Shots from My First Prime Lens!

October 9, 2011 / Photography / 17 Comments

I recently saw some phenomenal shots from the Fujifilm X100 and it rekindled my passion for photography. Since the X100 is totally out of my budget, I decided to get a prime lens for my Pentax K-x instead. So say hello to Pentax DA 35mm F2.4 AL!

Shooting with a prime lens is so much joy. It’s quite intuitive since it’s what your eyes see. And since there’s no zoom, it trains me to look out for photo opportunities. I’d love to be able to take some great street photos one day.

Photos from Pentax DA 35mm F2.4 AL

Here some test shots I took today. Taken in medium quality JPEG. No post processing done unless otherwise stated.

This was one of my first shots with the lens. I obviously hadn’t gotten the focus quite right yet. But I like this photo of the unsuspecting bf.
My portrait
A photo of me with disheveled hair. Post-processed for color correction (and to remove a zit).
Beef NoodlesYum! I love taking photos of food!
Chinese TeapotCheck out the blurred background!
Capitol Building, SingaporeQuick snap of Capitol Building. Post-processed for black & white, high contrast effect.
Capitol Building, Singapore Close-upCropped version of the photo above just to show you the amazing detail.
Singapore Night SkylineThe Pentax really shines at night.
Marina Bay Sands, SingaporeMarina Bay Sands, Singapore
Sculpture at EsplanadeIndoor shot at the Esplanade
Attempt at Street PhotographyMy fave shot of the day! But I should’ve focused on the lady instead of the frame though.

Before I end, here’s some noob-to-noob advice. If you’re looking for your first prime lens, make sure you know what sensor your camera body has. Many pro photographers will tell you to get a 50mm prime lens because that’s the closest to you eye’s view. That’s only true if you camera body has a full-frame sensor. Many beginner dSLRs have cropped sensors. That means 50mm isn’t really 50mm, it’s actually a more zoomed in version of what your eyes see. If that’s the case, you should go for a 35mm or 28mm, depending how cropped your sensor is. Here are two good articles to read about cropped vs full frame sensors and the crop factor.

  • nicely written. And you choose a great lens 😛

    • Ivy

      Thanks, Justin!

  • True. I have a 50mm 1.8 for my canon but that is hardly being used. My 28mm 1.8 is my favorite prime lens.

  • Very nice shots. I bought Canon 50mm 1.8 becoz of its price. It is the cheapest prime lens I can ever get for canon. Haha!

    • Ivy

      Thanks! The 35mm f2.4 is the cheapest lens for Pentax too. I was initially torn between the 50mm f1.4 and the 35mm f2.4 but then I realized my camera body has a crop sensor is 1.5x. Anyway, the Pentax 50mm is really pricey!! And there’s no f1.8 version like the Canon. 🙁

  • I love the picture you took of the food. I love taking pictures of food as well.

  • Fabulous photos Ivy 🙂 Very impressed with both your shots and the quality of the lens.

  • Gorgeous photos! Can’t wait to see what else you photograph with the new lens. 🙂 Good choice!

  • Nice shots! the result is very sharp and nice(:

    Dreamy Princess

  • really really love the film quality!

  • These are great photos! I really like the last photo with the focus on the frame instead of the woman. It’s a bit more interesting.

    I got my first prime lens last year, a 35mm. Since then, it’s been my default lens. Just love it.

  • hi….
    nice blog i really like this .i wait for the next post.i hope it will come soon.

  • PentaxFan

    hi, the 50mm f1.8 lens is launching for Pentax as well. rumoured to be at sgd150

    • Simon

      Thanks for posting your blog, has been really helpful as I am have been thinking of this as my 1st prime lens and this helped. Great photos by the way.

  • Irene


    Can I know where you bought the prime lense and how much is it? I’ve asked around, it cost something like $500. I’m looking for a prime lense for my Kx for around $200.

  • rammohan

    you always rocking nanyate…

  • Lee Bradbury

    Just come across your article, pretty good.
    I bought the DA 35mm F2.4 a few months back and it’s hardly been off my K5; it’s actually consigned my X100 to the sideboard.

    When I first went out with the 35mm as my only lens I hardly took a shot as everything I saw required either my 10-20mm, 18-70mm or the 70-200mm; I had to train my brain and eye to look for the shots that fitted the 35mm’s limits. And that is what you have to do with this, or any prime lens; train the brain to look for the shots and they will come.

    Although I love this lens I sometimes wonder if I should have gone for a 21 or 24mm lens but I soon get over that sort of thinking…..I’d only buy more lenses and I can’t afford them!!!