My Cover of アイシテル Aishiteru

November 30, 2008 / Daily Life / 9 Comments

My WordPress draft list is getting longer. But I just can’t seem to be able to publish any of them recently. Guess that’s what you call writer’s block.

So here’s a song I’ve been singing whilst in the shower instead. It’s called アイシテル (Aishiteru; I love you), originally sung by a Jpop newcomer 清水翔太 (Shimizu Shota). I sang the whole song except the second verse (which I’m not very familiar with yet).

You don’t have to be shy about it, I know the guitar accompaniment is really bad. 75$ kid’s guitar + a guitar beginner who has no time to practice = shitty strumming. Just as one of my friends says, if I quit my job and practiced non-stop for 3 months, I’d be like Sungha Jung. But alas, I like my job. And I don’t aspire to be a fingerstyle guitar prodigy either. I just sing and play the guitar for my own amusement. So it’ll probably take me years to get any better. Or maybe I should start looking for someone to teach me, instead of struggling to teach myself new chords every Sunday morning. 😉

Oh and those attune to music will also realized that I slowed down the tempo when I got to the bridge. I had a hard time pronouncing the words, since Shota sings it so quickly. Guess I’ll need to sing that bit more often while I’m showering. 😛

Without further ado, here’s my version.

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Here’s Shimizu Shota performing Aishiteru live.

And here’s a YouTuber‘s cover of it, which IMO is the best cover ever. He mellowed out the song even more, and really put his own style to it. (He starts singing at 1.15)

Feel free to post your own covers too. 🙂

  • U sang that? Nice leh!! Babe you can sing! Publish more of your covers k. Can download? 😛

  • Wow you’re good at it! I was never good at singing and will never be too 😛 hah! And to shamefully admit, I don’t even know how to play a guitar – and almost every single friend that I have knows how to so sometimes I feel bad for not learning. I do know how to play piano but I attended for a few years before quitting, and since then I’m all by myself, learning on my own.

    So, you’re really good at singing and playing the guitar! I’m good at neither of them so don’t say that your guitar accompaniment is bad 🙂 heh! It’s a really nice song! The only Japanese songs that I actually listen to frequently are the ones from Utada Hikaru… for some reason, I like her voice, just like how I adore KT Tunstall’s.

    Have a great week ahead!

  • I have to agree… You can really sing 😀

  • Wow… you sing really great!! I love your voice!! I really enjoy the song too!!!

  • Gorgeous voice.

    I admit, I try too hard, and I still fail to produce harmonies that are pleasant to the human ear.

  • Ivy
  • If I didn’t know you, I’d have said you sound like 8 or 9! Hehe… 😛

  • Ivy

    @Michael: Hahaha. I don’t talk like that for the record. This higher pitched voice is easier for me to transition between my head and my chest voice.

    My speaking voice is quite low. When I used to perform, I was alto-tenor, which isn’t much higher than a guy’s voice.

  • wow, beautiful voice! you really nail those higher notes perfectly.