Photographing My Aura

February 16, 2012 / Daily Life / 8 Comments

My friends have been intrigued by aura reading lately. One of them found a shop tucked away in a mystical part of Singapore that takes photos of people’s auras for just $5.

My Auras
My aura on Feb 4 (left). My auras on Feb 15 (center and right).

I’ve had my aura photographed 3 times so far. The first was taken on Feb 4. I was very distracted with work issues that moment, so this wasn’t the ideal state to be photographed. There was also no one to interpret it for us that day.

So yesterday, my friend suggested we go back again and find an interpreter. The first photo I took really spooked me out. The energy is heavily dark blue and turquoise. According to the interpreter, it’s strong in negative energy. She said I may have offended some spirits or have been contemplating suicide or dabbling in black magic. What BS! I don’t believe spirits would be so easily offended, people have accused me of being blindly optimistic and black magic is just so ridiculous, I can’t even be bothered to think of a comeback.

After we chatted for a couple minutes, the interpreter realized that there is such a dissonance between who she sees and the aura, she asks me to take another reading on the house. This time it’s an intense reddish-yellow-green aura, similar to the one I took a couple of weeks ago.

My Auras on 15 February 2012

Thanks to the inconsistency, I have to say whatever faith I had in aura photography was gone…

…but on hindsight, I think both photos are pretty accurate depictions of me. The interpreter merely misunderstood my dark aura. I’m aware that I have two distinct states of being. The one I project to the world is the red-yellow-green aura; an optimistic person, full of life, who make things happen. But I also have an intensely spiritual, philosophical, contemplative nature. This is a side of me that not many have seen. It’s the side that allows me to re-charge my “batteries” and is the root orients me. This is where my intuitive and creative energy comes from. This is the state I channel when I just want to be one with the world. That is not to say the other is fake. They are both authentically me. Just different sides. I wouldn’t be me if I lacked either side.

If you happen to be an aura reading expert, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

Anyway, it was an interesting experience. You should try it out if you get the chance, but do take these things with a grain of salt. And if you’re in Singapore, you can get your own reading at Kangli Crystal shop, Fulushou Complex.

  • …maybe soon there will be apps available for reading aura through smartphones. very useful for reading the boss’ mood LOL interesting piece! keep posting!

    • Ivy

      LOL! That would be awesome!

  • I’m no aura reading expert but I have been studying martial arts for almost 3 years now and it has somehow brought me into the study field of internal energy or what the Chinese call chi. What people call aura is basically that same internal energy, but the part that emanates out of your body and can be seen or captured by Kirlian photography. As all energies vibrate at different frequencies, so does your internal energy body (or spirit). So it will fluctuate depending on your inner state at that moment. I wouldn’t put too much thought into what the photographs show, as they are transient. I would rather focus on living a more relaxed, stress free life, as that would affect your overall spirit, soul and body in good ways.

  • Wow… I’ve never heard of aura readings so this is very fascinating! Though I do agree… aura reading works in tune with your Chi/Chakra… internal energy by my mind’s interpretation like Jerm.
    I would have to take a look to see if there’s any aura readers in my area… Apparently we have eye readers, who looks into your eyes and can tell if there’s anything mentally, physically wrong with you.

  • Hardyz

    Hi, may i know where exactly is the aura photography place? I am keen on it. I have been looking around for it for sometime now.

    • Ivy

      Kangli Crystal shop, Fulushou Complex. Near Bugis MRT.

  • Caroline

    I had my first aura photograph done today at a psychic fair. It seems spot on! I read as violet above my head and on my right side, and white on my left side.

    I’ll go back again next year and have it done again so I can compare it to this one. It cost $35.00 which I thought a little ridiculous, but what the check, I was there for fun and I’m sure I’ve wasted so much more on far dumber things!! LOL


  • Chiam HENG KUANG
    Maybe you guys can look into this website, learn how to see the auro by ownself is better than rely on the machine which we never know its accuracy.