My History with Cell Phones!

May 31, 2009 / Daily Life / 9 Comments

So I stumbled upon Lennel’s entry on cellphones and was inspired to write my own entry on my history with cell phones.


Motorola StarTAC

My very first phone was a hand-me-down from my dad. It was 1998 and I was 12 at the time. Before you accuse me of being a spoiled kid, it was really a necessity rather than a luxury. I had just moved to a civil war-torn Indonesia then. The remnants of the violence was still very much visible, and the danger of another uprising was always looming. Hotel windows were broken, rows upon rows of shops were defaced and fear was still the prevalent in city. So my dad gave me his phone as a safety measure.

Ericsson T10

As the turmoil of the times slowly receded and peace finally prevailed again, I began to see cellphone as a cool accessory rather than a lifeline. I was flipping through my favorite magazine at that time, the now defunct Smash Hits, I came across the coolest ad a 13 year old had ever seen. A white page with multicolored phones lined up one after another. It was too cool and Santa sent me one in turquoise. 😀

Nokia 8210

Then clamshell phones became soo yesterday. Nokia candybars became the in thing. And you could buy all these different covers to match your phone to your clothes.
At that time, I didn’t have to wear uniform to school so changing covers was sure hand.
I remember having a ton of covers from Nokia originals to the rip off ones…until I was robbed one day when I was back in Malaysia. And lost my phones along with my Oakleys. Devastation befell…

Nokia 8310

…but not for long! By then I had moved to Singapore, the land of amazing gadgetry for low, low price. I got the upgraded model the 8310 which I remember loving very dearly since it was so cute and tiny!

Nokia 7210

But then suddenly phones had color screens! I mean “snake” with color screens would be infinitely more fun than black pixeled “snake”! So I had to jump on the color bandwagon too!

Motorola V600

After the streak of Nokias, I finally switched to Motorola because it was one of the few early quad band phones with that amazing Bluetooth technology that allowed you to have a wireless earpiece. It even had a camera! I was moving over to Canada then and I needed a quad band phone so I could use it in North American and Asia without having to perpetually switch between two phones. So this was an investment. It still is the most expensive phone I ever owned to date. It lasted me two good years before the screen finally gave way.

Nokia 6131

But by then I really couldn’t care much about phones anymore. Canadians don’t really have craze for gadgetry like Asians do. No one texted me. They called. So all I needed was something I could receive and make calls with. Hence came a very simple Nokia 6131, which too lasted me two years.

And of course now I work for a telco. Phones have become more like business and less of a cool item. So I have two now, which most of you have probably seen. Nothing spectacular. The HTC S630 for my personal line, the LG Viewty KU990R for work.

As for my upcoming phone, I’m impatiently waiting for the Palm Pre. I’ve fallen madly in love with QWERTY phones and there aren’t many out there to choose from (Blackberries aside). We’ll see what Engadget and CNET say about the Pre when it’s released. If it falls short, I guess I would have to settle for the HTC Dream or a Nokia E71.

And on a not-too-unrelated note, here’s a hilarious video on Cell Phone Reunion.

So dear readers, what phones did you own? Any models you particularly adored? What about phones you’re on the lookout for? And OMG, do you remember SNAKE?

  • My first phone made the most lasting impression being Erisson GH688. It was purchased along with the M1 line with 9688xxxx. I still carry the number though I’ve gone through Nokia 6120, 6510 and Sony-Ericsson (can’t remember the model), Palm Treo 650 before my current phone Nokia E71 which is a decent qwerty phone with Wifi, GPS and the works on Symbian 60.

  • Hehe, I think someone else did a history of their cell phones awhile back too. Maybe Destiny? I don’t remember anymore… =( Anyways… Wow, Motorolas and Nokias. I don’t think I’d ever get a phone from those manufacturers… I only got my first phone last year. Haha. I have a Samsung A437. Hmm, I’m not a big fan of phones, so I don’t really have one I adore nor do I have one that I’m on the lookout for. Hehe. I have a friend who still uses the Nokia candybar phone. Haha.

  • I’ve almost always had a nokia. but my first phone was sigem, the second was pocketline swing, third nokia 3360, fourth nokia 3510i, fifth nokia 3650, sixth sony ericsson (forgot the type), seventh nokia N70, eighth nokia 6111. The next phone i want is that arrogant iphone lol but i’m waiting for iphone 32GB to be available in the store 🙂

  • thanks for the linkback! 2 phones in common! haha

  • Thank u for the comment. Love your creative creations too! This is an interesting post. Shall do one about mine 😛

  • Ivy

    @Ee Chuan: Yeah my dad and a few of my colleagues all use the E71. It looks like a really good phone! I’m considering buying it too.

    @Simply Precious: Oh cool! A Samsung! I’ve always wanted to try a Samsung phone but my dad was always against it. I will one day especially since they have the Google Android on it now! 🙂

    @Vanes: LOL! The arrogant iPhone. I love it too!! But I need a QWERTY keyboard. I’m so hopelessly slow at typing on the iPhone. T__T

    @Lennel: No problem dude! Great idea for an entry. Thanks! 🙂

  • The only one that I had the same as you was the Nokia 8310 (#4)…. ahh I had so many good memories with that phone!!

  • Corey

    Ah, I remember the Nokia 6131. Actually, I still have it as a backup from my best friend. But honestly, in the past 10 years I’ve had about 50 phones. My first phone was the LG VX3100. Then a Kyocera Kx1. Then I got a RAZR, a KRZR, and now I switched from Verizon Wireless to T-Mobile and Now I have a Nokia 6131 and a Nokia 5310.

  • Peg

    Even though this post was written several years ago I still enjoyed seeing the different phones you had. We actually had 2 of them in common. I just purchased my first iphone 2 weeks ago and I’m having fun learning all of the new gadgets.