Dear Delifrance Singapore…

November 17, 2008 / Daily Life, Reviews / 6 Comments

Dear Delifrance,

Last week, your Egg D’vine sandwich declared war on me. The sandwich suffered severe casualties with its innards splattered everywhere – the table, the wall and even on my face. This war could have been easily avoided, if only you had a better understanding of knife politics.

I ordered a baguette with egg mayo topping; and I was served with the usual utensils – a soup spoon, a fork and a table knife. I hope you already see the problem in my first sentence. I said, baguette and then a table knife.

That’s right. A table knife. Table knives aren’t meant to cut breads like baguettes. That’s the reason why the bread knife was invented in the first place.

I know eating sandwiches with tableware is your idea of having your customers look more posh and well-mannered – as opposed to the casual American burger dining etiquette. However, proper utensils should be used, lest your customer would end up looking like a 5 year old with the table manners of a canine.

Despite my hardships in battle, I have emerged the victor and have successfully annihilated my opponent. As such, I now have the right to demand for reparation and restoration costs. Until they are honored, I am officially calling a truce with you.

  • Change Your Knives – I have no qualms with eating sandwiches the posh way. I just prefer to have my food subjugate to me without waging war – as most humans would expect today.
  • Offer an Egg D’vine Croissant – All this wouldn’t have occurred, if your bistro had croissants available in the first place, as it was my original order. So I demand a free croissant for my hardship.
  • Change Your Pronunciation – Also, croissant is pronounced as “kru-wah-sont” not “croy-zend”. You should teach your staff to pronounce some basic French words, lest they sound unlearned, which I am sure, is not what a French bistro is trying to achieve.

I sincerely await your response.

Yours truly,
Ivy “I just wanted to have a good dinner with Delifrance’s awesome egg mayo sandwich, must it be that difficult?” T.


Readers, have you ever had food wage war on you?

NB: Although this entry is expressed with satire, the experience is very real. Please do not overlook that, Delifrance.

  • I agree with what you’re trying to say. Last time I went to Kopitiam for Yong Tau Fu and despite repeating my orders 3 times, the auntie still cooked me the wrong order. You see, I wanted my YTF dry and was asked 3 times for my order and when it finally came, it became YTF with soup. Well, the auntie wasn’t apologetic and blatantly told me the soup cost another $0.10 and I so promptly and angrily threw that damn $0.10 on the counter for her to pick up and never thus went back to that stall for YTF again. Instead, I now choose to have my YTF somewhere else instead. And that said, I felt so much better!! Thank you!!

  • I totally understand your frustration and that’s why in this fast food society I’ve learned to enjoy more ‘barbaric’ way of eating. I rely on hands mostly and avoid messy food. Oh well, I guess I’m a coward lol. I will rather not confront the food.

  • An Egg D’vine sandwich does sound pretty good. Mmmmm…

    Who cares how you eat it as long as it’s good…?

  • Ivy

    @Michael: haha. That’s besides the point. You don’t serve baguette with table knives because table knives can’t cut baguette at all.

    It’s like eating steak with chopsticks. The steak can be good. But the customer is definitely not going to have an enjoyable experience eating it with chopsticks.

  • @Ivy: Do what I do… carry your own. Heh.

  • I never liked Delifrance. Icky food, overpriced. Full stop. πŸ˜›

    For the record, I like their egg mayo croissants – which is just about it. I eat it the usual uncouth way though, without any tableware. πŸ˜‰

    Ooooh, and do update us on their response.

    P/S: Sorry for my absence lately. Miss your entries!