Christmas Cards

November 14, 2008 / Daily Life / 7 Comments

Sorry for not blogging. I’ve had a beyond shitty week, from waking up at 4AM for work to even waging war with my Delifrance Egg Mayo Baguette (which I will leave for another entry). So shitty I was contemplating to gulp down a jug of Tiger Beer during dinner, which I later settled for a lychee smoothie instead.

To celebrate my birthday (Dec 19), Christmas and even Nanyate?!’s 1st anniversary (Dec 20), I am going to send Christmas cards to the first 5 people, who email me with their (real) names and mailing address. People I know offline don’t count.

Ideally, I’d like to send a card to all my regular commenters, but I haven’t found much time to even write Christmas cards to my offline buddies. Such is the life of a salaryman. Except that I’m not a man, and I am actually pursuing my ambitions.

Yups, that’s it for this badly-written and structured entry. I have another 2 days of shittiness to endure.

  • Hehe… Yeah, I haven’t had much time to do anything either. I need to get started on those Christmas cards for people. LOL, both you and Momo reminded me of that… LOL.

    Yeah, I’d love to get a card from you, but… Yeah, I can’t give out my address because of personal reasons… =(

  • Liz

    ugh. 4am is hardcore. How come you don’t get weekend?

    Anyway, I have exciting news (um well more exciting for me than for you I guess) I am going to Japan in December! I am doing a crash course of Japanese podcasts so I can at least ask for food when I am there. So far I know tako, maguro and uni. I think I’m going to be eating sashimi…

    well, bon courage, as the French would say. Hope you get some time off soon.

  • That’s a good idea! I’d send you my mail but I won’t be home to receive it! Hehe.

  • that’s a cute idea 😀
    I don’t really like getting christmas cards though. Is that weird? I never know what to do with them, so they just sit on our table for a month and then I throw them out. *shrugs*

  • I do NOT want to see 4 am unless I haven’t been to bed yet. Since I work 3rd shift now, it’s not usually a problem.

  • oooh oooh oooh me!!! You should send me your address too!

  • soyuz

    me too! i’ll send my address right away 😀