Bill Gates Respect! Steve Jobs Sexy!

February 11, 2008 / Internet Memes / 17 Comments

I’ve always respected Bill Gates for being successful, realizing his dream and for his charitable causes. But now, it’s mad respect for having a great sense of humor! Below is a video of what may be Bill Gates’ last keynote at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. Bill Gates is portrayed to be trying hard to find another job after his retirement. He bugs Matthew McConaughey, Jay-Z, Bono, Steven Spielberg, George Clooney, Jon Stewart, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Al Gore for a job and is only met with many disappointments. His own company mates make fun of him throughout the clip too – like the failed Microsoft Bob (predecessor to the notorious paper clip).

On a side note, I think Bill Gates is a lot better looking than Steve Jobs now. At least he’s not trying to look hip with a turtleneck, when he doesn’t have the body for it. Although, 20 years back, I’d say Steve Jobs was sexy and Bill Gates was…well, the epitome of geekiness. See for yourself.

Young Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
Geeky Gates and Sexy Steve of 20 Years Ago

On another side note, (clearly I didn’t put much thought into this post) doesn’t the young and sexy Steve remind you of Ashton Kutcher?!

Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher
Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher

Source: Ashton Kutcher from; Bill Gates from ?; Steve Jobs from ?. If you are the original owner, please let me know and I will credit you.

  • You respect a thief for thieving?
    And this regardless of his obnoxious personality. I wouldn’t let ol’ Bill here lick the sole of my shoes..

  • Id

    Jobs’ resemblance to Ashton Kutcher was the first thing I thought of when I saw his photo. Seems like we think alike!

  • Ivy

    Dear Sigg3 and anti-fans of Bill Gates:

    Thief or not, you are using Windows XP and Microsoft Office, right? That’s proof in itself that he revolutionized the technology industry. And if you want to talk about theft of intellectual property, what about Mark ‘Face’berg or the illegal MP3s or fake programs that people download. This includes Steve Jobs as well when he stole the original iPod OS from Creative Technologies.

    If you think Gates is such a scumbag, why use Windows, check your Hotmail and use Microsoft Word? After all, you don’t want to support a thief right? I think people shouldn’t complain about Bill Gates when your lives are so connected to Microsoft. Until the day you use Google Docs for good, use Mac or Linux to run your programs, and stop going on MSN Messenger, you shouldn’t be condemning him, because everything you do, right now, is adding money to the thief’s treasure chest. It’s hypocritical, my friends.

    At least, my ‘mad respect’ doesn’t contribute to a thief’s treasure – though I don’t mind. After all, I primarily use Google Talk, Google Docs and a Mac. I just chose to switch to a Mac because the screen is more suitable for web design. Just so you know, I have mad respect for both Jobs and Gates.

    I’m not denying that he stole the ideas. But he did what he did, and the world benefited. So I give credit to Bill Gates because I benefited from his endeavors – whatever they may be. I also benefited from Jobs and Zuckerberg for Mac and Facebook. What has a consumer got to complain, when your lives are bettered by their theft?

    If you were Xerox Parc, Creative Tech or Q-DOS, then it’s a whole other story for you.

    This is my standpoint as a consumer. Of course I don’t like theft either, but I’m first and foremost a consumer to Microsoft and Apple. And a critic second; I don’t always choose to mix those roles up.


    This entry isn’t about any of that; it’s an entry written in honor of Bill Gates’ hilarious get-up in CES 2008. I’m sorry, but I cannot allow anymore comments about their firms, business practices or even your personal preferences. My tyrannical decision is to prevent this entry from being spammed by idiotic responses (like the YouTube ones) to comments and the entry. No offence meant to those who genuinely want to express their well-thought ideas.

  • Haha, your post reminds me of the good TV docudrama, “Pirates of Silicon Valley”, about the rivalry between young Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

    Steve Jobs: “Are you a virgin?”

    • Ivy

      Hahaha!! I love the Jon Stewart part best too!! 🙂

  • I did not try to be offensive, I’m sorry. And no offense taken:)

    I’m not saying we didn’t benefit from it. But that’s besides the point. The modern science of dental health care benefited greatly from Auschwitz.
    Utilitarianism cannot sustain a worthwhile moral praxis.

  • Ivy

    @Sigg. Sorry I had to cut off the debate. There are, unfortunately, people out there who leave really stupid comments. I’d rather not attract them to this site. Unfortunately, this Microsoft / Apple rivalry seems to be a very hot topic amongst them.

    That’s true. Utliitarianism isn’t a very good moral viewpoint, but good enough from a consumer’s perspective. Utilitarianism is also (unfortunately) a valid moral viewpoint in the world of Business Ethics. But then again, what is morality? Who is to say that Virtue Ethics is better than Utilitarianism or Kantian ethics?

    If you like the topic on morality, I’m sure you’d like this NY Times article. It’s a psychological twist on the philosophies of morality. Interesting, though I only got to page 4.

  • I agree. There are a lot of pointless flaming wars going on. Myself I use linux at home and XP Pro at work.
    Thanks for the tip, I’ll check out the article:)

    Yes, I’ve read Mill and Bentham but I still don’t think utilitarianism is a de facto standard at all. It’s more like self-deceit. But I recognize that many politicians (in democracy at least) use utilitarian arguments.

    For me it’s an issue of distinguishing between a faculty of planning/explaining and the faculty/-ies of conscience.

  • That video was funny. I like the Jon Stewart part the best. The ending about the $7 haircut was great too.

  • Ivy

    @Sigg3: I read a few business ethics books. (And Mill too!) These books seem to favor utilitarianism. The business elite like to think utilitarianism is one of the de facto standards of morality because it’s one of the theories that provides many loopholes for them to conduct unethical practices.

    I personally don’t mind so much that it’s being used in business ethics, since the negative externalities caused to society are not too high when it’s done by one company. I do mind, however, when it comes to politics. A slight perversion of the utilitarian theory can condone things like genocide in the realm of politics.

    My version of morality is simple, it’s the golden rule. (Very Kant, I suppose.) I just prefer not to judge when I don’t know what the truth of the matter is.

  • The video is just hilarious . . . ROFTL!

    Ethical or not, our society is run and modernized by such companies.

  • LOL that video was hilarious! I think Bill Gates is amazing for everything he’s accomplished… I wish I could’ve done that. Haha yeah right =S

  • I have always adored Bill Gates. Haha I didn’t know Steve Jobs was so cute before though.

  • Julie

    I was actually thinking of how much (then) Steve Jobs looked more like Tom Cruise (a plumpier version, I guess) than Ashton….

  • Zahid
  • Merlin Raser

    Great information 🙂