Return of the Cake Chronicles

December 23, 2007 / Daily Life / 9 Comments

This is my last night in Montreal before I hop on a bumpy ride on the Greyhound back to Toronto. My boyfriend and I went to Old Montreal to check out Place Jacques Cartier. It’s absolutely gorgeous at night but my camera was too old and too crappy to capture even a fraction of its beauty.

Example of a crappy picture of a non-crappy scene below:

Beautiful Museum, Ugly Picture

Example of a not-so crappy picture of a non-crappy scene below:

Beautiful Hotel, Lucky Picture

Anyway we got really tired from our crazy walking and, stopped by this little cafe called Les Délices de l’Érable or Maple Delights. I had a moist chocolate cake that was mixed with strawberry and maple syrup, then coated with chocolate sauce and almond bits.

Too delicious.

Cake Sacher

The point of the cake chronicles is to make you crave cake and put on 2 pounds after you satisfy your cravings. Yes, I know I’m evil.

I managed to return a few comments today. I will return the rest when I get back to Toronto.

  • Dang, you’re making me crave for another escape out of Singapore. Singapore never has pretty scenes like that.

    Thankfully, I still don’t crave cake after reading your entry. 😛 Hehehehe. But that’s because I’ve had the best log cake ever this afternoon, courtesy of my grandmother.

  • Hey, at least you have a camera!

    By the way, I don’t like nuts in my cakes, but chocolate on that cake looks really good… *drool*

  • Iva

    I guess the first pic was taken with a cellphone and the second one with a digital camera? If both were taken by phone, then the second one actually turned out good. I don’t think it’d turn any better with anything less than a pro camera because of all that light 🙁

    As for cakes, I think it’s sadism. Pure sadism, because I am now desperately looking everywhere for something sweet and, at the same time, I’m like Waah, how did they do that? looking at the small marzipan or sugar ornament on the cake. Aaaah, you sadist!

  • somebody loves sweets =o


    *dies* that looks awesome. btw, my sister is a cake fanatic and makes wedding cakes and stuff. so i’m her ‘test’ subject =o =o =o =o *YUMMY* lol

    btw…your new domain name…would it be inspired from Yakitate! Japan?

  • Hey Ivy, don’t worry about your camera – as long as it is working, you’ll have photos to share 🙂 thanks for letting us see the world through your eyes… how good the photos are doesn’t really matter anymore. Anyway merry x’mas!!! Hohohoho!

  • Jeez, you munched up a lot of cakes there! Too sweet for my pro-spice tongue.

    Looks like Montreal got several nice architectures…

    It’s awesome to be in a francophone city! I need to be there so I won’t waste my useless French, LAWL.

    I love strawberries even though I’m allergic to them ._.

  • lol, I hope the cake chronicles fail!

    Those pictures are kinda blurry, but I can imagine how beautiful it looked from them.

    Hope you had happy holidays 🙂

  • Toni

    omigosh! the cake! YUM! So how was montreal? it sounds like fun stuff! I love’s soo NICE 🙂