Chinese Condoms and Favorite Animal

January 10, 2008 / Daily Life / 13 Comments

No, they have nothing to do with each other.

So, about the Chinese condoms, I learned how to say condom in Chinese in class yesterday. For those who want to know, it’s “保险套” correctly romanized as “bao xian tao”. Pronounced like “bow shien tau” for those who can’t read Chinese-style romanization. Our textbook chapter was discussing about how condoms sold in vending machines signified the advancement of Chinese society. How ridiculous! But that wasn’t the funny part. My professor, having come from China, was so embarrassed about the chapter he actually said that he wanted to skip this chapter, “but it was important for us.”

DUDE! We’re in 4th year of university for goodness’ sake. There’s nothing embarrassing about condoms among 22 year olds. Besides, who hasn’t done sex ed in 10th grade?!

Now onto favorite animal. It’s something fun for all my visitors. So be sure to participate. Here are the instructions

Pick three of your favorite animals. The first being your most favorite, the third your lesser favorite. Then think of as many adjectives as you can to describe each animal. Now, click “read the rest of this post” to see what it’s all about! Be sure to let me know what your animals are.


Favorite Animal: Personality Test
This favorite animal test is actually a personality/perception test. Here’s what each choice means:

  1. First Animal: What your want to be
  2. Second Animal: How others perceive you
  3. Third Animal: Who you really are

This is what’s mine:

  1. I want to be a cat: cute, fluffy, affection, poised
  2. But others see me as a tiger: powerful, self-sufficient
  3. Although I truly am a dragon: dignified, wise, ambitious

For me, I think it is true. I’ve always pictured my soul as a dragon and my imitation of cats are not unheard of (by my friends) either. So what were your animals? What do you think about this test?


  • Lol, that is kind of funny how your professor is still embarassed. But it’s true… I was watching this one documentary called ” China’s Sex Revolution” and how it’s no longer timid and such, and it’s fairly interesting to learn about how they evolved from the old ways.

    I really enjoy your page, and wondering if you’d like to exchange links?

  • So I’m a bird??? O_o

  • I never had sex ed…i went to a catholic school =o

    lol condoms in vending machines lol

    i have so many favourite animals..kind of hard lol
    and then i was silly and clicked to see what the results would mean…skewing my results booo lol

  • What an odd professor you have. You are all adults there. :/

    Here are my results for the personality test:

    1. I want to be a dog; cute, fluffy and loyal. 😀
    2. Others see me as a cat; cute, curious and independent.
    3. I truly am a panther; black, dangerous and beautiful.

    Sure, ha-ha. 😀

  • LOL, you’re kidding me! I don’t even know how to say that in any other language other than English! But LOL, yeah, sex ed… We had that in 6th grade… LOL, beginning in 6th grade, I should say. =P

    Hehe about that personality test. I’ve done that before.

  • If this makes Chinese feel any better, porn magazines, school girls’ panties, and sex toys sold in vending machines in Japan. Haha…

  • Ivy

    @Michael, you’re a bird eh? LOL! It’s not the animal that’s important; it’s how you described it. For example, some might see birds as a symbol of freedom, and so that would mean that they like freedom (if it’s their #3 animal). Others might just see them as stupid and it that case they think of themselves as stupid.

  • So I’m cute????? O_o


  • Wow, we have the same 3 favorite animals in different order, lol.

    I can kind of see where your teacher is coming from. Just not wanting to talk about something like that with more or less strangers. Still, you guys ARE 22 and he is a teacher, lol.

  • metwin1

    保险套?! I’ve always known it as 安全套, though for the life of me I cannot remember how I learnt that. Did some checking to satisfy my curiosity, and it turns out that there are at least three (who knows if there are more) 词语s to mean “condom”; 保险套, 安全套 and 避孕套. Overly excessive number of signifiers to signified, if you ask me. 😛

  • Yay I’m a tiger…but people think I’m a hamster…booh. I haven’t seen any of those vending machines around California.

  • Toni

    so that word means condom! lol I admit..I cheated on the animal test thing :(.

  • “My professor, having come from China, was so embarrassed about the chapter he actually said that he wanted to skip this chapter, “but it was important for us.””