Hello! It’s been while…

June 17, 2010 / Daily Life, Technology / 9 Comments

…since I last wrote an entry. I’ve been working hard and resting hard (apparently, not hard enough since I’m pretty sick right now). So here are some highlights over the past month.

Featured on Web Design Galleries

Big thanks to all the CSS galleries and web design blogs for featuring my latest theme, Nami. And another thank you to those of who gave me feedback, when I first rolled out this theme. Web design has been a long-time hobby of mine, so it’s always nice to receive recognition. I got to know many people as a result too! (I know I haven’t replied to some of you, sorry about that! Will get to it soon!) So thank you to CSS Mania, Spyre Studios, Web Creme and the many others!

Switched to a Smartphone

sony ericsson xperia x10

As I was saying in the Nexus One entry, I’ve been reluctant to switch to a smartphone since I didn’t want to become too connected. But my dumbphone recently lost the ability to send texts, and I was able to borrow the Sony Ericssion Xperia X10, so I switched. Thanks to the Xperia, I now sync my phone contacts with Google Contacts, which pretty much guarantees I’ll be loyal to Android phones for the next few years.

Since the phone isn’t mine, it doesn’t seem right to do a review. Hahaha! But let’s just say, despite its specs and price tag, it’s still got some way to go before I could classify it with the likes of superphones like the iPhone, Nexus One, HTC Desire, Motorola Milestone or the Samsung Galaxy S.

Touched an iPad!

Thanks to my colleagues and Justin, I got to spend some time with the Apple iPad. I wasn’t too impressed initially. It’s a phenomenal e-reader but there’s no way a tablet is befitting for a content creator like me. I have to admit my initial thoughts was slightly clouded by my disappointment with Steve Jobs and his letter to Adobe. (I switched to a Mac because Photoshop works better on it. So for Apple to declare its disapproval of Adobe’s alleged “closed system” felt like they were backstabbing a partner to me.)

Nanyate.com on the Apple iPad

But after I realized I could type a proper email on it without making mistakes, I was pretty impressed. As touch tech improves, tablets will slowly, but surely replace laptops in the future. With that said, I won’t be buying an iPad so soon. It can’t really replace a laptop or even a netbook for me just yet. I need multitasking support, and I don’t want to be held ransom by the App Store. Guess I’ll just wait until I see OS X or Win 7 running smoothly on one.

Sayonara, Social Media

On the work front, I’ve officially relinquished my social media responsibilities to someone even more passionate and capable. (That doesn’t mean I’ll stop blogging or tweeting though!) Social media was a good entry-point to the corporate world, since it was something familiar. I now do traditional comms for financial-related matters. It’s not an easy transition since the learning curve is fairly steep, the responsibilities are greater and perfection is just a minimum requirement. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying myself so far. I like being constantly challenged. Keeps me on my toes, keeps me learning. And it’s definitely the right place to be to learn more about the tech and telco business, both of which I’m pretty passionate about.

Thanks to the change, I can finally answer the question I’ve been struggling with for the longest time: “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I’d like to move from a support unit like communications into the business. But more on this another time.

Upcoming Blog Posts

I attended a few interesting blogger events earlier this week, so do expect those entries to be up soon. There’ll be one on Nokia Connection 2010 and another on the Infocomm Accessibility Centre. I’ll probably disappear again after that because my boyfriend is coming back to Singapore this weekend! This time for good! πŸ˜€

Okay, back to sleep. My fever is unfortunately still not subsiding. Blah.

  • Congrats on being featured πŸ˜€

    I don’t think tablets will replace laptops any more than laptops have replaced desktops. There are advantages/disadvantages. Some people love touch screens (I don’t understand these people) and some people hate them.
    I want one, something super thin that I can easily hold with one hand, with a real OS, long battery life and a usb port. Not to replace my laptop, but just as something I can surf the web on while I watch TV or take with me to the doctor’s office. My laptop has power, but it’s not something I can hold in my hands.

  • Congrats on being featured!!

    As for the smartphone. Haha. I have not even TOUCHED a smartphone before. Besides the ones they have on display. It’ll be awhile before I’ll actually get one, I’ll have to stay with dumbphones for now. Haha.

    Oh, so that’s what an iPad looks like… Haha. Just like what Lissy said, I don’t think tablets will be replacing anything. I have a touchscreen phone, but I don’t really love it, so I don’t think I’d love the iPad enough to replace my laptop.

    Wow, you’re not the only one changing jobs. I have a friend who just announced something about changing jobs, drastically, on Facebook yesterday.

    Oh wow! That’s awesome that your boyfriend’s going to be in Singapore for good!!!

  • Congrats on being featured! I’ve been seeing your designs here and there, and I’m always like, hey, that’s Ivy! πŸ˜€
    Ahh, I’ve been dying for a smartphone, but I’m just too broke to pay for the data plans, they’re mad expensive in the US πŸ™ I was checking out the Sony Xperia X10 Pro, and it looked really nice. Is it still not on par with the other smartphones though?
    Lol @ your dumbphone comment. I think I shall call my crappy phone that from now on.

  • First congrats on being featured! (gosh need to come up with a better congratulation line). Finally manage to sit down and comment on your post. (I should seriously reconsider about applying for an office job) Anyways I do agree that SE phones are still lacking behind and can’t really be compared to the more up to date smart-phones like Motorola’s Milestone, iPhone, and HTC phones. Which is why when I wanted to switch to a new phone, I never consider SE on my list of phones to pick from. (And the designs just turns me off =x)

    Glad you manage to get to play with an iPad, I have yet to get my hands on one, but I’m loving my new macbook white though, and I do agree with you for now touchscreen/tablet pc still have a long way to go if they are going to replace the macbooks/laptops, to be honest I hate touch screens and I prefer to feel my buttons which is one reason i traded my iphone for a blackberry bold. being able to feel my buttons while typing makes it a lot more comfortable for me up to now.

    Oh and yay for your boyfriend coming back! Anyways we should meet up for coffee/tea one of this days and maybe I can ask you about anime stuff and cam-whore with ya! πŸ™‚

  • New blog design with a new entry, great comeback strategy! πŸ˜€

    I like how you’ve chosen a slightly darker theme now. However, think the background needs to be toned down a little more cause the body isn’t really tracking very well. At least for me. Or, maybe it’s because the fonts too skinny. πŸ˜›

    Glad to see you back.

  • Congratulations on being featured. And although the above is a photograph, your website looks pretty good on an iPad. I have yet to touch one of those things. My workplace has been thinking about getting iPads for the marketing department, I think, though I am not sure whether not that plan will materialise. My hope is that they wait for an upgrade, but then again, I’m not in that department.

    Oh, and the dumbphone comment! Totally your humour, man!

    Feel better soon, yeah? It’s a tough time to be sick. Also, I hope that you were clear out of the way off the flood that happened earlier this week.

    • I just realised that part of my comment was cut off, because the part about me saying that I’m happy that Joel is returning to Singapore for good. Yay! No more Great Firewall of China! =)

  • hey as with everyone else, congrats on being featured! and wow on your career developments. Steep learning curves are actually a good thing, imho.

    and also, thanks for your comment on my blog. I’ve left it for dead for sooo long that i didn’t see your comment and my domain actually expired for two days before I realized it was down..!!

  • Congrats on being featured! ^_^

    And I still am anti-Apple, so I can care less about the iPad. Actually, I still can’t get over the name LOL.

    Yay for a new phone, though! I do admit that getting new tech gadgets is exciting πŸ™‚