Economic Freedom

September 30, 2008 / Opinion / 3 Comments

“Economic freedom means the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail” – Mike Pence

Hold on there, cowboy! Since when was the American economy ‘free’?! If it were free, the American government wouldn’t have forced Microsoft into two. Neither would they need to sign bilateral trade agreements with its neighbors. And don’t forget the billions the government pour into subsidizing farms.

Let’s lose the philosophical bullshit about preserving the principles of a free market economy. Let’s see you preserve philosophy when you lose your means of livelihood and shelter. Let’s see you preserve your abstract economic theories when millions of Americans you become unemployed.

This bailout isn’t about parachuting greedy CEOs and investment bankers; this bailout is about protecting America and the world.

These people should be sent to economic hell if they can’t even understand the difference between idealism and practicality. Yes, it is ideal to preserve your principles, but let’s see you uphold an abstract economic principle from the 50s when your children are hungry.

  • I don’t care about economic freedom. I don’t even care about these people getting away with murder. If this passed, and well, it probably will eventually pass in some form, then the dollar would seriously lose value. We’d be screwed anyway.

    The problem is the government got us into this mess and a lot of people think if they keep screwing around, they’re just going to make it worse. What’s the point in having money if it isn’t worth anything?

    I don’t know what the best thing to do is. I think it’s good that it didn’t pass though, because it means that there are people in power that aren’t only working for their own interest.

    For now, I’m just going to hope that they come up with a real solution and not just a quick fix that will get us into more trouble later on.

  • I love this post, and totally agree!

    Hopefully all the protests will influence their decision.
    But, they’re not really asking us.
    It is the government officials who get to vote, not the masses it will affect.

  • Free markets spawn free agents.
    Fine. Except it isn’t their money to begin with.

    They’re privatizing a lot of sectors (childcare, healthcare etc) in Norway, and we’re already seeing how the pricetag overrules common sense. And at the bottom of this? People suffering.
    Free market theory? It’s a theory.