Smallest Political Quiz EVER!

February 27, 2008 / Culture, Internet Memes / 12 Comments

While doing research for one of my papers, I came across a quiz that ranks one’s political orientation on 2 spectra: Liberal vs Conservative, and Libertarian vs Statist. It is apparently revered by many journals and newspapers as quite accurate. I think liberal and conservative need no explanation. 😉 As for the other scale, a libertarian is one who believes that individual freedoms should be prioritized over socialist ideals, and a statist believes otherwise. A more commonly used word for statist is authoritarian (not to be confused with tyranny, since tyranny is a corrupted form of authoritarianism).

Red dot denotes my score.
Political Score: Social Democrat

Due to my nomadic upbringing, I’m naturally liberal. On the other scale, I lean a little closer to authoritarian than libertarian. From my position on the two axes, I think I would be classified as a social democratic.

How did I infer that from such an abstract graph? Because I’m a political theory student. Hahaha! For the rest of you: to find the label for where you stand on both axes, check out this political spectrum by Miguel Duarte. Duarte’s spectrum visually coincides with the one used on the quiz. I can’t say I agree with his labeling, because I am definitely not a democratic socialist but it’ll give you guys a rough idea about where you stand.

Take the quiz here, and let me know of your results!

I apologize for my recent boring entries. I’ve been very sick with the (Singaporean) flu. My housemates’ parents came to visit and brought the flu along with them. I am absolutely impervious to the Canadian flu, but I am quite susceptible to the Singaporean one. Now, with my menstruation, the timing couldn’t be worse. I am sickly and feel shitty at the same time. Bah.

Hopefully, I’ll feel better before the next entry because there is something interesting I’ve been dying to blog about, (which requires a little more brain power than someone with a constant headache can produce.)

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  • Peng
  • teddY

    Hey Ivy, your entries are not boring at all. Some people may find them a little plain because of their different taste and preferences, but that’s ok – that happens all the time… it’s impossible to make everyone interested anyway :)

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re down with the Singaporean flu strain… take care and get a lot of rest! 😀 sleep is very very crucial.

    Anyway I took the test and it says I’m a centrist too! My results.

  • 偶爱偶家

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    now you can upgrade to 1.4.2

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  • Momo

    I’m a centrist too.

    Anyway, Ivy, thank you sooooooooooooooo much for that!!!!! ;_; the biggest resolution on my laptop is 1024×768 and i was mortified when I viewed it on another laptop. have to fix it asap~


  • Momo

    i think it looks okay now with a larger resolution but not sure with safari or firefox ._. the screenshot look worse than i thought ~_~ haha… what will i do without u ~~


  • Simply Precious

    I’ll take the quiz sometime later…

    But yes, I hope you’re feeling better, Ivy!

  • Mallory

    Man, I don’t place myself into any political classification — I disagree with pretty much every political group in some way, and I’m the ‘submits-blank-vote-ballots’ type, haha. I’m sort of a cross between a punk and a hippie, I think, in terms of my politicial stance … XD;

    Ah, well. Thanks so much for the tag on my TagBoard some time ago! I always like to do something a little different with my layouts, and I’m really into the ‘retro’ style coding, so long as it still looks decent in all browsers/resolutions and so on. ^^;

  • Id

    Like you, I grew up liberal due to my upbringing. But according to the quiz, I’m libertarian, which was something I had a feeling I would get. My dot was somewhere on the left side(ish?) of the libertarian grid, so I have liberal leanings as well.

  • momo

    ivy, you don’t know how much that website you gave me helped!!!!~ pls pls pls pls tell me how to thank you! i can’t stand hopping round computers again… my bf won’t let me use his… meh heheh.. fix it later~ *muah*!!!


  • Michael

    A CENTRIST here.

  • kiiro

    i see everyone commenting here (almost everyone) is centrist?
    well .. me too.. lol maybe that represents your blog readers’ demographic..haha

    okay i am just bs-ing… i know nuts about politics.. la la la