Chic DSLR Camera Bag

October 1, 2011 / Photography / 2 Comments

I’ve been searching for a cute, chic and affordable camera bag for my DSLR for a long time! Most DSLR bags are too manly, and the stylish ones are out of reach (in terms of cost or availability).

But then I found the Herringbone Discovery Canvas Black today. It’s a Korean brand, if I’m not mistaken. Not the most stylish bag in the market, but it only costs S$69! It can hold my Pentax K-x and 1 extra lens. There’s also a small pocket inside to put extra SD cards.

Photos below. Check out the carrier it comes in…very unique!

Herringbone Canvas Black Camera Bag
Herringbone Canvas Black Camera Bag Inside
Herringbone Canvas Black Camera Bag Closeup

  • Lovely! I also like how it’s not too obvious that it’s a camera bag.

  • This bag is gorgeous. Right now I’m using one of those masculine looking ones that everyone seems to have. I admit that it’s convenient though, since it’s drop-proof and has side zippers for cords and charger. But this one is just so pretty for a camera bag….!