A Moment of Psychosis

January 12, 2008 / Daily Life / 9 Comments

I was at Tim Horton’s yesterday with my boyfriend. As I sat down with my lovely ice cappuccino, the lady from the table behind stared into my eyes with such ferocious intensity.

Such viciousness. Such coldness. Such a mental disturbance (hers, not mine).

When I turned away, she resumed her sweet talking with her boyfriend. I have no idea why she stared at me like that but all I could think about for the next 30 seconds were images of her husband and children devoured by her psychotic moments. Torn to shreds, eaten alive; frightened to death.

Then from the corner of my eye I looked at her husband smiling happily to the sweetness of his wife. I could only shake my head in pity.

Site Downdate
Nanyate?! was down for quite a bit last night. Sorry to my European/Asian/late-night surfing American visitors for not being able to access the site. The database screwed up when my hosting company tried to reboot the server. But they were honest and quick about it. Good job!

Site Update
I added a few more pages, including a list of animes I’ve watched or are currently watching. I’ve also added two new songs; one Korean by The Note titled “What Women Want”, and the other Chinese, by Khalil Fong titled “Is it enough?” (roughly translated).


  • Some women just can”t stand other women. Why is that? I mean her, not you.

  • There is nothing in this world that I hate more than a nasty bitch. I get those demonic stares a lot when my guy friends have new girlfriends. They always give me dirty looks or say things that sound polite and friendly, but are terribly sarcastic.

  • Wow, that women with that cold and vicious eyes reminds me of the character Ingrid Magnussen in White Oleander… have you read that book (or the adapted movie?) 🙂 it’s a nice one anyway. Maybe you were looking at her significant other? So it may be a natural defensive reaction, lol.

    Anyway glad that they’ve fixed the problem, but it can be a great scare! Last time for some reason the circuit jumped in my host’s server, and my database was corrupted. Lost one month worth of post, but thank God I’ve made a backup copy for my database. Do you get to access your cPanel? I usually create backup copies of my database every week 🙂

  • thank you for passing by my page suga!

    I guess it wud be worst if that look was from aguy :S

  • Jen

    Wow… she’s just spreading that cheer, isn’t she!! You must have been wearing the same color of lipstick/shoes/purse/something as her and it was just too much for her to handle! What craziness.

  • Some people just have a staring problem and doesn’t know the effects that they have on other people. I have a “friend” who does that… who just constantly “stares” at me, and make me feel weird.
    Heheh it could just be her natural look. But yeah… if it was a death stare, I do feel sorry for her husband/bf or kids if she has any.

  • ugh girls suck! i hate it when they’re all checking out my clothes and stuff! people can be so jealous!

  • Khalil Fong! <3
    In general women are so harsh with each other and it’s a pity that some people cannot be happy for others and share a random smile with a stranger. Don’t let her get to you, it’s entirely her problem that she’s an ice b*tch. Bwahaha!

  • Wow about that woman.

    Anyways, wow, I’m sorry to hear about the downtime, but I’m glad that everything’s back up and running!