. I honestly haven’t purchased much from there except nail polish which sucked and fake eyelashes. I guess I’ll take your word on it and try their eye shadows!

    Where can you buy “Laneige?” Any online shops?

    I heard Shiseido skin care stuff is good too, especially for Asian skin. I have yet to try it though!

  • Okonomiyaki is originally from west Japan. I personally don’t eat it so often because as you mentioned, I have no idea what I should eat with Okonomiyaki. With rice, it’s too much carbonhydrate, with salad, it maybe Ok, but I may want something more….like….what?? I don’t know. As for me, it’s good once in a blue moon as a snack (^_^)/

    Congratulations on your finishing school.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your new site!

  • That did make me hungry…until I found out what was in it. I want to try one though.

    Congrats of finishing your undergrad.

  • It looks good, but the stuff that is in it does not sound too appetizing to me.

    Congrats on completing your undergraduate degree!

  • OMG, that looks so good!

    Congrats on finishing your degree! I have exactly 5 more weeks until my graduation! Hehe! Wow, and how long does your diploma take to print? Our’s like a couple of months…

  • The pancake actually looked delicious until you described what was in it. I haven’t really tried many foods from other cultures. I guess sometimes I’m not that open-minded. Sometimes I go into restaurants and look at things and be like “ewww, I’m not eating that.”

  • SG

    OMG I used to live RIGHT THERE! In one of those two buildings on Charles St.!! I didn’t know there was a Japanese restaurant there, although I wasn’t really clued into these sorts of things when I was younger.
    But I will DEFINITELY try this pancake thing when I go back to Toronto (after finals).

    There’s a (sort of similar) Korean pancake, made of kimchi and an assortment of vegetables that also tastes amazing. Also fried. I’ve had it on that Korean place just south of Yonge and Bloor. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name right now, but I think it’s a pretty common dish so if you go to a restaurant in Korea town, they’d definitely have it. I think it’s called “kimchi pancake.”

  • SG

    Oh, forgot to mention, have you ever had omuraisu? It’s like a thin omelet wrapped around a fried rice mixture, and topped with demi glace sauce. It’s an east-meets-west kind of dish, but also one of the definitely-not-bland Japanese dishes.

  • The look is appetizing, but after I read some of the ingredients, I got kind of turned off. I’m not a fan of really salty foods either. Sometimes yes, but it depends on what it is.

    Congrats on your degree!!

  • I never remember any Japanese food i eat, i only know if it’s not Sushi than it must be ramen 😀

    However, i do like all of them!

    Well done for the exam ivy, congrats! Would love to see you visiting our blog again.


  • One of my friends who came back from being stationed in Japan had come with knowledge of making okonomiyaki. I did not think it was too bad, but then again, I am more a straight out sushi gal. I have to travel about an hour an a half to a sushi place called Wasabi, in downtown St. Louis. *sighs*

    Congrats on obtaining your degree. I am sure you are extremely happy about that. 🙂

  • Wow Ivy new theme!!! 🙂 I’m loving every single bit of it, especially the background transparency and the colour combination. I’ve never knew dark blue and pink can be such a perfect fix! And I’m going to love the new comment styling to bits!

    Welcome back Ivy the webdesigner!

  • you finished already?!?!?!!?!!! omg!!!! lucky you.

    mmm in london there’s this japanese omelette restaurants which serves very yummy pancakes and omelette… take pictures next time to show you ^_^

  • Ooooh I have the recipe for that on my pc! Mine is an okonomiyaki for kids. With an face on it and everything. I’ve never made it though. The ingredients are kinda hard to find