The SOYJOY Blogger Challenge

May 13, 2009 / Daily Life / 14 Comments

Along with 4 other awesome Singapore bloggers, I was chosen by the guys at Ogilvy team to participate in blog challenge / campaign for SOYJOY, a healthy fruit bar from Japan’s Otsuka Pharmaceuticals (who also brought the world Pocari Sweat ポカリスエット).

SOYJOY GI Blogger Challenge

The 5 of us bloggers will be competing in a series of challenges over the next few months. The winners will get free trip to Japan to visit the Otsuka factory to watch how SOYJOY is made.

What this means is that I will be updating my blog much more frequently over the next few months. 😀 (not just about SOYJOY of course!) And if I win, I will do a Japan special covering everything from the Otaku HQ, Akihabara to the streets of fashion, Harajuku! 😀

So, my dear readers please vote for me!

All you have to do is go to and click on “Vote” under my name! (I’m the one doing squats!) Alternatively, you can click on the flashy banner on my sidebar to vote! If all that’s too complicated, just regularly commenting would be fine too! <3

And if you’d like to go an extra mile…

Get everyone and their dog to vote! Feel free to user Twitter or add my blogger badge to your site.. but no spamming, okay? 😀 The blogger badge code is here:

…and in return, if I win, the one who helps generate the most votes/publicity will receive a FREE fully-customized, standards compliant, widget ready WordPress theme from yours truly!

And I shall end this shameless self-promoting spiel now. Stay tuned for the blog challenge #1 and part 2 of “Stuff Singaporeans Like”. 🙂

  • The friendly competition is heating up already. Hope the winning ticket goes to you as a fine reward and holiday!

    fabrikade has put up the flash banner on our blog in support of Nanyate and the squats we so loooooooooove! 😀 So peeps, if you have been following and enjoying Nanyate’s blog entries, click on the banner now and give her your support! Good Luck!

  • Ivy

    @Jonathan Kong: Thank you so much, Jon!!! <3<3<3

  • I voted for ya 🙂 Good luck 🙂

  • Hey babe, wish you all the best!!! Hope you win and get to go to Japan!! Ganbatte!!

  • I voted for you! Can’t wait to see what happens!

  • I voted for you too 🙂 Tell us on twitter what will be the next steps!

  • wow the reward is definitely awesome. I hope you win, and I’ll try my best to vote for you as much as I can <3

  • voted =D

  • I voted for you … 60 times. Heh. I think it was at the beginning of the competition, because I was seeking quite a thrill from seeing your vote counter jump higher and higher. Err … oops.

    All the best in the competition, though! Your pose looks cute. 😉

  • Appa Kabar?!? Siya lagi voting!!

    nice website,

    – brent

  • Ah~, that’s the whole story! But it’s so SUGOI that you were picked out as one of the awesome bloggers in Singapore! I voted for you, when I saw you tweeted on this. 😉 If you win and come to Japan, let’s meet up and hang out in Tokyo!

    BTW, Pocari Sweat is sold there? I thought that naming was difficult to be sold in English-spoken countries. (Who’d feel like drinking something named “sweat”?) Another example is カルピス Calpis. It sounds like cow + piss, you know…so in the U.S it was re-named as “Calpico”. (^_^;)

    Anyway good luck to you!

  • Ivy

    @everyone Thanks for all the support!! <3<3<3

    @kirin: Arigato gozaimasu!! If I win, we should definitely meet up! It’ll be fun!

    Yes, Pocari Sweat and Calpico are sold all over South East Asia (and in Chinatowns in North America). It’s been here for the longest time. Yeah, both their names don’t sound appetizing. Hahahaha!! -___-;; Pocari Sweat is quite popular, I think. I know a few friends and family members who drink it regularly. I quite like it too! Not really a fan of Calpico though. It tastes just like sugar and water. Hahaha.

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