Food, Glorious Food!

April 18, 2010 / Daily Life / 13 Comments

My posts haven’t been easy reads lately, so I wanted to throw in a photo entry for a refreshing break. The theme for this entry is all about food! Happy salivating!

Blogger Chicks Day Out

Once a month, Brenda, Dayna, Cherlynn, Teddy try to meet up to unite in our hatred for IE6 celebrate our love for blogging. For our March meet-up, Teddy unfortunately fell sick, leaving us ladies with no choice but to have a scrumptious lunch at Relax Bistro, followed by an afternoon of shopping (where I got an awesome Hugo Boss top for S$87!!) and comfort food for dinner.

Photos courtesy of Brenda and Dayna

For lunch at Relax Bistro, I had mushroom soup and my usual oh-so-yummy grilled chicken glazed with honey apricot mustard jam with a side of pumpkin puree.

Cousin’s Wedding at Thistle Hotel, Johor

Over the Good Friday weekend, I attended my cousin’s wedding in Johor Bahru, a small-ish town in Malaysia. It’s been over a decade since I last visited Johor and nothing seems to have change.

Anyway, here are some shots of my hotel room, some make-up I bought at a super discount and 2 of the 9 courses served at the wedding. The glutinous rice was apparently really good but I didn’t try it since grains are a no-no on my diet. Oh and there’s a rare photo of me looking very, very stereotypically Asian with monoeyelids. (I only get single eyelids when I’m heavily sleep deprived.)

Wedding at Thistle Hotel Johor

Dinner at Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant

My friend celebrated her birthday at the Valencian restaurant last night. The food was pretty good but the wait for the main courses was way too long for someone who had a long day at work. And since it’s the type of cuisine that required everyone to share, this was one of the rare occasions where I had to deviate from my no-grain, no-processed-food diet.

Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant

For a name like Serenity, I was expecting the ambiance to be, well, more serene. As we walked in, we were greeted by loud Spanish music reminiscent of Enrique Iglesias’ and Ricky Martin’s numbers. But then the live band started playing, and the ambiance was finally there. They played an assortment of bossa nova and slow rock like Bryan Adams and Jason Mraz.

Ambiance at Serenity


We were first served with sauteed garlic mushrooms with bread — which I didn’t take a shot of because I was famished — followed by bacon-wrapped asparagus and marinated pork skewers.

Bacon-wrapped asparagus

The bacon was a little too salty for my tastes but the marinated pork was pretty good.

Pork Skewers

Main Courses

30 excruciating minutes later, the first of our main courses finally arrived.

Squid Ink Fideua

This is squid ink fideuà with a generous portion of squids, shrimp, capsicum and scallop. Fideuà is a paella with vermicelli. Since it was my first time trying fideuà, I was expecting to be wowed by some exotic tastes but it tastes just like rice vermicelli, which is a staple in Chinese cuisine. How anticlimactic!

Paella Valenciana

After another 15 minutes and a reminder from the slightly miffed birthday girl, we were served Valencian paella. Now I’m no paella expert, so perhaps I’m too easily pleased, but this was good stuff! It had just the right texture — not too sticky like Japanese mochi but not too dry like Chinese fried rice.

Dark Chocolate Cake from Awfully Chocolate

Since the birthday girl has been itching to check out Awfully Chocolate, we got her a dark chocolate cake from there. It’s so good! It’s not very sweet and not too disgustingly rich and had just the right amount of chocolate!

Awfully Chocolate - Dark Chocolate Cake

This ends my rare food-centric photo entry! On a side note, I think I’m starting to take better food shots. Perhaps it’s time to get a new camera! 😀

  • Owwww that hurts!

    For our March meet-up, Teddy unfortunately fell sick, leaving us ladies with no choice but to have a scrumptious lunch at Relax Bistro, followed by an afternoon of shopping (where I got an awesome Hugo Boss top for S$87!!) and comfort food for dinner.

    But I’m glad that you girls had fun. I shall not to be sick next time and deprive the group a valuable source of male companionship. Anyway, the hotel where you stayed in when you attended the wedding in Johor looks great! Please don’t tell me that you helped yourself to both of the single beds in that room 😛

    The dinner at Serenity sounds great! The mere mention of the type of music they were playing has already got me extremely impressed. The bacon-wrapped asparagus reminds me dearly of the pork asparagus on a stick sold by Tori-Q. I love them. I’m wondering if they taste the same, heheh.

    Speaking of waiting time, I had a rather bad experience at Cafe Cartel lately. Thank goodness your meal redeemed itself by its sheer good taste 😀 mine was unfortunately not the case, hah. I’m a little curious about the no-grain no-processed-food diet you were talking about – care to share?

    p/s: Awfully Chocolate makes one of the best chocolate cakes on this very planet 🙂 I used to buy their cakes from their Cluny Street outlet in the Bukit Timah Area (back then I used to live very close to that place, plus there’s Island Creamery nearby).

  • I haven’t had a meal yet, and then I find myself reading this post and almost drooling on my keyboard! Haha! Serenity looks like an interesting place. When I find a good time to be able to go to Singapore, we should have our usual foodie outings. =)

  • omg. It all looks and sounds delicious! I have food envy. Except for the bacon-wrapped asparagus. Ew. Ew ew. Hate bacon, hate asparagus. Would not have enjoyed that.

  • Most of the food looks good! Haha, I agree with what Lissy said about the bacon and asparagus, same with me, I wouldn’t have liked that either. But the cake looks SO good!!

  • Yum Yum!! all the food pictures make me drools~

    More to come, i predict?? =)

  • Aaah, all that food photos made me hungry now xD

  • Ah! Totally making me hungry! It all looked delicious!

  • All those pictures of food. OMG! Look so yummy! I just ate lunch and I feel the need to go out and eat again. Great shots.

  • Hey Ivy! Haven’t seen, spoken to you in a while. How’s it going? Love the photos!

    • Ivy

      Hey girl! Yeah, it’s been a while! It was nice to see you at the Canon event though! 🙂

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  • Nice restaurant indeed and loved the Paella and the Spanish ham called Jambon.

  • Hum… the looks is just too yummy… I got to order some food right away. 🙂