A Day in Photos


Sorry for being away from the blog scene the past week. I’ve been extremely busy preparing for my return to Singapore next week; renting out my room, packing up, buying last minute stuff has been incredibly time-consuming and taxing. I’ll be blogging erratically for the next 2 weeks. Hopefully, by then I think I’ll be completely settled down in Singapore.

New Camera!

Perils of moving across 12 timezones aside, my boyfriend and I drove to the middle of nowhere to get me a new camera yesterday (because it was that much cheaper than buying it downtown). It’s the one I’ve been eying on since its release: Canon Powershot A590 IS. It’s a budget camera that takes amazing shots with full manual controls. It only costs 160 CAD. What a steal! And I even got a 4GB SDHC card for 15 CAD.

All psyched out like a little kid, I was haphazardly taking hundreds of pictures on the way back home from the store. I didn’t really have the time to figure out how to use the manual controls, so I shot everything in Easy and Auto mode. And this is how it turned out…

12.40PM: First Test Shot


As we were leaving the store, we drove past a marsh. It was so ugly that it was unworthy of my new camera. So I pointed the lens at the sky instead. It was shot on Easy mode in a moving car. Not the brightest colors but amazing nonetheless.

1.00PM: Lunch at Pacific Mall

Pacific Mall Bento

Hunger struck. So, we drove to Pacific Mall for lunch (you know, the one Russell Peters refers to in his ‘Chinese bargain’ joke). And this is what I had: Chinese-cooked Korean food. Marinated BBQ beef (Kalbi), with potato noodles (Japchae), spicy seaweed and salad with fruit dressing (yuck! no, and I don’t mean the name).

1:00PM: Emperor Chair

Emperor Chair, Pacific Mall

This was on my left while I was savoring my lunch: the emperor chair. The sign on the chair was absolutely amusing. It says “Please do not sit on the emperor chair.” If I hadn’t had known it was an emperor chair, my urge to sit on it wouldn’t be half as strong. The irony.

2.00PM: Cosplay Store

Window Shopping at a Cosplay Store

After lunch, we spent a couple hours just checking out the stores. And then we walked past a cosplay (costume play) store. This mannequin particularly caught my eye because I instantly recognized which anime it was from (Ulquiorra Schiffer from BLEACH). I would have loved to try it on. Too bad the store was closed. I spent another 5 minutes peeking through window hoping to catch a glimpse of another costume that I might’ve recognized. Unfortunately, the 3500 anime episodes I’ve watched didn’t help with identifying anymore costumes.

3:40PM: Long Drive Home

Haphazard Shot

I snapped quite a few pictures on the way home and I particularly liked this shot. I wanted to capture the yellow flowers as the car was coming to a halt (for the red light). Just as I switched on the camera, a bus was rushing from behind, so I haphazardly snapped before it would block my view. I was so sure that the camera wouldn’t shoot in time and I would have ended up with half a bus in my frame. But as you can see here, it’s 100% bus-free. What speed.

4.00PM: Longest Street in the World

Yonge Street Uptown Yonge Street Downtown

Yonge Street used to be longest street of the world at 1,896 kilometers. Despite having its record broken, Yonge Street is still an important road as it neatly splits Toronto from the East and the West. The picture on the left is a snapshot of Yonge Street somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area (i.e. far away from downtown) and the picture on the right shows Yonge Street downtown. (I used to live not too far from here.)

6.00PM: Dinner at Korean Town


My favorite place to be. Doesn’t look spectacular but the food is amazing! Wasn’t paying much attention to where I was shooting, but the stuff at BnC cake house is just too yummy. The fresh cream cakes are just.. wow. If you ever visit Toronto, you must try one!


With this I ended my first date with the Canon A590 IS. My photography skills are currently at 0%. Nevertheless, I think the pictures turned out well. I just started to learn about aperture and shutter speed today and hopefully I can take some professional-like pictures when I go to Niagara this Thursday. So, until then, enjoy the rest of my amateur shots at my Flickr account.

