Poi – Maori Performance Art

September 5, 2009 / Culture / 2 Comments

While doing one of my random YouTube surfing, when I stumbled upon poi, a traditional performance art from the New Zealand’s Maori people.

Traditional poi is made of a string and a ball. But what really intrigues me is modern poi – the one with LED lights and glow sticks. There’s just something very entrancing and surreal about it.


Here’s a Japanese Poi artist, Yuta performing LED poi. The cool bit starts at around 1:20.

Urban Poi

Here’s another video of Yuta practicing urban-styled poi. Doesn’t look nearly as cool as LED poi, but this video really showcases his body movements. His movements are so slick, it’s amazing!

Poi looks like a lot of fun! I would love to be able to try it out one day. Although, I suspect I’m just gonna be tangled by all the ropes. 😛

  • I actually learnt the poi when I was younger, cause I used to live in new zealand 🙂 We had to learn it to pass the “maori preformance class”
    Although it looks hard, once you learn to twirl it and get into the groove, it’s real easy (easy enough for an 8 yr old to learn)! We had to make our own though >< out of plastic bags and string. haha. But the led ones look so nice! shizz!

  • lacey

    i love pio, i do fire pio, ribbon, light up, sock, hula hoops juggling unicycling and all of them mixed and matched, i would love to learn more techniuqe though…awesome