The 1KM Tall Tower

October 16, 2008 / Internet Memes / 23 Comments

The Nakheel Tower aka Al Burj is one of the many skyscrapers that will be constructed by 2020. According to CNN, Al Burj is set to be 1KM in height.

Yes, I said 1 kilometer – as in 1000 meters, as in more than half a mile.

I’ve never been a huge fan of architecture but I just had to point this out: Can you imagine if the fire alarm goes off, and your office/apartment is on the top floor? Would you have to walk down the stairs that spans 1KM downwards?

If so, I suggest whoever is planning to rent that top floor to start getting in shape now. πŸ˜›

Pictures of Nakheel Tower

Nakheel Tower at Night Nakheel Tower in the Day

For more info on the Nakheel tower, visit Wikipedia.Org.

Would you live or work at skyscrapers (or even at Nakheel Tower)? Why or why not?

  • DK

    Imagine doing vertical marathon. Woohoo!

  • KD

    If I were to live or work on the top floor of Nakheel Tower, I’d make sure the first aid kit includes Energy Drinks and/or Parachutes.

    Har! Har!

  • Safety measure: parachute packs on the top stories. Fuck walking down, jump out the window and parachute down! πŸ˜‰

  • HAHAHA! Amanda’s suggestion is made of win. Seriously, that’s a better idea than walking down all those stairs XD.

  • Ivy

    @Amanda & @Tara: Then Nakheel Management should give free parachuting lessons to those living/working at the top floor. Alternatively, they could just hire some live-in (hot) parachuting instructors! πŸ˜›

  • I’d feel the same way as you do πŸ™‚
    That’s why I’m not interested in towered apartment and I preferred living on the 2nd floor of 6th floor apartment.

    Being high seems exciting but that isn’t always a good policy when it comes to emergency…

  • wow, that’s gonna be beautiful. Little too high for me though.

  • there’s a higher one in the making in abu dhabi.
    1.6km worth of height.

  • I saw this on Extreme Engineering. They say they’d use helicopters for situations like that.

  • Ivy

    @Michael: Thanks Michael. That’s good to know. Better hope the helipad’s not on fire. Hahahah.

  • Frankly speaking, I don’t see the reason why people are racing to build the tallest structure on earth. I just don’t see any meaning behind it, besides the architecture and design. I personally think that they don’t need to build something so tall and glam to be eye-catching – glamazons are total turnoffs for me. They’re just a representative of human’s unlimited, hedonistic needs that are killing the environment slowly, but surely.

    A great building will be one that embraces the environment around it (instead of jutting out from the bland desert landscape like a needle) and I would have placed utility first, not visual appeal or the bogus name of being the tallest manmade structure. Afterall, tall structures can be dangerous during an emergency situation and places unnecessary stress on the earth underneath.

    Sorry for being all whiney here πŸ™‚ just my 2 cents.

  • Hmm, you know what? I don’t think I’d want to work/live in a skyscraper… Hahah, because of 9/11…

  • I wouldn’t want to live or work on top of one. 1) 9/11. 2) Cloverfield (hahaha) 3) I’m petrified of heights. lol.

    That’s going to be one TALL building.

  • That’s such a crazy idea but aren’t we always reaching for the top? We’ll almost be able to kiss the other planets on their cheeks. Haha! I wouldn’t want to work or live in that building. The first thing I thought about was fire drills. Running half a mile down stairs in an emergency?…God bless me with the speed of a cheetah.

  • Eka

    that is one tall building. I would not want to look out one of those windows. It does look like quite a construction feat, though.

  • In Japan where its population is outgrowing the size of its land, they’re planning to build a skycity consisting of residential and commercial areas, railways and even parks.

  • I couldn’t work in such a building. I would be much too afraid.

  • Ah, that’s insane. I wouldn’t want to be in the building at all. I’m too scared of heights. It looks gorgeous though.

  • Discovery Channel does documentaries on these types of building all the time, I think it’s called Tall Structures or something. Either way, they always explain what safety measures are in place to ensure a safe exit for everyone in case of fire or extreme winds or other (natural) disasters. So I wouldn’t mind working up top, in fact, I’d totally love it. Can you imagine what the view must be like?

  • Whaaaaat? 1 kilometre tall? That will be … three hundred storeys. (Or even more?!?)

    I worry about the building’s stability though, especially when it comes to earthquakes. For example, the Taipei 101 is supposedly built to withstand earthquakes but there are still reports of swaying when one occurs. And Taipei 101 is a lot shorter comparatively when side by side with this tower.

    I wouldn’t want to work or stay in there. Not because of earthquakes, but I have a fear of heights. πŸ˜›

    It’d be nice to look at from ground level though.

  • Mia

    Wow, well, err…. no… It just scares me… Maybe on the first floor or something, but at the top… Well, I guess the sight will be very pretty up there;)

  • It would be terrifying if the alarm went off, you’d want a parachute, or a massive slide.

    The building looks great, it looks like it has erupted out of the ground.

  • Wow… that would be deadly. I don’t understand why the need of construction for these types of building exist other than to show how great that company who built it was. The higher it goes, the heavier it falls. The WTC was a great example of it on 9/11… but that’s just me ^_^ It still looks great though… I can never be able to think of these types of things.