  • Toni

    ooo the first picture of younge street..I live quite close to there..(sort of).

    where is this middle of nowhere that you went to buy your new camera?

  • Toni

    middle of nowhere = richmond hill?!? haha. that’s where all the asian hang out and where all the chinese food is..aside from pac mall which is in markham..which is beside richmond hill.

    oo my bro used to take me to tigerdirect(in markham..i think?) to buy stuff. I’ve never heard of sigelectronics..but then again..I’m usually in markham wayy more than richmond hill. I can’t wait to see your niagara photos. Have fun! šŸ™‚

  • Congratulations for getting a new camera! I did the same thing after getting my first one (a low-grade videocam with no automatic focusing – I had to rotate the lenses manually to get the correct focal length) – I kept taking photos the moment I’ve laid my hands on it! Nobody really reads the instruction manual when they get a new gadget – that’s what an American scientific study has concluded after surveying more than a couple of thousands of teenagers and adults. People are more willing to explore the devices themselves, and only turn to the booklet when something goes wrong šŸ™‚ heh!

    The cosplay store caught my attention! Although I’ve only watched a few episodes of Bleach, I immediately realised that it’s a costume from it! Haha.

    Thanks for the info, I’ve never knew that one of the longest streets in the world is a whooping 1800+km long! OMG!

    p/s: I read that your camera as optical image stabilisation! That’s so good! Now you can have crystal clear photos!

  • Okay… I admit it. I just stared at the pictures, lol. But, they’re really nice. I need to get a digital camera (mine broke awhile ago).

    The outside of that mall looks awesome šŸ™‚

  • love the photos. I recently upgraded my digicam recently. I’m still going to use both though since the new one has a longer zoom but more bulky and my older camera is pocket sized so it’s easy to carry around.

  • Wow, I’d thought you would have left already! Hehe… But yeah, wow, good luck with all of the preparations!

    Aww! That is soo nice about the new camera! Hehe, I want a camera too(we don’t have a digital camera), but it may not be for awhile… =(

    LOL about your first test shot. =P

    Aww, Pacific Mall actually looks nice!

    Woah, the longest street in the world?! I really cannot imagine how long that’d be! I actually thought some of the streets where I live are long already! WOW. Hehe…

    But yes, I’m glad you had a nice day, captured in pictures! =)

  • Nice post. The photos came out great. I’m really looking forward to reading about Singapore – good luck with all the preparations, and with the move.

  • Picture quality is excellent, though, even in Auto Mode. Everything’s so smart these days…

  • Wow… that is SO CHEAP!! What the heck, lol, I got mine still for almost 500… I’m looking to get an SLR, so hopefully I can find something as well. Yes, I thought you were gone as well.. when are you due to leave Toronto?
    Yes… when I worked at the bank, all I remembered was how many BMO was on Younge Street. When and by whom was its record beaten by?

  • Haha, I don’t remember that Emperor Chair… (I went there last year) I’d want to sit on it. It’s hilarious to see the huge TV next to the chair! The emperor will be happy…

  • Ria

    Ooh excellent photos! I was actually thinking of buying one of the PowerShot A-series. But then I saw SX100 and so bought that instead. But any Canon is good, although don’t you find that it’s not very good in low-light?

    I think the photos are great! Can’t wait to see what you’ll snap in Singapore!

  • Looks like you’re having a good time, your new canon camera seems to take nice photos; you’ve done very well with your photo composition šŸ™‚

  • The photographs are great and I can tell the camera takes great pictures. You’ll improve your skills in no time. =) Have fun with it.

  • wow! I want to buy a camera too!
    ur camera look so awesome <3
    are you from Singapore? so cool! i wanna go there
    thanks for commenting in my site ;D

  • It’s about time you blogged Ivy! I was wondering where you went. =P

    Wow that’s such a good deal for a camera! I want to get one too now and I hope I find a nice Canon one because I really miss them.

    Good luck on your move and I hope things go smoothly for you!

  • Id

    New camera = more twaggifying upon your arrival, yes? XD

  • Exciting photos šŸ™‚ I would love to taste some of that food šŸ™‚ Did you sit in the emperor’s chair?

