I’m Still Alive…Kinda

October 16, 2009 / Daily Life / 16 Comments

I’m frustrated and feeling a tad guilty right now. I keep trying to tell myself to write at least 5 posts a month, but that just can’t happen with my work load. So here’s a quick update to appease my guilt until I can find time to write again.

Ghost toured around Singapore

Thanks to 24seven and the Asia Paranormal Investigators, I had the opportunity to tour around Singapore’s spookiest places. We went to a dilapitated cemetary called Bukit Brown, Singapore’s largest cemetary, the Choa Chu Kang Cemetery and apparently, the most haunted place in Singapore – Old Changi Hospital. I caught a pretty strange ‘thing’ on one of my shots. Will share it after I do more research. 😀

The boyfriend visited

After more than a year of being apart, my boyfriend visited me. It was refreshing and reassuring to know that our feelings and friendship can withstand the test of time and distance.

The perfect diet is working!

It’s been about 3 weeks since I embarked on the paleolithic diet. It’s working wonders. My eyes have completely stopped protruding. I have a lot of energy. And I’ve also lost quite a bit of weight; I dropped at least a dress size. This is a picture of me earlier this week! 😀

Alain de Botton is cool beans.

Discovered Alain de Botton from his TED talk. Devoured his Consolations of Philosophy a few months back and now reading his new work, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work. A lot of light bulbs went off while reading the Consolations of Philosophy. It’s too deep to discuss in a paragraph, so I shall save this for another entry.

Google Wave

Received my Google Wave invite thanks to Teddy! Do add me and start a new wave, so I know you’ve added me. If I don’t know you, do include a self-introduction as well. 🙂 I can be found at ivytan at googlewave.com.

That’s it for my quick update. Will blog and reply to your comments after my projects end. Until then, take care!

  • AHHHH! You’re lucky to get a Google Wave. *dies* I’ve been wanting one T_T;;;

    And yay for the diet going well! You look pretty in that picture.

    I’m glad you’re alive . . . even if you’ve been busy with work and whatnot! You have definitely been missed!

  • JJ

    Oi, I need to be starting a diet soon myself. Although I almost fell out of my chair when you said a healthy weight for you was 45kg—when I did the conversion to pounds I almost fell out of my chair. That’s not considered a healthy weight here in the US (unless you are shorter than I thought). At my thinnest I was never less than 61kg and people started telling me I looked gaunt. I average about 64kg and I’m 165cm. (But I am a big strapping athletic girl, or so I’ve been told. :)) I’m glad the diet is working out for you though.

    Jealous about the Google Wave!

  • Get monocle’s limited edition of The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work! I’ve been wanting it but cannot justify it to myself..

  • A ‘yay!’ for seeing your boyfriend again after all that time! 🙂

  • That’s awesome about your boyfriend, as well as the diet!!! =) Yeah, I know how it feels to be busy with work… =(

  • It’s always a bit hard to update around this time of the year! It’s great that the bond with your boyfriend is going well!

    And I’m jealous that you have a Google Wave too. You should tell us about it. Heh.

  • glad things are happy 🙂

    google wave invite, lucky!

  • I wouldn’t even worry about it. Post when you can. Life is enough stress inducer as it is! Don’t let your blog be one too!

  • I also have Grave’s Disease and would love to try out that diet as well, seeing as how you’ve had so much success with it. Thanks for sharing! 😀

  • Great to hear that you’re still updating your site! Aww, that’s sweet and wonderful that you and your boyfriend is still going strong! Is he from Canada??
    I’m glad to hear that your health has gone well 🙂

  • You know, I’m still figuring out Google Wave. I haven’t had the time to really sit down and study it and watch the introductory videos what with the demands of work. It’s pretty though; that’s the only thing I managed to gather. Either way, thanks very large for the invite.

    Can’t wait to see what you managed to find regarding the orb that appeared on your photo. I still think it’s pretty “Ghost Hunters”-esque.

    Also, you look great in that new photo. I have also been exploring the “raw” diet, which I think is somewhat in the same plane as the Paleolithic Diet. I have been reading raw food blogs to collect some salad and shakes ideas in order to have more energy for the work place, but I’ve also dropped a few sizes as well. I’m already getting a new wardrobe as all my pants are falling down! Let’s resolve to keep this up and see what happens to us over the course of time. =)

    Have a great weekend! Meow!

  • Hope the peak period will be over soon and you’ll have loads of time on hand to blog. 🙂

    I will never have the courage to join such ghost tours, just like how I will never watch horror movies. I had nightmares for over a month plus after watch Red Candy a few years back. Lesson learnt – Dayna should never participate in anything supernatural. However, I’m quite curious about the photo you took. Do share!

    I’m glad that the diet is working out for you. You look gorgeous and radiant in the photo. 🙂

  • I just wanted to drop by and check out your site. It’s beautiful! 😀

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  • Ivy

    @Tara, @Chrizta, @Lissy, @JJ: You know, I still have a few Google Wave invites left. 😀 Though not enough for all of you. (Sorry!) First 3 to email me gets one! (Please remember to email me your gmail account too!)

  • Ivy

    @JJ: I am shorter than you think. I’m only 157cm. Yes, 45kg is a little underweight for me. I’ll be quite happy when I hit around 52kg. 😀 You’re a good 10cm taller than me, girl! 60+kg is definitely the right weight for you. 🙂 You look great in the pic!

    @lystyl: There’s a special edition?! Whoa, cool! Monocle itself is already kinda off-budget for me. This is a whopping £60! Perhaps when I get my bonus…. 😀 Thanks for the link!

    @Veronica: I try to. But I can’t help but feel guilty when I see the rest of you writing away, while my blog accumulates dust bunnies. :S

    @Mimi: Oh I didn’t know you had Graves too. Hope you’re coping well with it. Yups, it’s definitely doing wonders for me. Not too sure about the long-term yet though. Will keep you updated. 🙂

    @Smartee: He’s Singaporean too, but we met in Canada and he currently still resides there. Thanks!

    @Maria Celina: When you coming back here?! Or maybe I should go visit you in J-town. 😀 I wanna check out your baby pool. HAHAHA.

    @Dayna: Thanks, babe! Yeah, I was sh*t scared in the tour. Need to do a bit more research before I write a full-fledged entry. 😀

    @Jenny: Thanks! 🙂