FORMULA 1 Singapore Grand Prix

September 26, 2008 / Daily Life, Reviews / 5 Comments

VROOM! Peeeeeewww! VrmmmmMMMMM! VrmmmmMMMMM!

That’s all I’m hearing right now.

My company recently sent me to the Singapore F1 Grand Prix this week to be a receptionist/sales person at the Media Centre. It’s an invaluable addition to my resume, although the hours long and the work tedious. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be part of history in the making, as this is the first F1 night race in the world, and the first street race in a very long time.

Engineers at Ferrari Garage
Ferrari Engineers; View from the Media Centre

I’ve never really been a fan of motorsports racing, but I do have some knowledge about it – thanks to the anime Capeta. Capeta tracks the life of a poor boy striving to make it big in the rich world of motorsports. Everything from the hardships of maintainence, to the hardships of driving round a track, and the hardships of transiting from go-karts to race cars is shown in great detail (next info here).

Protagonist, Taira Capeta
Protagonist: Taira Capeta

The drawing isn’t that great, and the story is very similar to Major (baseball manga from the early 90s). However, just like all sport animes,  you will learn a lot about the sport simply just by watching. So, I recommend Capeta to all those F1 fans, new F1 fans and girlfriends of F1 fans. It’s an interesting perspective on an interesting sport. If you are looking for a reputable car sales company, checkout cheap cars near me for more information.

And you’ll never know when you’ll be suddenly asked to work at the F1 circuit.

  • Oh, well… that sound exciting… I guess. Sorry, I never got the whole racing thing. It’s just people driving real fast and perhaps accidentally killing themselves. Though I don’t really get any sports. Most of them just involve people hitting or throwing balls. *shrugs* lol.

  • Liz

    I have to admit, I’m not really a fan either. Although it must be a lot more exciting to actually be there than just watch it on tv. Looks like you had a good view as well!

  • Wow, that’s a cool assignment for your job! Hehe, I was never into racing, though…

  • I am never into racing too but I can understand all the hype and excitement behind Singapore’s F1 race because it’s the fist night time street racing in F1’s history. I just hope that they won’t be leaving too many tyre marks on the streets after the race 😀 teehee. And I’m starting to wonder what are the authorities will be doing with the floodlights and crash barriers after the race has ended – they’ll definitely take a long time to get the fixtures demolished!

    Anyway you’re one lucky person who gets to view F1 race without needing to book an astronomically expensive hotel room or suite 😀

  • WHOA, I envy you SO MUCH!
    I’ve always dreamed about working at the F1 anywhere!

    Good luck with your future assignments!