Random Facts Meme

I wrote two blog entries today! My recommendations: for geekery, see the other entry; for gossip, read current one; for lurkers and stalkers, read both.

I’ve been tagged by tagged by Tosha and Lissy to do this random facts meme. It’s a lot less evil than the vices meme Teddy tagged me for, the last time.

Here’s how to play:

Once you’ve been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random facts, habits, or goals about yourself — at the end choose 5 people to be tagged. Don’t forget to leave them a comment saying “You’re It!” and to go read your blog. You cannot tag the person that tagged you.

10 Random Facts About Ivy

  • I am afraid of fish: They are freaking scary. Every time I see them at the market, they look like they are still alive and if I were to chop off something, they’ll wake up to bite me with those horribly sharp teeth.
  • I am afraid of dentists: Owners of the blogs I frequent will know that I never ever comment on posts where they write about a trip to the dentist. And if I do comment, it’s to apologize for not reading it. My fear goes back to my first grade. I absolutely abhor the school dentist. She’s mean and cranky and evil. And she pokes around my mouth with tools, without ever thinking about my pain. Argh, just the word ‘dentist’ gives me the goosebumps.
  • I am 157cm or 5’2″ short.: Because of my outgoing and dominant personality, most people who’ve met me in person perceive me to be taller than I actually am. Considering that I played 10 years of basketball, 157cm is just…pathetic. But thanks to all those who perceive my height to be taller than 160cm. You all make me feel better about myself. LOL!
  • I am a tomboy.: With the amount of makeup and skirts I wear, most people perceive me to be a girly-girl. WRONG! I was a tomboy in my teenaged years, and I still carry a lot of masculine personality traits. I also check out girls when I go out; not because I’m interested in them, but just out of habit, since I spent most of my life hanging out with boys.
  • I speak with an American accent: Yes, I was born and raised in Asia. But I also went to a school taught by British teachers from 2nd grade and continued in schools taught by American teachers since 8th grade. Most of my classmates were American too. So I inadvertently speak like them. I can speak with a Singapore and Canadian accent as well. But when I’m angry, I will revert back to my American accent – that’s how I know that it’s my original accent.
  • I watched 3,000 episodes of anime in the last two years: I kid you not. Check out my complete anime list at myanimelist.net. So, all you anime fans and anime curious, you know who’s the definitive source for anime recommendations now. 😉 As an unintended side-effect, I can now understand conversational Japanese without trying.
  • However, I am not an otaku オタク.: I don’t own any anime memorabilia, I don’t play games adapted from anime and I don’t think I will ever engage in cosplaying. Although… I admit that I like checking out cosplayers. I have also never been an anime festival nor do I intend to. I also have a life aside from watching anime. LOL!
  • My favorite color is turquoise…which explains why my last two layouts had different variations of turquoise on them.
  • I have a broken ankle and a broken arm: Long story short, the broken ankle was caused in a street basketball incident and the broken arm was caused by a sailing certification incident.
  • I can’t draw on pencil and paper… even if my life depended on it. I call myself a design enthusiast and I even have a deviantart account to show off all my vexels. I also drew the freaking flower in this layout, but the fact is, I can’t draw with pencil on paper – even my stick figures look horrible.

And that brings my long-list of random facts to a close. I will bring upon the horrible fate of internet meme-ing to the following people:

  • Teddy – for my sweet revenge
  • Tammy – to encourage more frequent blog posts
  • Terin Selena – for kindly writing an entry about my entry
  • Melle – for making a cute new layout for her blog
  • Katy – because she’s hot

To the tagged people, let me know if you don’t do tags, I’ll add someone else in your place. 🙂 To everyone else…

What are some random facts about you? Do we share any similarities?

  • You are so evil 😈 be forewarned that you’ll be my next meme victim, if I get tagged, heh. Sweet revengeee!

    Anyway I envy those who can speak English with those authentic American / Canadian accent 🙂 and that makes you easily understandable as well. I don’t speak properly English for most of the time, except when I argue with people (I once scolded a bald man in public for cutting the ATM machine queue – I told him that I was allergic to his bullsh!t, haha). For some reason I speak better when I’m angry. Weird weird weird.

    Oh and I love turqoise as well, it’s definitely one of the favourite colours in the blue green range.

    OMG HIGH FIVE the best thing I could draw are stick figures! And they look horrendous as well. For nice stick figures, I’ve stumbled upon this blog by Sitckgal 🙂 haha just linking it if you’re interested in stick figures.

    I’m not really afraid of fishes but their dead faces (with eyes wide open – whoops, fishes don’t have lids, so they’re always open) scare me. And the culling of live chickens in the morning market – the squealing sound the dying chicken makes is simply gruesome!!! Ewww.

  • I love tomboys… 😉

  • I’m 5′, so you’re tall to me!

    I can’t draw on pencil and paper either, but I’m also not very good at vector art 😛 I don’t have the patience. When i was forced to do a self portrait in 7th grade, it came out much better than it would have on paper though, lol.

  • Just as a warning: I once tagged an elderly and he got skin cancer and died. You shouldn’t tag people. Some of the chemicals are hazardous. Tag walls.

  • 3000 episodes of anime! wowee, wow! 😛

  • Oh gosh??? 3000???? That’s more than what I’ve watched in this lifetime! But with chinese and korean dramas, I think I did over 3000.
    Hehehe, you’re scared of fish?? I’m scared of spiders ^_^

  • lmao, Ivy! “to encourage more frequent blog posts”! Haha, well, since that is a personal goal for myself this summer, I will complete the 10 random facts…

    you’re 0.5″ taller than me, haha, yeahh, I was one who thought you were taller… but then, everyone is taller than me T_T

    I hate the dentist too, probably because I hate needles, and I probably got more needles at the dentist than at my doctor’s.

