What’s in My Bag?

April 5, 2009 / Daily Life / 30 Comments

Andi tagged me earlier this week with a “What’s in my bag?” meme. I’m usually too lazy to do memes, but I loved how Andi tagged people of all walks of life to see what we each carry. That really piqued my interest. So here I am boring the rest of you with what I carry with me.

The Bag

My Bag
I’m a low maintenance kind of person, who loves black leather and solid shapes. I don’t really take good care of my stuff (except electronics). So I carry a relatively inexpensive solid black bag from Braun Buffel.

The Stuff

Stuff I Carry
Like a low maintenance girl should be, I don’t bring too much around with me. Just the essentials.

  • Automatic umbrella from Esprit – I’m quite afraid of the blade-like thing used to close umbrellas. So I invested in an umbrella with a button instead. Hahaha. Pussy.
  • Black-rimmed glasses from Versace – My astigmatism is off the charts. Since my eyes are too dry, I can’t wear contacts. So I wear this instead when I really have to see. But most of the time, I prefer to walk around half blind.
  • Name card holder from Tumbleweed – Been searching for a patterned business card holder for the longest time. It’s nice to have those usual metal or leather card holders, but I always feel that they lack a certain personality. Then I chanced upon this cart at Clarke Quay selling handing handmade trinkets and got this.
  • Padlock – for my gym locker.
  • Wallet from Danier
  • Lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent – This little thing is the most beautiful and functional makeup piece I own. It’s got two colors + a mirror + a brush. How cool is that?! I got it in #1 Sparkling Beige.
  • iPhone, LG Viewty, HTC S630 – I work for a telecommunications company. So carrying around 3 phones shouldn’t be too surprising, should it? I don’t really own the iPhone by the way. I just borrow it from the department to check my work email and occasionally tweet when I’m on the move. The Viewty is my office line. It’s also my backup camera. The 5MP camera really comes in handy when I attend events and forget to lug my Canon A590 IS with me. And the HTC S630 is my personal line. I want to replace it soon though. It’s too slow! Palm Pre, where are you!?!
  • Cowon D2 MP3 Player – I’m a bit of an audiophile. I need high quality music. So an iPod could never make the cut for me. The Cowon sound quality is simply amazing. On top of that, it has an English-English, Korean-English, English-Korean dictionary. It also has a 52 hour battery life. I rarely ever charge this thing; once every few months at most.

Blogger Cards – Close Up

Oh and here some close up shots of my blogger business card for the non-believers. (Hello Sigg3!) 😀
nanyate blogger card
nanyate blogger card

You’s Been Tagged

I know a lot of people are aversed to memes, so I’m not forcing you to do it. But I’m gonna tag ya anyway! 🙂

  • I know that bag! Hahaha!
    The twitter and address incorporation on your name cards is pretty smart.

    By the way, when you tagged people, the third bullet point (the one after Katy and before Iva) is blank. Is it my browser or is it deliberate?

  • Ivy

    @Maria G.: Ah, thanks! Not sure why my WordPress did that.

  • Cute!

    I have the Viewty as well. But I want a new phone!!

  • Wow, 3 mobiles. My sister work for a telecommunication company as well and have 2 to 3 phones too. I’m just curious whether you set the same ringtone for all of them. 😉 I use the pink viewty but I don’t like it. 🙁

    The lipstick has a really pretty design. I wouldn’t have guess it’s a lip stick until I read the description.

    Oh, I got tagged! I’m off to take photos of my stuff now. 😀

  • Wow, that is A LOT of stuff! I was going to say something about having 3 cell phones, but then I just read Dayna’s comment. Hehe.

  • That’s quite a lot of gadgets!!! My bag has lots of unnecessary items!! I still don’t know why I carry them around 😛

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  • Love the card holder! Going to have to check that out! Thanks for doing the meme, I love discovering people around the world. I have only been to Singapore once, but had the best time. Went to Kuala Lumpur also, need to explore more. The food in both places is the BEST!!!

  • I dunno, I work for a telecom and I only have one phone 😛 And it’s not an iphone, though I wish I got one when I had the chance. Ah well.

  • Gel

    I love how creative yet minimalistic your blogger business card is 🙂 It’s such a great idea! And I also love the stuff in your bag. Whoa, 3 phones! Haha my mom’s a housewife yet she has 3 phones in her bag as well 😛

  • That’s awesome, yours is by far the most simple “in-the-bag” blog I’ve seen yet… and it’s not overfilled or cluttered at all. I’m scared to actually relaly take a look in my bag, the skeletons might come out. I love your business cards, they’re so cute!! Hehehh

  • Hehe I already wrote an entry like this last year but I think I’ll do an update. I think I carry some different things now. =P

  • I must say, that’s the snazziest looking business card that I’ve seen — love, love it! And wow, I wish I could keep up with 3 devices, let alone one. 😛

  • Your blogger cards are adorable! It’s funny how I don’t really tell much people offline about my online blog. I guess I like to keep the 2 separate for insanity.

    lol @ all of the thumb prints on your phones. I wipe mine down with alcohol everyday. I hate that!

  • That’s very cool 🙂 Kudos to you Ivy

  • I loved this post! I think I’m going to do my own as well. Your business cards are cute & creative, I love them. That’s a damned cute bag too, I love your style!

  • Liz

    This is a fun meme! I’m glad you didn’t tag me though, my bag is a mess! I like the cards by the way. I think they are useful – I just got some too. Maybe we will get chance to exchange our cards one day.

    What headphones do you use? If you use the little ones can you still notice the improvement in sound quality?

  • Hi Ivy, I think you are the same one I used to visit from Mezza9, right? Just saying hi 🙂

  • Wow 3 phones lol. You must get alot of calls lol

  • I can’t help but to oogle at yer namecards. 😉 I think they really rock. I’d love to design myself some too but I hardly network blogger-wise so I guess I’ll stick to admiring those of others’ for the time being.

    I wonder how you juggle three phones, though! I am already having so much trouble handling one – people complaining that I reply SMSes late, not picking up calls and etc.

  • Nice bag, nice stuff, SUPER NICE NAMECARDS!

  • What you doing chick. Update!

  • What do you mean “other interesting topics”..?

    Kidding! I’m kidding. In other news, there are 150 pictures of Jesus available at http://www.sigg3.net/blogger/gsus/pictures/
    How’s that for World Culture?!

  • I bet you’ve just made a million people ready to kill for a job at a telco company (if they happen to dig iPhones, heh). It’s really interesting that you carry three phones around everyday and don’t seem to be confused by what roles they play. Looks like you can switch easily between the phones, one thing that I’m yet to learn! When I got a non-Nokia phone last year, it took me a few weeks to get used to the navigation and buttons for messaging.

    Time for an update, Ivy 🙂 happy Labour Day by the way, enjoy your weekend!

  • I recently had the pleasure of testing the HTC Touch HD and the Touch Flo interface is really promising. But that’s about it. Today I discovered that it has SERIOUS connection flaws, not easily resolved either, ’cause the problem seems to be shared with HTC and the different Telcos.

    I still prefer a Nokia. Any Nokia.

  • Ivy

    @Liz: I use these low-mid end headphones from Philips. If you use the lowest end ones, you won’t notice that much of a difference. But anything from mid-high end the difference is quite stark. 🙂

  • Sheila

    i adore you because of several things that we like ( i think). i love design and technology,,, I’m so jealous to your iPhone…

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