Singing Away

January 16, 2008 / Daily Life / 6 Comments

I used to sing in a choir in elementary school. I used to sing in talent shows in middle school. I used to sing on stage in high school. Now, in university, I sing in the shower.

Singing has always been an integral part of my life. I consider my voice and style to be most suited to Jazz, Soul and R&B. When I sing them (in the shower), it’s almost as if all my stresses wash away, and I’m at peace with myself and with the world. At school, all I was forced to perform were classical pieces; those were stressful times. I had to mold my voice to sound like a female Pavarotti, strengthen my falsetto (which is rarely used in Jazz) and drop my natural style. It was an excruciating pain (in the vocal chords and the ass).

Unfortunately, that also meant that my real voice was never really developed. Instead it was strained over and over again by trying to be what it’s not. So I thought my voice would forever be stuck in alto/tenor range and Diana Krall was all that I could sing.

But then came the voice savior – Eric Arceneaux. He’s a professional vocal coach and a recording artist. I found his some of his lessons, voice warm-ups and voice range-extending exercises on YouTube. WHOA! Did my voice change! My range has extended far beyond alto/tenor range. Now, I’m quite comfortable singing at mezzo-soprano range. All this without pushing my vocal chords. It is so amazing! And all I did was look/sound stupid 5 minutes a day with the lip rolls found in the video below:

I kid you not, guys! I’m sooooooooo happy. Now I’m considering buying his voice coaching CD and follow his exercises religiously. Maybe I’ll be the next Ella Fitzgerald…maybe not.

To all my visitors, do you sing? If so, what genre do you like to sing in?

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  • k

    i love singing too! especially in the shower! heh. i love going for karaoke sessions with my friends too…

    i’m not a very good singer though, but singing does take my stress away.

    will take a look at the vids when i get home. hehe

  • Niki

    Internet truly is a great source for everything, hehe. Glad to hear you got your voice back. :)

    And I don’t sing. :)

  • Destiny

    That is such an interesting method! I normally sing for church, and i’m a high range singer, singing melody and harmony. I think I will try that for the next time in preparation of singing. Thanks for sharing this! ^_^

  • Michael

    If I sing, it’d be a noise pollution… 😆

  • Simply Precious

    LOL, I just sing for fun and that’s it. I don’t sing in choirs or anything, just singing along to songs, etc. =P

  • metwin1

    Oh! I am going to try those exercises! I’ve always wanted to be able to hit the higher ranges without using my head voice (which sounds weird for pop music). Thanks for sharing this!