  • Can’t blame you for the dentist thing. I have a friend who has panic attacks any time she needs to go to the dentist. You’re layout is beautiful btw. And I wanted to thank you for the comment about my site Frame For Thought. It’s a habit for me to put splash pages on my site…not sure why…but I’m definitely taking your advice and getting rid of it for that site. Now….I’m going to go check out your anime list…

  • ha! American accent. It’s funny to read, because I didn’t think we had an accent. I didn’t think you’d be a tomboy. That’s a lot of anime, lol. I only enjoy the RARE anime movie.

  • Hey Ivy.. I don’t do tags so you can remove me if you want. I’ll do the meme anyway though. =P

    I’ll BRB and read your blog more thoroughly later. =D

  • I must admit that drawing with a pencil is not one of my talents, either. And I agree with you bein afraid of a fish’s dead eyes. They look quite scary and I could never manage to prepare one in the kitchen …

  • Nel

    So many interesting facts that I’ve learnt about you Ivy! I am also your height as well and I hate being so short! I do like anime but I’ve not watched anywhere as near as how much you have! Thats quite a lot there 🙂 At least I can now come and ask you for recommendations when I’m bored. What about Manga?? Do you read that too?

  • Id

    I’m surprised you didn’t divulge the fact that you failed art. But then again, that’s a whole other level of weird. =P

    And how come after all of these years I had no idea that you were afraid of fish? I knew needles to some extent and then the thing about the dentist.. but fish? Damn! Thank god you like ’em cooked. =P
    And the broken arm and ankle.. that’s not what you have now, eh? Coz I would be impressed by your ability to code and come up with a layout in spite of that. =P

    Lastly.. American accents for the win! Woots!

  • I went through the tomboy stage as well – considering that some of my first friends were boys. I went through the “eww Barbies” stage, and used to play with their trucks, hot wheels, toy guns, you name it. Didn’t even want to dress up in girls clothes. Believe it or not, I used to have this teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt that i’d wear pretty frequently. My friend Ryan GAVE it to me, so it was special. lol

    I’m also afraid of dentists. In fact, I haven’t been to the dentist since 2005. Eeek. I put in 3 years of Braces, and I was even petrified of the orthodontists.

    I’m 5’1 – somewhere around there. I wonder how tall I am in ‘cm’. We don’t really use cm as a unit of measurement here. We use inches and feet. 😛

    Ah. The American Accent. Something we have in common, considering that I am an American. I’d trade my accent for an Australian accent anyday. It’s my favorite. Reow. My best friend is Australian. *dies* When I was younger, I was actually really good at imitating the British accent, but these days, I hear it so much, it kind of does my head in (no puns toward the British, not meaning to offend!).

  • Forgot to mention. Love the new theme. 🙂

  • I’m 5’1″ T_T
    I’m the shortest in my class, I think. Argh, I wish I was much taller!

    I don’t have much of a problem with dentists or fish, although when I was in Hong Kong once, the fishmonger was going to cut the fish open when the fish jumped up (and out) from his grasp, and toward me.

    I screamed like hell was after me, and the whole wet market stared at me like I was a freak of nature -__-

    I can’t really draw on paper too.
    Actually my drawing skills aren’t that secure, haha. Wow, the only anime I’ve ever watched is like, Rurouni Kenshin, Ayashi no ceres, Slam dunk.. Gatekeepers? Erh.. I think that’s about it. 😛

  • Kay

    I am scared of the dentist. I have to go though for my bracers. [sigh] I only go for a check-up. If anything else then I’m running for dear life.

  • I love fishies! Not dead ones though…Fish stink.

    I’m short too, I’m only 5’3″!

  • I use to have this fear of dentists until I went for the first time it turned out not be as bad as I thought. If fact, the dentist did everything possible to ensure that I had a pleasant experience. So yeah, I love my dentist.

  • Woah, I didn’t realize that you’d have a new entry up so soon. LOL.

    Wow, you’re scared of fish and dentists? LOL, the dentist I went to is soo nice, so it’s all cool, but I know what you mean, I used to hate my other dentists. LOL.

    Hahaha! I’m actually shorter than you! I’m 5’1″! =P

    Hehe about being a tomboy. I’m… In between. LOL.

    Wow, and you have an American accent?! I wonder how that sounds like… Hehe…

    Wow, that is A LOT of anime! Hehe!

    LOL about not being able to draw. I can’t draw ANYWHERE! =P

    Anyways, wow, and a broken arm and ankle… I’ve never broken anything before… LOL…

  • Oh my goodness. I’m afraid of fishes as well, especially when they’re lying there with their eyes open. I’m shorter than you, 149 cm to be exact. It pretty much sucks to be this height especially when you’re eighteen. I’m usually mistaken for 13 and I’m always asked for ID. I can’t draw to save my life either. =/

  • I’m a tomboy too. At first glance, people never think so. But I indulge in sports and many of my friends are male. I was on the basketball team as a teen and I also have masculine personality traits. People who are acquainted with me offline only know this about me. lol.

    And don’t feel bad, I can’t draw either. The sad thing is, I sketch a lot of my layouts before I put them together. They always look find in Adobe but on paper, not so great.

  • Toni

    haha I check out girls too :p.

  • I have an American accent too! But I’m an American… 🙁 so it’s rather typical. However, I don’t share the regional accent of those around me, so I’m often asked, “Where are you from?” When I respond honestly with, “Here…” I get looks of disappointment. Oh well.

    But 3000 episodes of anime. :O Wow! It’s good for your Japanese, I guess. 😀 I don’t watch anime, so my total sits around 0.