Cleaned My Room; Cleaned State of Mind

January 23, 2008 / Daily Life / 14 Comments

My latest toilet companion, Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, told me that a person’s room can reflect part of their personality and mental health – like their anal retentiveness (woot! more toilet allusions!) and self-confidence. In light of that, I immediately went to clean my room.

Not that it was messy to begin with but it wasn’t as presentable as I’d like it to be. If anyone had unexpectedly dropped by, they would classify me as an organized-messy person. I know it’s a juxtaposition but I can’t find a better word. Organized-messy means that I don’t randomly throw things everywhere. My laundry will always be thrown into a basket. All my language books will squished into one shelf. My socks will be spilling all over one section of my drawer. It doesn’t look great but everything is where I designated them to be. EXCEPT my work space; my work space has to be clean and organized 100% of the time or I’ll throw a huge party? fit.

So after a session with my toilet companion, I decided to clean up the rest of my room to get it as organized as my work space – just so I can trick myself and visitors that I am not only organized in my work life but in my personal one as well. We’ll see how long this lasts. Hah! Pictures below.

My Room

My Room


  • Hehe! Your room looks NICE! My room can NEVER be that organized! I just have soo much stuff(actually, stuff for 3 people, since all 3 of us share a room, but 2 of us lives in it…).

    But wow, how I wished my room was like that… LOL.

  • k

    your room is so neat!! and pretty! 🙂

  • Hey, it’s TOO clean for someone your age! Cute room, too. 🙂

  • It’s too claustrophobic for a design student! Haha!
    But your room is so cute! Pink! =D Haha!

    Where did you get your bed sheets?

  • Toni

    you have a very nice/cute room. I love it! 🙂 it’s so bright and happy-looking..haha.

    You’re desk is definitely, completely spotless!

  • your room is very neat

  • I’d feel comfortable in your room. It has the feeling of Zen there…

    LOL… I like your pink pillow/blanket.

  • Your bedroom has a severe case of pink, methinks.

  • i looked at the picture first and i was like, wow this girl is organized! LOL and then i read your post! it looks really fresh & clean! 😉

  • *nodding @ Sigg3*

    But then, she’s a girl. Right!? 😛

  • Man. I just WISH, I could come close to doing my room up. I have no desire whatsoever. It stinks. Not the room lol but my attitude. I go in phases though, one day it’ll hit me that I hate everything about my room and tear it up. Im hoping that day is soon.

    Good job. It looks great.

  • i love your room. ur blog is also very clean and organized– very relaxing to look at 🙂

  • Sorry for taking such a long time to reply your comment 🙂 haah. I was kind of away from Internet for the past few days. Your room looks so clean, I really doubt it looked messy and dirty before you’ve tidied it 😀 nice shelf, I like it the way you’ve arranged your niffy stuff, from books to makeups! And I see two gorgeous speakers (are they?) on your tabletop. Not to forget the amazing set of drawers on the right, where there is plenty of space to put all your things! I think I’ll be grabbing something like that from Ikea soon, my room needs a lot of tidying to do, heh 😛 have a great week ahead!

  • Grace is right. I’d rather sleep in your website:)