Pimp My Gmail!

November 21, 2008 / Internet Memes, Technology / 9 Comments

First thing I saw when I turned on the computer is this:

Gmail Login Page

Shamelessly, in the middle of the office, I exclaimed “NANYATE?!” And decided to do this:

Pimped Out Gmail


The End

Yes, this is a crappy entry. And yes, betcha everyone said “nanyate?!” when the logged into their Gmails today, because everyone has Gmail. I am just busy. Sorry! I will try my best to write a not-so-slapstick-and-retarded-entry in the weekend. Toodles.

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  • http://sgboleh.blogspot.com kriscell

    Hey just to let u know I too choose the ninja theme for my Gmail :)

  • http://www.everdestiny.com Destiny

    I didn’t even realize that gmail had updated until I saw your post!! I went and l looked at it right away! I gotta say… I used the mountains theme… I’m really into mountains right now… heehh

  • http://pocketcultures.com Liz

    ooh I was really excited by this too. I went for cherry blossom.

  • http://shao.pengguo.com Peng

    I use “desk” theme 😀

  • http://sigg3.net Sigg3

    I can’t find the nude photos…? What happened to common courtesy :(

  • http://simply-precious.net Simply Precious

    Hehe, wow, I really like your theme! LOL, I don’t use Gmail enough, and I don’t even know if I want it themed. I’m not much of a themes person for anything. LOL.

  • http://neyugn.wordpress.com neyugn

    I saw that and knew I had to change my gmail to the mountain theme.

    Love the new gmail 😀

  • http://www.simply-charmed.org Veronica

    The gmail themes is just causing such a stir in the web design world. Who knew it’d be so great!

  • http://sigg3.net Sigg3

    Is it only me that thinks the best theme for reading mail is the old one?
    I mean, for reading mail, which is, sort of, the ,uhm, raison d’être for gmail?
    …. all this ado about nothing.