My New Make-up Organizer

April 23, 2011 / Daily Life / 3 Comments

I am really not a morning person.

In my uncaffeinated, frazzled state, I’d search for my moisturizer and make-up in my beautiful make-up box that was really just a bottomless pit from hell. Thanks to all the frantic searching, I’d inadvertently knock something over. After breaking my fourth eyeshadow, I finally snapped and looked for a new make-up organizer.

This what I found.

Muji Make Up Organizer - Stacked Up

It’s from MUJI. It’s cute, cheap, stackable and expandable. I absolutely love it!

Non-sequitur: The gigantic “Ivy” wooden letters are from Typo, an Australian store that sells things no one needs but because everything so pretty you’d get suckered into buying stuff anyway. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Muji Make Up Organizer

…and that’s my entire make-up collection. No fancy palettes or rows of lipsticks. I don’t really stick to one brand either. I only use boring browns and purples for eyeshadow. As for the lips, just nude or light pink. And I currently only own one blush, one bronzer and one mascara.

The only make-up I’m more extravagant with is eyeliner. I have them pencil, powder and gel variants in dark brown, black and white. Eyeliners are an important part of me; I will never step out of the house without it!

Top 5 Favorite Makeup

These are my top 5 fave items of the moment.

  1. Fave Eyeshadow Palette: Etude House LuciDarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes in #3 Caramel Sepia – See colors in photo below.
  2. Fave Highlighter: Shu Uemura Press Eyeshadow in ME Beige 800 – This is an eyeshadow but I use this to highlight both eyes and face. The shade suits my skin color (MAC NC 25) very well.
  3. Fave Packaging: Maybelline Pure Pact Mineral in OC 1 – The product itself isn’t that great but the packaging is so cute I just had to buy it.
  4. Fave Concealer: Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic – I don’t really use much concealers, so the size of the products is pretty handy for me.
  5. Fave Mascara: Marjolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus – I used to use a mascara primer and a few different mascaras to get the same volume and length. This does the same but it’s just one mascara! Great for lazy people like me!
Etudehouse Palette

That’s how Caramel Sepia looks like. The light colors are not as reflective as the Shu Uemura metallic beige but the dark colors are very well-pigmented. It’s very affordable too!

Yes, I know this entry is random but I’ve got to mix it up a little. My life is not all about epistemology and technology. And my DSLR has been crying out to me. 😛 Ciao!

So how do you organize your make-up? Share your favorite products of the moment!

  • JJ

    Oh gah, I know you warned me about Typo but…

    …I just got sucked into that website for about 2 hours…

    • Ivy

      Hahahaha!! Let me know if you want anything. I can pick it up from the store and send them to you. 🙂 It’s pretty close to my office.

  • I don’t wear makeup, but I used to buy a lot of organizers when I was a kid. I think I just like organizing things.