My Decapitated Cake

December 20, 2007 / Daily Life / 5 Comments

This is my second day at Montreal. My boyfriend and I went to Rockaberry Resto-Bar to have dessert.


So I ordered a Mille Feuille. It’s French for “A Thousand Leaves’. It’s made out of sugar icing, cookie dough, nuts and tons of cream! Doesn’t it look yummy?

Mille Feuilles

But…. it was waaay too sweet for my taste buds. So, my boyfriend said that…

I “took a beautiful cake and skinned it, then took out its innards and dumped it on top.”

Decapitated Cake

A beautiful decapitated cake indeed.

I will return your comments, when I get back to Toronto.

  • I can’t handle too sweet desserts as well. The same reason why I can’t have too much chocolate even though I love them.

    Hurray for yummy desserts though. Perfect for dreary weather. 😛

  • Eek! Cake surgery! Just kidding!

    Enjoy your time in Montreal! =D And glad that you liked the birthday/toilet greeting! Mwaks!

  • lol the cake still looks good enough to eat 😛

  • loool you pwned the poor cake! yeah yea montreal sooo lucky. i want to visit quebec again sometime.

    happy belated birthday btw =o

  • i feel sorry for the cake. but the cake tasted good though, right? that’s all that matters^^