Positive Love

February 28, 2008 / Culture / 9 Comments

Ever remember watching a friend hit a piñata or maybe pin the tail on the donkey? What did you say? Were you the one that shouted, “NO, NOT THERE!!!”? Or did you say “OVER HERE! CLOSER!!” instead?

Alicia and Alice from ARIA the ORIGINATION Episode 6
Aria (the cat), Alicia (the instructor) and Alice (green haired girl).

I was watching ARIA the ORIGINATION today, and one of the characters, Alice asked why the instructor, Alicia, would not scold her trainee when she made mistakes. Alicia replied saying that “when we play suikawari, if I were to shout “NOT THAT WAY!”, she would end up being too scared to move. So I always say “OVER HERE!!!” instead, in hopes that she would find her way.” (For those who are unfamiliar with Japanese culture, 西瓜割り suikawari is a game where the goal is to crack a watermelon with a bat while being blindfolded.)

It was such a touching line. People tend to forget that positive conditioning can bring about much better results than negative conditioning – that rewarding a child for his or her achievements bring far more results than hitting a child for his or her failures. Similarly, saying your ‘please’, ‘thank yous’ or even just a simple smile can go a farther distance than mindless indifference can ever hope to go.

It’s the little wonders of life that people tend to forget because they are too preoccupied to open their hearts. So, remember to be an “over here!” person, when you can.

I guess sometimes it takes a little fantasy to change our reality. 😉

Nanyate Radio Updates! I added a few new songs including ARIA’s Spirale, Ally Kerr’s The Sore Feet Song and Jyu Oh Sei’s Deep in your Heart.

  • k

    i like the instructor’s way of thinking. heh

    i always try to be positive whenever i can… and people tend to be more productive in a positive environment too.

  • Id

    When we keep on telling someone “Don’t!” they forget to DO.
    I needed reassurance today, and this entry helped. Thanks!

  • Agreed 🙂 saying things that are positive can really cheer a person up, rather than saying something negative of the same meaning. I’ve heard this short story of two man stranded in the middle of a desert. When both stumbled upon a glass half-filled with water, one commented that they’re doomed because they have only half a glass remaining while the other was grateful that they have half a glass of water left. Thinking positive really makes a lot of difference!

  • Hehe, reading that made me smile for some reason! Hehe.

  • The latest animes that I’ve watched lately doesn’t have that much of positivity in there anymore. That definitely touching and great way of thinking… it reminds me that there’s always a smile waiting to be dealt with after reading some sweet like that.

    BTW… I linked you, hopefully you don’t mind!
    I love reading your posts!

  • I’ve never thought of it that way but it makes a lot of sense.

  • Momo


  • It’s called positive re-enforcement, and it works much better than its counterpart. Praising someone — especially children — improves his or her self-confidence, self-worth and motivation.