Beautiful Love Song

December 31, 2007 / Daily Life / 5 Comments

I’ve never really been a big fan of the contemporary Chinese music scene. Most of it is trash – overly ‘inspired’ from Korean and Western music or overly sappy love songs. Stuff I really don’t need in my life.

But I came across Khalil Fong yesterday. He’s something like Hong Kong’s answer to the Taiwanese Jay Chou minus the mumbling and a lot more soul (as in the genre). His new song “Love Song” has been on replay on my iTunes for a while now. The lyrics are so simple, yet captivating and romantic.

Below is part of the lyrics and translation. Lyrics are taken from 520Music and edited by me. I wrote a rough translation for my English readers. But I think it loses its essence when translated. And sorry for the crappy translation; I’ve only studied Chinese for 3 years. You can find the song on the Nanyate Radio under the R&B playlist.

I wrote this song
It’s a simple song
It’s the kind of song that’s not complicated and not hard to sing
This is not that kind of
song that only has piano.
And is not that kind of
song that is about not being able to stay friends.
This is not that kind of
song that is about two characters from a novel
a novel that is about someone making mistakes in a garden

这就是一首写给你听的一个 love song
This is a love song written for you to listen
一直想写一首 love song
Always wanted to write a love song
你给了我一首 love song
You have given me a love song
That DJ will broadcast
This might be imitated
不过我只想写出一首 love song
But I only want to write a love song
一直想写一首 love song
Always wanted to write a love song
你给了我一首 love song
You have given me a love song
You are like that summer day’s cool breeze
Billowing on my face
Really feel like flying
在我心底 你就是我第一 yeah
From the bottom of my heart, you are my #1, yeah
I want to tell you I love you.

  • Hey Ivy the translation isn’t bad at all 🙂 really! When it comes to Chinese, I suck at it since I’ve not been using it actively after I graduated from high school (where chinese is a compulsory subject)… anyway here’s a big HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! Be sure to enjoy yourself and have fun!

  • lool yeah i don’t listen to chinese music O_O i only listen to japanese and korean music..but lately it’s been solely korean lol

  • Beautiful song indeed. I went to youtube to look for it and listened to it, after reading your post. It’s such a lovely love song!

  • “花田错”is actually not someone making mistakes in garden.
    It is from a love story which in SONG period in China.Young lovers wants to elope from their famliy & make love in gardenyard to break away discourge from both family.
    Why should they do that? Mua……U know!:)

  • Ivy

    @wawa hahaa yeah i got the meaning but i didn’t want to translate it that way because there are some kids who visit this site. 😉 i’m sure the adults know what i meant.