Ms. Dewey

January 19, 2008 / Internet Memes / 9 Comments

Ms. Dewey is Microsoft’s experiment to create some sort of an interactive search active in a form of a sexy, sophisticated, witty and ever so slightly bitchy woman. Some things she says are absolutely hilarious. And I love how Microsoft tries to get her to respond to as many common searches possible. The poor actress must’ve been at the studio for days to get all these responses taken.

Ms Dewey

Here are just a few things she says.

There’s this insane reality show, where people kill each other for no reason whatsoever. It’s called the news.

And when I typed ‘dog’. She responded with:

They need to be house broken. Men.

Ms Dewey

Go check her out yourself at MsDewey.Com It’s entertaining and a definite eye candy for the boys.


  • LOL. I’ve never heard of that until I read your blog…

  • Oh noooo, another talking robot.

    I’ve played around (err, not thaaat way) with this particular bot which was introduced during class last year and I nearly died laughing at some of the responses she provided.

  • lmfao! I’m having fun with that site. Type in “E-40” once haha. I love it.

  • Hey Ivy thanks for the link 🙂 i’ve never heard of Ms Dewey until you mentioned about her, thanks!

    I typed in “asdf” and she said…

    I don’t quite get what you’re saying… wait a minute. Have you been in the pub for the whole afternoon?

    ROFLMAO! 😛

    And when you are too inactive, she’ll start knocking the screen and say “anyone there?” or “hello? type something here (pointing at the searchbar)”, this is LOL! And I like the way she looks when she’s thinking… she’ll give you that weird face and fidgety movements… she’s so real!

  • Interesting. I hope it doesn’t become a technological trend though. I prefer my searches commentary-free, lol.

  • Thanks for sharing. Love things like this.

  • Interesting website! Thanks for sharing the link =D.

    Very entertaining, although sometimes what i type in has nothing to do what she respond back.

  • Something new to me. Thanks for sharing.

  • She looks pretty in a bitchy way (bitchy in a pretty way?) but she looks like she is sucking in her cheeks too much.

    I typed “toilet revelations”.
    She responds with: “It’s the same old story. Guy meets girl. Girls meets guy. Guy likes girl. Girl get ripped to shreds by psychopathic monkey. Guy gets monkey.”

    She’s genius! Haha!

    Btw, check your Gmail account! =)