Positive Love #2

March 7, 2008 / Daily Life / 12 Comments

Bzz. bzz. bzz. Bzz. bzz. bzz. The phone-alarm rings.
Just a little longer…

Bzz. bzz. bzz. Bzz. bzz. bzz.
Not again. I can still make it…

Bzz. bzz. bzz.
Dammit. 45 minutes left until class starts.
Drags myself out of bed.
Takes my customary morning shower.
Zombies my way out of the bathroom.
Checks the weather; curse Toronto for the brooding day.

Grurru, gruruur.
Hunger strikes.
Still in a daze, pressed for time, I dress up.

Grurru. Gruuuuuuu. Stomach keeps growling.
Crap. 10 minutes left.
Shit. I’m late. I’m sleepy. I don’t want to go to class.
It’s the week before the test too.
The professor even said she’ll give us a mini-test to see how we’re doing.
No, I can’t skip. Need caffeine.

Splish, splosh. Splish, splosh.
Tunnel my way through the snow to Starbucks.
“Can I get a Grande Mocha Frappucino, please?”
Don’t forget to smile, Ivy. Say please and thank you.
Forced a smile.


A tired Barista: “Look! I made a flower with the chocolate topping! Like it?”
My eyes lit up. My spirit lit up. My day lit up.
Me: “Yes! Thank you very much! You made my day!”
A happy Barista: “You made my day from saying you made my day!”

I got 11 out of 12 in the mini-test.

Someone opened her heart to me today. A dark, cold, negative morning became a wonderful bright day with many occurrences to thank for. I’m sure the barista did too. This is the power of positive love and karma in my reality. And probably, in the world’s reality.

Thank you, Starbucks Barista.

  • Id

    It is things like this that make the whole world glow just a little brighter. =)

  • OMG, that’s funny about the alarm and the snoozing. The entry you’ve just read had a part about snoozing and alarms too… LOL…

    Hehe about the “you made my day by saying you made my day”! Hehehe!

  • Hi Ivy!!
    So weird how I ran into this site!
    I don’t even know how…I was just browsing. lol

    You might know me as Lisa Kim in facebook, hehe. I go by Jihyun online, that is my Korean name.

    Lol, I guess I am not the only who snoozes and then end up being late for school! XD

    I am glad that barista was very nice to you and vice versa. You guys made each others day, how wonderful! Nice job on your test!

    I love your simplistic layout Ivy! 😀

  • i stumble upon ur site by chance too. it’s always find it hard to get out of bed…XD

  • That sounds like me on March 5th. I just couldn’t wake up–and I didn’t bother. I had the best sleep I could ask for even after feeling guilty for not going to class. I can’t skip anymore, classes are way to important to miss, especially around this time! But I love how you basically captured my day. Hehe “Snooze” button is usually my good friend–except for when I think it’s trying to trick me into thinking it was on snooze for five minutes and it feels like it’s going off every minute. Sneaky, sneaky…

  • Indeed, it’s the little things that make our days. (:

    Most of my days start out badly as well – as I have a personal hate-hate relationship with my alarm clock and an indisputable strong bond with my bed. Never a morning person, never an early-afternoon person either, so I end up loving through the day completely zombiefied – under my friends successfully crack me up, or something. (Yes, weird silly jokes from my friends make my day – and I often play then in my mind and chuckle to myself.)

    Oh, and Starbuck’s signature hot chocolate makes my day as well.

  • lol, yay for chocolate flower toppings and optimistic peoples in the early mornings 😀

  • Wow, I’d love to meet someone like that…

  • As a Starbucks manager, I have one specific barista at my store that does this. She gets excited about the prospect of latte art, and although it’s not standard she got hooked on doing it.

    Anyhow, the first day was kind of annoying, but now it’s more of a special thing that she does every now and again (I’ll attribute the annoying thing to her ‘practice) she makes peoples days with flowers, and leaves, and hearts and other designs.

    I’m glad they were able to make your day 😛

  • Hey Ivy, thanks for sharing a short and sweet moment of your day 🙂 very heart-warming indeed! Anyway back in college none of my alarm clocks are able to wake me up and pry me away from my lovely dovey bed… I usually have to ask my roommate to wake me up, teehee.

    Like what Brenda has said, it is always little things that make our day!

  • Nettiei

    Hey Ivy! Seems like your always moving and Im always behind. lol oh by the way this is Nettiei. I’ve been following you for quite some time since your blog before ivy tan (not in a stalkerish way!) just that I enjoy your daily muses and music! Nice to see you again.

  • It’s cool how the littlest thing or comment can make such a big difference in your day.

    And I snooze for alarm clock for an hour too… the only thing is that it rings every 5 minutes!! LOLOL.

    I didn’t get the Mac because he sold it to someone else.. oh well saved some money right!