Maru the Japanese Cat

August 5, 2009 / Internet Memes / 19 Comments

My boyfriend, my parents and my ex-housemates can all vouch for this: I am obsessed with cats.

Maru the Cat

Before I go off to bed every night, I must get my fix of I Can Has Cheezburger and Cute Overload. And whoever is unlucky enough to be around me then would be coerced into sharing joys of cuteness with me. But lately, no fix has been as cute quenching as Maru δΈΈ the Scottish Fold from Japan.

He’s such a joy to watch since he’s so curious. And from the way he moves, he seems to have some incredible analytical skills for a cat. Ah~ Maru-chan kawaii desu!

So for those who don’t already know about Maru, enjoy!

There’s more Maru goodness on his YouTube channel and his blog!

Dear readers, do you have any daily online must-reads? Do share them!

  • I have my LiveJournal friendslist to read on a daily basis (more like thrice basis). Does that count? XD

    And the Maru cat is so cute! <3 Too bad I'm allergic to cats. X_X;;

  • Have you seen this? Damn cute also!

  • ex-neighbour


  • That cat is absolutely adorableeeee! I just watched that whole video with a grin stuck on my face. Who knew watching a cat roll around could be so entertaining? haha

    I think I’ll add that to the list of sites I check everyday. πŸ™‚

  • I check out LOLCats a couple of times a day too! LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the new blog design!

  • Maru is the cutest!! Love your theme as well.

  • Lindsay

    HA HA i have never heard of that cheezburger site until your post. I just spent a forever looking and laughing at the cat pictures and videos tho! haha thanks!

  • Ivy

    @Claudia: Ahhh!! Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been stalking the site ever since. Shooo cuuute!

    @Andi and @terin: : Thanks! πŸ˜€

  • Gel

    I’m not a huge fan of cats but that’s a reaaally adorable one <3 My uncle's wife is a huge fan of cats and joins all these cat shows sometimes. Haha. She's addicted to Marie also.. that cat from Anastasia, I think? Not sure.

    Anyway sorry for the delay in returning your comment, got preoccupied with a lot of schoolwork and my offline life basically. But i'm back now though! πŸ™‚

  • Aww! What a chubby little cutie! :O

  • Oh my goodness, I’ve seen him before!
    He is so adorable. I just go and poke my cat when I have a sudden urge to pet something fluffy.

    I wish she would do some of the things Maru does, though… She doesn’t even play with hanging things or cat whip type things… πŸ™

  • Gen

    aww what a cutie…. I am also always on the hunt for cute cat stories! nice links.
    I found a very cute anime series called Chi’s sweet home I and Chi’s new address II that u might enjoy also :)…..the escapades of a little kitten.

  • Ivy

    @Hiro: Haha! My cat (now gone to cat heaven) wasn’t as playful either. She’d prefer to sit on the sofa top and do absolutely nothing. But she was still adorable. <3

    @Gen: I love Chi’s Sweet Home! I used to follow the episodes religiously! For s0me reason, I didn’t find Chi’s New Address as interesting though. Not sure why. Thanks for the link! πŸ™‚

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  • viklit

    My daughter is addicted to watching everything MARU. She burst into tears when she thought he might be injured during the quakes,sunami and radiation in japan.She is 35 and cat crazy. Has kept it to 2,one looks like maru.

  • Very cute. I have 2 Persians and I’m a cat lover as well. One looks like a mini lion…the other one is grey and black and very mysterious looking. Now if I could only invent something to cure the shedding issue!

  • Jen

    Aw, Maru the Japanese cat is adorable! I am also a cat person and my husband still can’t understand it. He was never a cat lover but we’ve had cats and even cats with kittens when a feral cat moved into our shed and had her babies. It was cold out and I talked him into letting them stay there until I could give them to a local humane shelter – they were all so cute but having a dozen cats just wasn’t going to fly.

  • We love cats in our house, although we also own a small menagerie that includes ferrets and gerbils, so we have to be a little careful when they’re all our of their cages, or else mayhem tends to ensue!!

  • This is the most adorable cat I have ever seen! I have watched all of the clips with Mary in Youtube. He is one chubby cuttie πŸ™‚