Goodbye Nexus S, Hello HTC One X

June 1, 2012 / Reviews, Technology / 5 Comments

May has been a month of multiple misfortunes, one of which involves the death of my beloved Nexus S. (The other is more personal and hence harder to write about.) Anyway, the power button just stopped functioning one day. At first, I managed re-route the power function to the proximity sensor, and it was all peachy. Then the phone just decided to restart itself on a daily basis. It even did a factory reset!

I was truly devastated. A part of me died with the phone. For about a week, I refused to get a new phone in hopes the Nexus S would automagically fix itself. As an Android fangirl, it seemed almost blasphemous not carrying a pure Google phone. And while I continued to dawdle in my sad state of denial, my dad kindly got me the HTC One X.

Quick Review of the HTC One X

HTC One X - FrontA beauty, isn’t she?


  • Big, beautiful display
  • Slim and light
  • Kick-ass camera
  • Great sound quality
  • Blazing fast


  • Strange button placements: The One X has a strange button for recently opened apps but doesn’t have one for menus (which is way more commonly used). The power button is also placed on the top right corner of the phone, almost as if it’s specifically designed for left-handed users with ultra big hands, which doesn’t work for a right-handed person with average-sized hands like me.
  • HTC Sense Keyboard: The pure Google Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard is Google’s gift to mankind. It’s so good it leaves the iOS keyboard in the dust (I’m an iPad user, I can say that with good conscience.) It baffles me why anyone would try to modify such an amazing piece of tech. Seriously, HTC (you too, Samsung!), just leave the damn keyboard as it is!
  • Awkward size: The size makes it quite difficult to operate with one hand. I feel like I might drop the phone every time I try to text with one hand. At the same, it’s too small for two hands, unlike the Galaxy Note. But I guess, it’s going to be a problem for most upcoming phones like the Samsung Galaxy S III.
HTC One X - BackYes, it’s female.


The HTC One X is an aesthetically breathtaking phone, both hardware and software. In some ways, the HTC Sense interface has made vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich much more appealing. And with the Juice Defender app, my battery-life lasts for almost 30 hours with moderate usage.

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Usability-wise, it could be improved — the strange button placements, the size, all make handling the phone slightly awkward. It would’ve been easier to handle if it were slightly curved too. But nevertheless, this is a great phone. It’s got the speed, the brains and, of course, the look. A good choice for pretty much anybody.

  • I admire the android operated phones from afar. I am an Apple fan but there’s something about android that makes me want one. The new S3 seems way better than my 4S. I am thinking of switching but I know deep down…I will regret it. I love the look for your htc one x. It’s big and I bet easier to do things. It would be just right size to read books. I read books from my iPhone 4S but it’s not the same as reading it from a tablet….or a regular book for that matter.

    Enjoy your new phone. 🙂

  • Dislikes: It’s not a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

    Yup. I had the coolaid.

  • Brilliant comment system you’ve got here, lady.

    • Ivy

      It’s the new default WordPress one actually. Something wrong with it?

  • Hey Ivy,

    I got the same phone too! I must say this phone is a beauty and a beast on the inside.
    Anyway i got mine rooted and S-OFF so it works great with custom ROMS.

    Only downside with this phone is that it gets pretty hot at 50°C when playing games though. On normal usage, no problems at all. I just hope HTC will fix this issue soon.

    Oh and the camera bug, if you notice, the brightness of your screen goes super bright when you turn on the camera app 😛