Happy 1 Year, Nanyate.com!

December 12, 2008 / Daily Life / 13 Comments

It’s been 1 year since my first post on Nanyate.com. It was meant to be a personal blog, where I would just rave and rant my thoughts.

But that didn’t happen.

It ended up becoming a blog where I tailor my entries to multiple audiences. And I probably did more grammar checks per entry than I did for my some of my college essays. There was even an entry that got Al Jazeera to contact me for an interview – although, I had to decline because I wanted to stay away from politicizing this blog.

Then of course, Nanyate?! took a hit when I moved from Toronto to Singapore, and an even larger hit when I started working back in August.


Well, working in public relations means I really don’t have much of a work-life balance. And whatever free time I can scrape, I’ve had to devote a significant amount to sleeping to keep my physical and mental health in check. And let’s not forget about having some sort of social life. Not that I’m really complaining. I actually do like what I do.

[/end digression]

But taking my career seriously doesn’t mean I have to give up blogging or web design. So cheers to another fruitful year at Nanyate.com. Perhaps I should seriously consider buying the iPhone or the ASUS EEE PC to blog during my 45-minute commute to work. 😀

Apple iPhone 3G and the ASUS EEE PC 901

And last but certainly not least, thank you my faithful commenters and growing list of subscribers for your continued support. Oh and do expect some exciting changes soon!

The “What do you think?” Section
So Techies, iPhone vs Netbook. Who wins? Bloggers, how do you find time to blog in a packed schedule? And Lurkers, just um.. lurk.

  • I blog whenever I get the “inspiration”, which isn’t often. The weird thing is, I have more time to blog now, but I don’t! I blog just as much as I did when my schedule was jam packed with college classes and work . . . I guess that just tell you how boring my life is. XD

    But disregard that. Let me wish you a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY for Nanyate!

  • iPhone is just so cool I am so getting one…when I have the money for it, of course 😛

    I can blog more frequently now because it is my holiday but I suspect once I start working, it is going to be less frequent, maybe once every two or three days? You can bring a notebook with you to write down snippets of ideas whenever you have some so that way you won’t be struggling to find them when you finally have time to sit down to write 🙂

  • Happy 1st year nanyate!!

    Hmm… I would go for the iphone for its portability. But will prefer to stick with my macbook instead of a netbook. Fingers too fat for those keyboards.

    Catch up soon ya! 😉

  • Happy first birthday!!! =) Hehe.

    Yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean about having a work-life balance. For the past week and a half, I have not had that balance either. Working from home SUCKS because, like you’ve said, whatever free time I have, I end up sleeping… LOL. So yeah, it’s been pretty crazy… ='(

    Ahahah… I don’t know about the iPhone vs netbook thing. I know this guy who has a netbook and he loves it. He doesn’t have an iPhone, though… I don’t know, I don’t have either one of them, so I can’t really tell you my opinions. LOL.

  • Congrats Ivy! I know what you mean about spellcheck.. I do that too but when I read my entries later on, I find all these grammar and spelling mistakes on it that I missed. Looking at stuff too long makes you miss a lot. =S

    And yes, I miss your blogging (frequently). I hope you have time to come back soon!

  • Happy one year!! It’s awesome when you’ve hit a one-year mark isn’t it??? Heheh this year definitely brought about a lot of changes for you but it seems like you’re doing a great job at it!!
    Personally, I would get the netbook instead of the iphone… iphone’s so overrated, and it’s only good if you seriously are on youtube all the time.

  • hey babe 🙂 happy anniversary!!!! one year has pass by so fast and I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner too!!! Anyway, i think i’d go with iphone insteaad of a netbook coz netbook is somewhat similar to a laptop right? and i believe you already have a laptop?? hehe ^_^

  • yay! *throws confetti*

    oh how I want an iPhone. But even with my 50% discount on service, it’s still $40 a month which is more than the $0 I’m paying right now or the $20 I’d pay with regular service…. but oh how I want it

  • Happy 1st birthday!

    I’d choose a laptop since you already have a nice phone.

  • Hi, happy one year! It’s cool your blog have grown well since within one year because you got the call from channel station.

    I have blog, which I thought want to make it personal but it seems to be going to be some hybrid kind of blog, haha.

    iPhone v Netbook, I would prefer Netbook. iPhone are not suitable in the country that I am right now, so I’m actually looking more towards having a netbook. If you are in a country with Network Provider that supports iPhone, then it’s good idea to consider iPhone. 🙂

  • I’d try out the iPhone and see if you can get used to the virtual keyboard. I spent some time trying it, but just couldn’t get the hang of it. I’d hate to use it to write blog posts. Ymmv.

  • Has it already been a year!? Time flies. I believe I remember when this place opened. =)

    I blog when I have something on my mind, and/or big to say. It’s a great venting outlet. And, I’d definitely go for the notebook if I were you. I have an iPod touch, and it’s kind of awkward typing on it, although it’s an awesome little gadget. I’ve started blogging on it, saved the draft, and finished on my laptop, because I couldn’t stand it. lol.

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