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June 1, 2009 / Daily Life / 6 Comments

This week for the GI JOY Challenge, the bloggers are to write about how we each enjoy our SOYJOY bars.

I could come up with a few brilliant ways of eating SOYJOY, but to be honest, I like my SOYJOY bars best when they’re half an arm’s length from my workstation… in my pencil holder.

As a corporate communications professional, I work pretty long hours. I arrive at the office at 9am and leave around 7pm daily. Although, I have to admit, leaving at like 9 – 10pm isn’t uncommon when there are major events around the corner. So hunger has always been a problem for me. I don’t have to time to grab a bite, yet I have to resist against whatever is lying around the department pantry since they’re all high on fat and sugar. While they do satiate me for a while, I also end up crashing from all that sugar high and start feeling all sleepy and hungry again, lthough I’ve been thinking in trying a new delicious green drink supplement that I read is great for energy. (I’ll leave the science of this for next week’s challenge.) The worst comes when I have to deal with the guilt after reading the nutrition labels for these things.

Anyway, since I started putting my SOYJOY in my pencil holder, I don’t have to starve and feel guilty about snacking anymore. My desk has also become a second (and a much healthier) pantry for my department, since my equally hungry colleagues can now help themselves to some SOYJOY even when I’m not around. 🙂


Talking about colleagues and SOYJOY, I’d like to take this opportunity to say that the apple flavor is the biggest hit in my department. So if you’d like try a SOYJOY bar, I highly recommend apple! 😀

Dear Readers, what are your snacking habits like? Do you feel guilty about snacking? What do you have in your office pantry / fridge (for those still in school)?

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their support! Please do keep the votes coming in. You can vote once every 3 hours.

  • Omigosh my snacking habits are sooo bad. I have a mini-fridge at my cube at work and it’s filled with sugary drinks and juice boxes and energy drinks. Then I have this shelf that’s stuffed with food like chocolate, chips, asian snacks and then there are the healthier stuff like granola bars and tea. =S

  • My favourite would have to be the Apple and Raisin Almond! I remember the aunties would usually buy some pastries once in a while, super sinful!

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  • I have seen the SoyJoy commercials on television and it looks like a lovely snack but sadly we don’t have them here. Honestly, I don’t snack at all. I will snack occasionally, probably once a week or so. 🙂 Instead of snacking unhealthy I try to replace it with fruits.

  • When I used to work at the office, I couldn’t help without having something to eat when I worked late hours. So I do understand how you’d feel, and I’d do the same as you, meaning I’d grab SOYJOY now! There are many kinds of SOYJOY type of healthy fruits bars in Japan, and just as SOYJOY, they taste good.

    I liked banana one, but I’ve never tried apple yet, so I’ll check it out. 🙂

  • I have yet to try Soyjoy, but perhaps I will in the near future! It will definitely be a healthier alternative to my chocolate coated wafer bars. 😉

    As for snacking … I do that a fair bit. Usually chocolate biscuits! Or chips! I rarely feel guilty snacking, though.