Arduous Path to Graduation

February 2, 2008 / Daily Life / 8 Comments

I had an appointment with the photographer to take my graduation photo on the worse day possible; the one day when 30cm of snow was to fall. Even my winter boots couldn’t save me from the treacherous walk through Queen’s Park. I almost slipped twice. Thanks to my fast reflexes, my hands broke my fall each time. Too bad they couldn’t prevent me from looking stupid.

In some ways, the arduous journey to the graduation photo session is a symbolic version of my struggle towards graduation. The University of Toronto is a good school with very impressive rankings, but looking back, it probably wasn’t the most suitable school to me. Its size (70,000 students) is alienating and the teaching method very theory-based. It’s the perfect school that teaches how one should go about being an academic contributing to theories, not one who goes out applying these theories to the real world. I’m a practical person – one who will work tirelessly for a reasonable end. If there is none, I lose interest. I will most likely be happier in the working world. Nevertheless, I’ve learned a lot through these four years.

Click below to see some pictures from my symbolic journey to graduation.

Snowy Day at St Mikes
My dorm in 2nd year

Snowy Day on College Street
Southern end of the university

Snowy Day Outside My Home
Outside my house

Snowy Day at Korean Town
Korean Town


  • Wow… I’m not taking any senior pictures… Hahah.

  • Hope the pictures caame out well.

    You guys really got a lot of snow. We haven’t even gotten that much yet. Glad though, because I hate it. lol

  • Haha. There’s a Where’s Waldo moment in one of the photos…

  • lol my grad photos are next week.

    i don’t know why we must get the composite photo. i barely know anyone from my college except for a few friends..and i can just ask them for a wallet pic >_>

  • That’s the problem with a lot of universities, you don’t really get the chance to experience real hands on experience with your field like you do in trade or art schools. There are always co-op programs though at least.

  • omg i love those pictures I want snow! Make sure you post your graduation pictures.

  • The weather there sounds pretty insane. Is the snowing over there as bad as those in the US? I hope it isn’t, but judging from your photos there’s quite a lot of snowing going on. Your post reminded me of a Foxtrot comic strip, where Paige keep losing her shoes in the snow 🙂 lol!

    Anyway as long as you’ve learned something in your university life, it’s better than nothing :mrgreen:

  • I fell off my bicycle last year ( when it was snowing ) trying to avoid an old lady. I suffered a deep gash on my ankle and still have the scar to show, so I think you’re really lucky in comparison. :]

    Happy graduation by the way !