  • I want a new camera too!

    The pictures turned out good and the food looks very delicious. šŸ™‚

  • yay for new gadgets! looks like it takes better pics than my camera. The only thing mine is good at is being pink. Oh well.

  • That Emperor chair is really charming!

    I love Canon’s cameras. They are so easy to use and they take great photos. I actually used their Powershot A540 before I got my DSLR baby. šŸ™‚

    Happy shooting! šŸ™‚

  • ooOooOooo the food looks divine!

  • After my canon died, I’ve been camera-less for many months now šŸ™
    But the pictures are looking good! Especially your lunch, haha.
    Man, I wanna see/visit the longest street!

    If I stayed in Johor (one of the states in malaysia), Singapore would only be about 5 minutes away šŸ˜›

    Hope you’re having a good time there!

  • Nice photos! It’s been a while since I’ve been back to Toronto, my family used to drive up every summer or winter but it’s been more difficult in the last few years. The last time I went to Pacific Mall, I had something similar to eat… so yummy.

    Good luck with the move back to Singapore!

  • I want that camera!!! Haha, you got me jealous! Taking photos is so much more fun when you have a sweet camera like that.

  • Wow, the pictures look very nice. That’s a good camera you’ve got, the pictures are a very good quality!

  • Ooh, a new camera! That’s always exciting. I always did want a nice, professional (-cough- 1500 CAD -cough-) digital SLR camera. At the moment, I have my trusty FinePix (which is a delightful digital camera, I do say) and my trusty 35 mm Minolta X-570. It’s from the early ’80’s and it works like a dream… most of the time. I was really lucky to find a 35mm that still had everything intact, including the pads on the inside. It costs a few hundred to fix the small things. I even got a lens! It only cost 50 CAD since I bought it from my neighbour, woohoo!

    But anyways, less camera-squeeing and onto more important matters, yes? (Fine, I lied, I love gushing over cameras!)

    As for the manual options, just figure out how to make the light meter and aperture work together. It took me a whole roll of film to figure out my camera’s little odds and outs. There are a bunch of things to know about which f-stop to use when, but I suspect you might already have an idea (and if you don’t, I’m certain you could google it or ask some cool photographer friend šŸ˜® )

    Uhmm, let’s see what I can remember about the shutter speed. Hmm. 1/1000 s is only for action shots (like a horse running) 1/60 s works for a lot of things. I usually stick to 1/60, 1/30 and 1/125.

    The aperture works for distance. The bigger the number of your aperture (f-stop), the farther away you can shoot. Well, that means the object that is farther away will be in focus. There are some things to remember about that, though, since the bigger the number, the smaller the opening for light. So if it’s a cloudy day, you would stick to a lower number to let more light in. I like using f/5.6 for a lot of things, and f/8 is also good, generally.

    That’s just what I remember from my Photography courses and shooting with my mom, who used to do a lot of Photography when she was in Art College, and had a job as one at one point, hmm. :3

    Also: Pacific Mall, woohoo! I always go there to buy my DDR mats, since I’m cheap and cannot afford a 500 CAD Cobalt Flux. šŸ™ But that’s alright, it means I get to go to Pacific Mall once a year!

  • Hurray for new cameras. (:

    I got mine half a year ago and till now, I’m still familiarizing myself with its functions. Still pretty much using the automatic functions when it’s manual functions galore on mine, as I’m too lazy to find the best settings and tll that jazz. It’s fun experimenting with new gadgets though! Looking forward to more snapshots by you. šŸ˜‰

    And the longest street in the world is indeed … very long!

  • for $160, that’s pretty good! I was shopping for cameras a little while ago, but didn’t end up getting one. But for me, it was more of a decision between what I wanted more… a camera or a digital piano. lol…

    anyway, I hope your move is going smoothly!

  • Wow those are great pics that you shot in easy and auto mode. Can’t wait to see the manual stuff.

  • Nice choice! Cannon has more vivid colors both on pocket DCs and DSLR than any other brand