YUI Yoshioka – My New Idol

May 5, 2009 / Daily Life / 26 Comments

Sep 1 ’09 Update – Replaced with a working video!

People who know me in person, have read my blog long enough or have browsed through my Last.FM will probably notice this about me: I absolutely hate rock music. Aside from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, I have no other rock song on my iTunes playlist of 3,000 songs…

…that is, until yesterday.

While I was watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood last night, the opening song captured my ears – or rather my heart. It’s called Again by YUI (ユイ). There’s so much soul in her music that I could forgive the perpetual annoyance of the electric guitar. Her childish yet calming voice pierces through the normally unforgivable guitars, as if striving to overcome all obstacles just to reach whatever she’s trying to reach. (My soul, in my case.)

So like any Gen-Y’er, I wikied YUIand was just so, so, so impressed. YUI also known as Yoshioka Yui (吉岡 唯) writes her own songs, plays the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, the bass, the piano and even the drums! She could just be her own band – if only she could clone herself 4 times over. Coupled with her childhood struggles and her dramatic climb to fame, it’s really hard not to respect someone as talented and dedicated as her. (Of course, her childhood drama could all be a marketing ploy. But who cares, this girl’s got talent).

I shall stop gushing like a fan girl and just let you experience it yourselves.

Can’t wait to go home, pick up my guitar and start learning to play her songs! YUI <3!

Dear Readers, do you have any idols? Who and why do you like him/her?

  • She’s amazing.

  • You should watch her in the movie “Midnight Sun” and from there, I think you’ll like her song “Skyline”. 🙂

  • So, where’s the rock you promised?

    Hmm.. your page makes one of my CPU peak at 100%. Status bar says “Read i1.ytimg.com”. Check your scripts. Using Iceweasel (firefox) 3.0.6 on Zenwalk GNU/Linux.

  • Ivy

    @Sigg3: What rock did I promise? Sorry, I’m growing senile. :S

    i1.ytimg.com is YouTube’s image server. Apparently, it only appears when a YouTube clip embedded in a WordPress site and surfed on Firefox 3. Not sure why that is. But it stops when you click on the video.

    Read this dude’s post on it because I don’t really understand what he’s saying except for the fact that it’s a Firefox issue.

    Thanks for letting me know though. I don’t use Firefox much anymore. I’ve “graduated” to a more lightweight Google Chrome. 😀

  • You’re one of three friends I have on lastfm and I have no idea what you listen to, lol. I’ll have to come back and listen later since I’m at work.

  • I’ve always loved rock music. Haha.. I pretty much loved all music genres except for pinoy ballad and some old folk songs. That Yui’s good. Thanks for sharing! I like Korean rock, though. If you know EVE, they have both K-rock and J-rock songs, but they’ve disbanded, I think. Cause the vocalist died. 🙁

  • @ivy: okay. Just a heads up. My X server crashed while exiting the site yesterday. *fingers crossed*

  • My current idols are A BOYBAND!! Never would I thought after the Backstreet Boys disappeared from the face of the earth that I’d obsess with a boy band before. But then they’re a Korean boyband.. SS501. <3 Sigh.

  • Gel

    I don’t really have any idols but there are a few bands which I like. I can be pretty diverse with the music I listen to but one of the few genres I don’t listen to is rap. That’s one thing I couldn’t stand.

  • The youtube video was removed, unfortunately. Anyway, I think it’s not so much “rock” or “boy bands” or “pop”. I think if certain songs just strike a chord at a personal level, we should enjoy them regardless of genres. I’m into rock guitar instrumentals (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson). I compose and post some guitar instrumentals at my art/ music blog (included the link in the comment website field). Maybe you’d like to do a musical mash-up. 🙂

  • i loved yui’s songs since FOREVER! yes, good choice there ivy. i personally recommend yui’s Namidairo for ur hearing pleasure 🙂

  • parpar_

    love her voice

  • sun-mi

    (anyong haseo)

    wow, she’s amazing from now on she’s my new idol
    wow this is the first day that i discover her songs.
    i like ”goodbye days” i seen the movie last night ”midnight sun”
    it makes me cry.i remember my first friend in seoul.
    were both ahh u know im from wonder girls.we both have same luck
    tnx yui.

  • forest bamboo

    whos your friend, is it a boy?
    yeah i understand,because i know your schedule,u can only open your account every wed. i heard that to your boss ”JYP”
    hack i’ve seen u last month in seoul. ur so hot

  • I don’t normally listen to rock.. I listen to some once in a while but then I got addicted when I first heard Rolling Star from bleach. I went to buy all the Yui CDs and there isn’t one song I don’t like from her. She definately rocks my soul with her music.



  • Steve Willard

    Eu amo YUI… comei a gostar dela depois que peguei emprestado o CD ada minha amiga…….

    desde então eu NÃO PARO DE OUVILA……

  • delmalvz

    yui is amazing ^_^

  • Fey

    YUI??? Gw suka banget tuch…
    keren abizzz,….
    sukses dech bwt YUI….


      aku juga suka banget:)
      salam kenal..

  • yue

    Hello, I accidentally came cross at your site last month, reading your “A Day with Canon PowerShot SX210 IS at Universal Studios Singapore” article/post. And then only to find out that it brought me back again here, as I was searching for YUI FF Theme-if there are any =)… And dang! I am so glad to hear that you like YUI as well^__^… Btw, try listening to her Rolling Star, maybe that could add up to your fave songs of her. Ehehehe, her Rolling Star is what made me a fan of her you see, keke =)

    So, have fun listening to her other songs, as all of it are very nice to hear *YUI biased, cough, cough* Wakoko >=)

    Well then, adieu and take care.~

  • Redtihor1

    Try her movie “midnight sun”.You’ll love it.That’s what got me into J-pop in the first place.

  • cuauhtemoc

    she is so awesome the best singer i ever heard

  • ryuiryoshioka

    ohayo gozaimasu everyone .. I also a
    YUIism ー♥ーa YUI loverー♥ー when i hear her voice , i felt i’m in heaven .. (●^o^●)


    Try to listen to her song: TO MOTHER.. Wow…. Amazing….

  • keisuke

    hello I am keisuke , I like YUI