How Simpsons is drawn in South Korea

January 28, 2008 / Internet Memes / 6 Comments

I’ve always been a big fan of cartoons, and more recently, anime. I’ve never really understood the process of moving away from the drawing board to animating it on the computer. This video from CNN TalkAsia really sums it up. It’s a fascinating process that looks awfully arduous as well. But I love cartoons. I’m 22 and I still watch more Batman than I do Sex and the City.


  • k

    ohh i love cartoons too! i love anything that makes me laugh, really, and cartoons would be a rather safe choice whenever i need some cheering up. hehe.

    i guess there will always be a child in all of us… it’s no fun being an adult all the time. 🙂

  • Woah. LOL, I love cartoons also, but I’m not so into anime.

    Hehe about animating on the computer. Well… I’ve seen it a lot, maybe because I had taken a Computer Graphics course, and plus, I’m a Computer Science major. =P

    But yeah, that video was interesting.

  • Thanks for sharing the video Ivy 🙂 at least it showed me how it is in an animation sweatshop. It really takes a lot of work to create just a simply flowing action – the many sketches of Krutsy the clown only gives a 2sec clip, now that’s really tiring. I know that the Simpsons are animated in Korea, but I never knew that the voices are recorded after the animation was done… I thought it was the other way round. So the voice actor must have a hard time synchronising their speech to the mouth shapes.

  • i LOOVE anime.. 🙂

  • I thought Japan was the only the powerhouse for animations. I guess not.

  • ditto! batman: animated series rocks — but i have to say my favorite action animated series is justice league! 🙂

    love your blog! your site looks amazing, and i just dig your writing style!