Roiworld Fashion Games

February 5, 2008 / Internet Memes / 44 Comments

Update (Aug 15, 2009): Roiworld Korea has re-branded to Tiniya, while the original Roiworld will become the international site. Tiniya currently doesn’t allow us to play from outside of South Korea. The only way I could think of is to use a South Korean proxy. Here’s a list of proxies for you to try. And here’s the eHow article on proxies, if you’re not sure how to use one.

Roiworld Main Page

Roiworld is a Korean site where girls (and women) can dress dolls up, put make-up on them, takes quizzes etc. What sets it apart from all those doll sites is that it’s very fashion-centric. It’s regularly updated with the latest (Korean) fashion. There are over 100 dolls, each with multiple outfits, so you can be sure to find your style.

Roiworld Sample Room

Instructions for Non-Korean people: No registration is required. Just go to Roiworld Fashion and click on the desired tab which I roughly translated on black below.

Roiworld Navigation

Here are some dolls I made of myself a while back – view this. Yes, I do actually dress like that. Say what you want.

Roiworld Dolls of Ivy


  • Hot website. I feel awkward checking the site out in the computer lab, hahaha.

    If I see a fat girl play there, I’ll think it’s so depressed. 🙁

  • Id

    I played around with this for a while, and enjoyed the brief amusement. Good thing you translated the vital navigation, otherwise I would have been completely lost. Thanks for the plug!

  • Aww, cute outfits!!

  • LaLLaaLlaa !! ;)

    I’m from Germany and i ever go to
    and thas have a problem .
    They have’nt no Games !!!

  • monika

    nn è giusto nn si può andare più nel sito io cn roiworld ci giokavo sempre ora nn + nn è giusto -_-

  • charesa

    what do you mean when you see fat people on this website that is sooo depressing. u got something against fat people. you are sooooo mean.

  • coleen

    roiworld is so cool! i play dress up games there.. 🙂

  • henna

    @charesa: yah fat people well not my type

  • vero

    Hey!! i have a question here i went to tiniya or whatever is called that korean site, but i can’t play the games it says “sorry, its only for korea people!” >_>

  • Ivy

    @vero: Yeah, unfortunately they are forcing non-Koreans to play on Roiworld US only now. >.<

  • pilar

    SORRY… we can´t do it anymore… only korean people….booo
    now roiworld it´s so boring and full of celebreties…old celebreties

  • I am soo sad right now,
    The english version of Roiworld are soo boring and full of american celebrities.I don’t like it !
    The korean doll are more sweet and cuter.The clothe too,I like the korean ones better.It’s so sad we can’t play it anymore.

    • um they have many websites that collect ALL of the roiworld games so you can still play them. Just search PLAY OLD ROIWORLD GAMES… there are THOUSANDS

  • o my gosh i cant believe they changed they changed the kinda old/new for the new new 1 and if u ask me the old 1 is soooo much better cuz it has way more cuter people to dressup

  • anonymous

    I can’t believe it. I really DON’t like the new roiworld and i can’t get to the old one cuz i’m in canada! Does anyone know where you can find most of the classic roiworld games? 🙁

  • I like how you dress! ♥

  • Ani

    if you go to and search through it has a lot of great stuff. there are links to some older roiworld games and links to websites that have them, too, if you search around you should find them 🙂 hate the new roiworld!!! They changed the faces, but kept some of the old dolls, if anyone noticed that. The old site was much cuter!

  • LoLa

    i miss the old it was sooo better than the new website..hope the old roiworld website replay again..
    i’m from Germany

  • Ronny

    it is such a bummer….i love to play in the old roiworld…now roiworld us is just as boring as all the other dress up sites..ugh…we should do something about this.

  • Ronny

    hey whoever writes this blog you could put up some of the old roiworld dress up on here cuz i dnt get the whole proxy thing.

  • colllllllllll

  • i love roiworld soooooo much

  • kaitlin

    i was on tiniya and looked at the dress up games and theyre almost the same as american ones!
    they got rid of all the old ones!

  • well i use to love roiworld but now it just doesnt seema as fun caus i wanna be able to play new and old games u know 😉

  • Juu

    I hate American RoiWorld,
    I’m an asian girl and I hate ittt!!
    I love asian fashion and I like to use asian dolls so I can reflect the clothings back to me wearing it

  • i hate the new roiworld 🙁

  • Alliyah

    Yea i think we should like somehow protest or something to try to get tiniya international. roiworld sucks, all the games are boring and to me, are for older people. i hate roiworld’s games. i wish there was some way we could contact tiniya…

    • i really hope we can do that , it’s not fair 🙁
      and this proxy thing won’t work with everyone
      why did they block there site ?? isn’t enough they made the new roiworld and it’s not good at all ,, T^T i missed the games on the real one

  • yieetiing

    i wanna play tiniya

  • Loveegamee!(8)

  • I miss the old Roiworld. I am Thai butI lived in Korea, I might just move back to Korea just to play on Roiworld. IlovROI!

  • afra

    I love (roiworld) soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

    • afra

      & i think roiworld,s game is a good hobby for girls to spend a part of their free times.

  • Irina

    I’m from Russia and I like to play Roi’s games…But now my don’t work…Only 1/3 part of page are opening…why is it that??

  • lux


  • hello, can you please keep updates on the site ,may be they will open later ,, if you found a way to contact them, may be we should all send them e mails to ask them to open it
    i really hope you reply me soon, thank you ^^

  • i have seen your blog its good. i m also working on it its really help full 4 me keep updates.





  • shadowspirit

    So only koreans can play that game? What do they have against us? That seems racist…… unless they’re other reasons as to why they did but still…. non koreans can play those games too!

    • Don’t be a dick about it. Thats like saying if it was made for white people that Koreans would be offended. Seriously, it’s not racists. It’s who started the games and whatnot. If you don’t like it don’t play. The updated version is gone now too which had in fact all races and was made in English, what most people assume is everyone’s first language. So yes in fact non Koreans and ALL people could play this game.
      Now go back into the rock you crawled out of.