Introducing Flip, My Only Toy

August 17, 2010 / Daily Life / 11 Comments

I watched Toy Story 3 the other day; the movie made me reminisce about my old toys. I had a unhealthy amount of Barbies complete with everything — the dream house, the car, a collection of clothes and even Ken. I also had an insane amount of soft toys, most of which were given to me by my extended family, friends and a few exes.

As I moved from one country to another, I gave away most of my toys, giving it to families with new born babies like baby standing toys, since babies need a lot of stuff, including the best convertible car seats to transport them. And now, at the age of 24, only one one remains. I could never bring myself to part with it. Perhaps because it’s the only toy I ever bought for myself. Unlike JJ, who gave her toy a name (I think it’s called White-Harp), I never did get around to naming mine. It came with the name Flip tagged to its ear, so I just stuck with that.

I bought Flip the last time I lived in Singapore, back in 2001. It’s a retired beanie baby. It was sitting on the window display at a toy store at Wheelock Place with a beautiful white coat and mesmerizing blue eyes that captured my heart. Now, almost a decade later, Flip still sits on my bed every night. Although its coat isn’t so pristine anymore, its blue eyes are still just as mesmerizing, if not even more.

So let me introduce you to Flip…

Busy Flip on my Macbook
Angry Flip on my Macbook
Possessive Flip on my Macbook

Dear readers, how did you find Toy Story 3? Did you think about your toys too? Do you have any favorites? Do share!

  • JJ

    Cute. 🙂 And yes, her name is indeed White-Harp. We first became friends when I was 3 years old, so White-Harp’s getting up there in years. I like how she’s sort of become my avatar online: baby harp seal? Must be JJ around!

    As to be expected, Toy Story 3 pretty much destroyed me. I think I sobbed my way through the entire movie.

  • I remember when beanie babies were the craze of the 90’s along with Yo-yos, Pogs, Finger skateboards and … Pokemon! Nostalgic!

    My first toy was a crocodile puppet from the Early Learning Centre, I called him Diggy. My latest toy is a Japanese Figma Drossel ^_^ shishkaboo!

  • Phei Yee

    Aww I cried for the movie too… My soft toy that’s on my bed for 8 years is the burnt bread.. and my dear Mooty is back in kl home.. =)

  • Your lucky… I had one barbie with a missing shoe that I left in HK when I went there for Christmas and she never got a new shoe because my parents never brought us new toys. We always had old toys. =(

  • Aww, Flip’s cute!!! The only “toys” I have are stuffed animals/beanie babies too, although I don’t have much with me right now. I actually didn’t think of my toys while watching “Toy Story 3”. Haha.

  • Aw, Flip is adorable! Really reminds me of a toy I used to have. I also have a soft toy I had kept for over a decade, it’s this big Easter bunny. I remember when I bought it, it was actually sort of a present for for my sister when she was just born. I can’t really remember though.. she never really played with it, it was always a decoration in the house (hence why it’s so dirty-looking now). I remember the fur used to be so soft too, now they are like hard lol. I wish I could get back some of the toys I lost though, especially the ones that were actually significant to me. It makes me sad whenever I think about them…

    As for Toy Story 3, I loved it! In fact, if I could watch it again I totally would. 😛

  • I actually have two soft toys that I still keep with me because of the memories. One is a white dog that I nicknamed Toby after my parents dog since we got him when I was I living with my parents. The other is a little a unicorn I saw in a grocery store that is no longer here. I collect unicorns so it was perfect for me.

    As for Toy Story 3, I loved it! It made me cry. It is something that I believe had the perfect ending.

  • I loved Toy Story 3! Although the ending, though as it ‘should’ have been made me sad, I never would have given up my favorite toy lol. I do think sometimes of my old toys. I have very little left. Although I think my mom still has my Cricket doll. She had a tape deck in her back and could ‘talk’ and mover her mouth and eyes. I do still have my Bedtime bear. It’s wearing the shirt my parents bought when I was born. It’s fun watching the Toy Story movies because there’s so many things that were around when I was a kid.

  • Aw so cute! I have one of those, not flip, it’s a koala bear one that my daddy got me when I was 13. :] I looved toy story 3. The little girl was so cute and I cried like 80% of the time.

  • Did I ever see Flip in the fur? I don’t remember. But what I do remember Flip pretty well. Man, I’m going to have to see if I actually have any toys left. At least toys that have made it past the discard consequent of growing up and detaching from one’s childhood. =P

  • Cat

    I was never a fan of Toy Story, I or II or III, though I never knew why. When I was little, I had about three barbies, I think I had Ken or one of his friends and that was about it. My mom refused to get me the dream house or the car for that matter, to my great disappointment, haha. I don’t have all that many stuff animals either. Most of the ones I do have are the ones my baby brother tossed into my room because he keeps leaving his stuff here. =P