Indulgence: Reliving My Teens

January 3, 2009 / Daily Life / 11 Comments

Happy 2009 and Merry Belated Christmas!

Sorry, I’ve been missing in action the past few weeks. I took a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to visit my high school friends.

It was like reliving my teenaged years for a week. We watched movies, played pool, ate at Chilli’s and by the roadside, played at the arcade, followed by a whole night of Street Fighter – and then still found the energy to party until the next morning during New Years’ Eve.

I somehow lost this playful side when I went college, and more so when I started working full-time. Life became more about excelling and fulfilling ambitions. And partying in Toronto as a poor college student and in Singapore as a yuppie just isn’t the same. One was just a drunk fest on cheap booze. The other is too upscale and pretentious to have any real fun.

I miss the days in Malaysia, where we would book the VIP rooms at the hippest clubs, order unlimited bottles of Jack Daniels, Black Label and Chivas Regal and just chill, socialize and danced all night. Good times.

But alas, the week had to end. And now I’m back to the life of a yuppie in a fast-paced society. Not much time to rest – let alone party. Nevertheless, this week has allowed me to re-discover a side of myself that I thought I lost long ago:

I still love my whisky and I still love my fun – and it wouldn’t hurt to indulge in it once a while.

How did you spend your new year? What was your teenaged years like?

  • Happy New Year to you ! Man, your post reminds me of what I do when I was a teen…darn..missed those days as compared to the working self now.

    ps: nice theme you really have there.

  • Aww, I’m glad you had fun!!!

    Hmm, my New Year was spent at home, doing nothing, like always. LOL.

    My teenaged years… Hmm, ehh, I couldn’t care less about it all now. That’s the past. LOL. It was ok at the time, and some of the years were great, but other than that, I think I’ve enjoyed my life as a university student, and the after-life of that. LOL. Those years have been more meaningful to me than any of the other years.

  • I spent the night with my HS friends too 😛

    we spent a lot of time at the mall as kids. …that was about all there was to do

  • Happy new year Ivy!

    My teenage years were spent running around everywhere, having a good time, drinking with friends, going home really late, rebelling against parents, under-aged clubbing and doing drugs (only the light stuff). Not to say that I’m proud of it but I’ve grown a LONG way from that so I’m proud of that!

  • Happy New Year! 🙂

    My new year was spent with some friends and we were practically singing the whole day. I discovered a program which can sort of turn your computer into a KTV station and introduced it to everyone, so after a while everyone was hooked 😛

    Sad to say, my teenage years were quite dull because I was a nerd back then. My university years were the best years in my life so far because of the friends I have made and because of the freedom I had.

  • ..Unless you turn into a drunken bastard when you drink it, of course:)

  • Happy New Year!

    My NY was spent . . . at home with my parents! Which is unusual since I usually am out of the house, haha. But then again, I’m not a big partier. I prefer cafes/coffee houses/not-so-loud bars to talk the night away with friends, which is what I enjoyed doing as a teenager with my close friends.

    . . . Unfortunately all my close friends are no longer here or the few that are here are BUSY. Oh well. That’s what the computer and the internet is for!

  • ex-neighbour

    ur true wild side!! 😛
    haha i feel like i am reliving my teens again tooo, except this time i am living the way that i wished it could have happened… 😛 but a bit too old for all these too… lol

  • It sounds like you had an amazing time there. The New Year was really quiet for me. I spent it with the family although they were all asleep by 10PM and I was left to bring in the New Year by myself. 🙁 Happy new Year.

  • Happy new year, Ivy.
    Glad you had such a fun time with your friends.

    Yeah, I do miss when I was young. I was free from anything, as long as I had to go to school everyday.
    Staying up late at night, sometimes up until next morning with fully drunk, singing Karaoke, eating junk foods, etc., etc…

    Life becomes more realistic and we will get to be more conservative as we get old. Job, marriage, having kids, having parents getting old…and we tend to prefer future happiness than present one. I thought I’d never be conservative boring person, but look at how I am now.

    Some people would say I’m grown up, matured, and settled, but in other words, I think I’ve become more quiet and boring, compared to my youth.

    I wouldn’t say that was good or bad, but it’s true we change so much as we get old.

  • Ivy

    @Katy: Haha! Our teenage years sounds very similar (minus the drugs for me, just something I can’t really accept). I’ve grown a long way from it too, but I don’t mind enjoying an alcoholic night out once a while. 🙂