Five Vices: An Internet Meme

March 1, 2008 / Daily Life / 10 Comments

So, looks like the five meme has leaked from YouTube vloggers to the old-school bloggers. Thanks to Teddy, I’ve been tagged. And these are the instructions:

1. List five vices you have, with a description if you want to.
2. Tag five bloggers for this meme.
3. Link back to the blogger who tagged you, and this post if you want to be nice!

  • Hot Tempered
    This has gotta be my greatest vice. Of all my emotions, my temper is the hardest emotion to control. Over the years, I’ve managed to become not so short-tempered anymore. But when some great injustice has occurred around me or towards me, you can be sure to feel the wrath of my anger, which is expressed as a sick and twisted form of calculated psychological warfare. I will break your spirit and tear your mind to shreds. I’ve only been angry like that twice in my life – once when I was 13 (but did not have sophisticated-enough understanding of humans to launch any successful warfare) and a second time a year ago (and yes, I tore his soul down to nothing).
  • Unforgiving
    I believe that the underlying evil or goodness of someone cannot change. If you were born as an immoral inconsiderate bastard, then you will always be an immoral inconsiderate bastard. So if you cross me or my friends once, I will never ever forgive you. I don’t think I will exact any revenge, since I’m a firm believer of karma, but if one day you should ever need my help, you can count on the fact that I won’t be there. Besides, scum bags like that just a waste of the world’s resources; there’s no need to share my resources with someone like that.
  • Vulgar
    You’d think going to university will make someone more cultured. Hell no. When the stress is unbearable, the words will flow out naturally.
  • Impatient
    I’m not exactly the most patient person in the world. I can’t stand it when anything is done inefficiently since I always work in the way that requires the least effort to get the highest success rate.
  • Reckless
    I don’t think this is a current vice, but it was one that I was born with. It took many years to learn to be more cool and composed. But there are times, especially when I’m very angry that the recklessness may surface. But even then, it is somewhat calculated.

Scary, aren’t I? That’s the side of me that most people cannot see, and most likely will never see. I am a fiercely loyal to my friends and family and will always try to protect them. I have an extremely strong sense of justice as well. And sometimes, those righteous emotions lend itself to a much darker side of me. All my vices stem from the fact that I have an extremely overwhelming temper, so I try hard everyday to be less angry. My anger isn’t blind, reckless anger that stems from pride (at least not anymore), it comes from my love for humanity. It will take a while to explain, so I shall leave this for another entry.

I will now pass on this insightful meme to the following people:

I’d like to tag a few more people like Shao, Sigg3 and Iva but five is the maximum, so the rest of you guys can either break protocol and say you’ve been pseudo-tagged or just leave a comment. Sorry!


  • LOL, thanks for tagging me… You should have tagged someone else! I don’t do memes anymore… The last time I did it, it resulted in something bad happening… =/ Oh well.

    LOL, this thing is going around, though. =P

    Yeah, sometimes I have a bad temper also… =/ I’m not that patient either, so that makes it even worse…

    Wow about the whole unforgiving thing… =/ I guess that goes for this person I know because we haven’t talked ever since that happened… It truly wasn’t bad at all! And I didn’t mean it the way they had taken it! So yeah, oh well… I guess maybe it’s the best that they’re not in my life anymore? I don’t know.

    But anyways, LOL about being vulgar.

    Yep! I’m impatient also! Hehe. I wonder who’s the worst, me or you. =P

  • Wow, I’ve seen this tag thing everywhere!

    But If I did get the chance to answer the questions, I have to agree with you my temper is short fuse that any little spark can set me off. Wow…even thinking about it bothers me! LOL, I should just take a chill pill and enjoy your excellently designed website! Blues are my favorite color!

  • I don’t do memes anymore, either…thanks for tagging me, though.

  • My anger management isn’t really good afterall! But compared to my other vices it does pale a little in comparison. I once lashed out at my dad because he refused to fetch my brother to the hospital as he thinks that he deserve it… and not realising how deep the wound was (anyway my brother hit his head against a sharp metal beam and trying to get up). I literally shouted at him like how I shouted at strangers who made me angry. I was so shocked at what I’ve done after that incident!

    I guess I need to manage my temper too!

    P.S. thanks for the link! 🙂 hehe.

  • Id

    Didn’t you tear down another character around.. um, 6-7 years ago? In a car? With another person as witness? I bet that wasn’t even tearing someone down, eh?

    Oh I’m gonna have fun with this meme. Thanks for tagging me!

  • ditto on being unforgiving! i agree — once you know someone’s true colors and get a feel for how they really are, then there’s no going back, and nothing can ever change that. and i definitely can empathize with being hot-tempered!!

  • Iva

    I am slow with everything, but I shall break the protocol with my next blog entry:)

    (Thanks WordPress for the incoming links feature!)

  • I can say I curbed down my hot-temper. Unfortunately, sometimes, my temper is not righteous at all. That’s the sucky part. Thanks for tagging me…. I’ll have it up tomorrow, hahaha I had to spend a bit of time to think about mine.

    Ahh… patience is not my virtue at all either. If i have a conflict, I must resolve it right away. I also hate the game of manipulation a lot… i don’t know why I thought of that, I think because when I think of patience, I think of manipulation as well. ^_^