Edited My Very First Video

February 6, 2008 / Daily Life, Internet Memes / 13 Comments

Though I’ve owned a Mac for 6 months, I’ve never opened iMovie even once. I thought video editing was going to be hard work. I was so wrong. Anyway, I edited a clip of my housemate’s new pet hamster. His real name is Hama, but after we said we’d eat him (Calm down, PETA-wannabes. It’s called a JOKE!), we decided to nickname him Hamlette, which is Hamster + Omelette. By the way, the song is called “Aqua Alta Hiyori” by Choro Club, if anyone wants to know. If I’m going to have a pet in my house, my pet needs that authentic old English name to give him some dignity, I might gift him a monocle if he takes to his name well.

What do you think? Pretty professional-looking for first time, eh? *nudge nudge, wink wink* I even timed the frames with the music! And doesn’t the video make you want a Mac now? Oh c’mon, don’t deny it. You want one. You must have one! Yes, you do!

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  • Hamlette’s Master

    can’t stop watching the clip!!! (does that sound narcissistic in a sense?? lol.. oops)

    merci ! 😀

    • http://nanyate.com Ivy

      We got no holiday here. T___T White people don’t celebrate Chinese New Year. LOL!

  • k

    hehehe so cute!!!

    and yeah, imovie’s really easy to use isn’t it! :)

    am gonna get myself a new macbook soon (i hope!).. it’s time to retire my 5 year old powerbook i think. hehe

  • http://lovesugarcoated.com terin selena

    You did a great job on the video. Man I want a mac.

  • http://michaelpark.net Michael

    You did much better than my first one using Movie Maker which took me 3 hours.

    But I still don’t like Mac.

  • http://www.little-wonder.net Brenda

    Heheh, I still love my Windows Movie Maker. 😛

    But your hamster is really adorable though! Syrian?

  • http://shao.pengguo.com Peng

    Aw, look at how chubby he is. I love its fur color.

  • http://simply-precious.net Simply Precious

    Oh my gosh! It looks nice! Hehe.

  • http://www.teddy-o-ted.com teddY

    Hey Ivy, great job on the video! I find using Apple’s iMovie to edit movies as a breeze :) it never felt so easy! The last time I did it with Bill Gates’ lousy movie maker which have very (trust me, VERY) limited transitions and effects and stuff… iMovie just beats it hands down 😀 woots! Anyway the hamster is so cute, I can’t resist clicking replay everytime the video ends (okay I admit, not everytime, but at least three?)

    Anyway happy Chinese New Year! Have fun 😀 I don’t know whether is there holiday over there…

  • http://shao.pengguo.com Peng

    Oh yeah, it’s the year of rat already! 😀

  • http://www.xanga.com/cheekyricegirl cheekyricegirl

    LOL hamlette. cute!!

  • Toni

    haha that’s so adorable!! Hamlette! (and it sounds like Hamlet, the shakespeare play too!)