Review for My Host, TopHostingCenter.Com

February 24, 2008 / Reviews / 19 Comments

The many people who googled “Tophostingcenter scam”, landed on Nanyate?! only to be greeted with an empty review page and a rating of 10/10. I finally decided to put them out of their misery by actually writing a review, since I have hosted with TopHostingCenter for almost four months now. And, I assure you, Googlers, that

TopHostingCenter’s Rudolph Plan is NOT a scam.

For those who are unfamilar with the Rudolph Plan, it is a plan limited to the first 1000 customers who would pay a one-time fee of 95$ for 3TB of monthly bandwidth, 250GB of space, FREE lifetime domain and unlimited everything else including add-on domains. I have to admit, it sounded like a scam to me at first, but with hindsight, I realized how silly I was. Hahaha!

They are, in fact, a great company that really cares about their customers. I am so incredibly impressed by them.

Read the review here.

  • Serious the Rudolph plan sounds too good to be true! I pay about MYR100 a year for my hosting… plus a yearly fee of MYR35 to get my domain name working. Maybe I should try out their service too! But only when mine expire that is (and another condition – when I am able to convince my dad what does the word “life-time” means).

  • Wow that plans DOES sound too good to be true. IF there hasn’t been 1000 customers yet, I’d sign up right away but I hate the process of moving hosts. Ugh.

  • Mig

    Thank you very much Ivy for this kind review. I read the comments too, and I would like to express some of my feelings about your readers’ worries: we plan to stay in business a long time. Rudolf is not our main source of revenue. As a matter of fact, on the long term, considering that we will be paying for the customers’ domains it will cost us. But the price is worth paying. Many clients asked why. Well, 1000 happy customers writing such reviews about THC are worth every dollar spent. It’s the best form of advertising, if you know what I mean. We are not trying to fool anyone with this plan: it’s certainly not “too good to be true.” A question of logic. What would you rather do: pay $ 5000 per month to advertise on an obscure website or pay $ 9000 per year to make 1000 people happy? We chose to make 1000 people happy because happy clients will make THC known on the Web maybe with reviews such as yours. I think this answers the “why is this plan so cheap?” question. We are fully transparent when it comes to our motivation and scope. Also, as I said, Rudolf is just one little slice of the pie. We actually focus on dedicated servers more, but even so, all our clients will be treated equally, with utmost care.

    For example, we had clients who transfered their content from another host to us and they had no problems. We help people make the transfer if they are not savvy enough to do it on their own. This should be the last concern a client has: our customer support covers any technical issues you may face.

    We are glad to support and promote quality. I think this is clear in our blog, and thank you for mentioning it here. The team makes efforts to provide the best content and to answer customer questions/ concerns in time.

    So once again, Ivy – thank you for the review and I hope you will be as happy with THC in the future as you are today. 🙂

  • John Raul Joven II

    Mig is right. I am very happy to know about THC’s Rudolf hosting plan. In fact, I wrote an exhaustive review of it for the people to know everything about Rudolf.

    Read here why Rudolf is one of the best hosting offer the Web has ever seen

  • Hi Teddy, i am one of THC’s happy customer as well, have no worries to host your site here. Rudolf plan is the real deal if you are looking for a webhost. Especially webhost that gave you lifetime hosting.

    I have checked everywhere, these guys are the best, their customer support are reasonable fast and very help full. Try it for yourself 🙂

    Mig, i have to admit your strategy works very well. I am glad to share how happy i am having this rudolf package 🙂

    Btw, great site you run there Ivy! I really like your design!! I wonder how did you make that cool footer 😀

  • Hi Ivy, I was wondering if you knew any hosts with servers in Singapore. =) Thanks!

    Cute website by the way.

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  • I am currently as I write this post hosting with and I can’t see what you guys are talking about this company has to be one of the slowest hosting companies to answer my questions and after signup months ago and paying they literally shook me down to pay for tech support , let me explain I talked to one of there sales people and in my deal we worked out full tech support was part of my deal since I am no tech I explained this before hand and all was agreed on after paying for hosting and taking literally 3 weeks to get set up because of the lack of any support and hostile answers from support when they answered finanly again a month later when it was time to pay again I was told there was a misunderstanding and normally you have to pay another fee for tech support to have my server managed I asked for a refund since I had yet to even get to use the host for more then a few days so again I was assured it would be taken care of and they now understood I know nothing about managing the server that I need tech support so for a couple months all was half way decent I didn’t need much tech support when I did it was not easy to get but I got it, how ever in the last 2 months my server is completly unreachable I have sent many support tickets and have been shaken down to pay a monthly tech support fee on top of my original deal that included full tech support the problem they say my server has is it is not optimized and if I want there help only way is to pay the extra monthly fee so 2 choices leave the server alone and my sites will load at an incredible slow rate and in many cases not even load or pay them the shake down money on top of our original deal to get support I decided to pay but there is only a couple days left in the billing cycle so you think if I pay not it would carry over onto next months hosting charges but not the case they want me to pay a full months tech fees that I shouldn’t be paying in the first place for a couple days worth of tech service and again pay with in the week again

    anyways I would give this host’s customer service a -10 if it was possible

  • I know what is the feeling with miguel’s condition with THC. Because I already had a bad experience with Rodulf Original Plan hosting with THC.

    Last year I buy their Rodulf Original Plan with Free domain included in the plan. At that time I have still a domain that I buy at Yahoo for $1.95, So I didn’t use the FREE domain in my plan yet because I want to save that domain to host for a more stable website, everytime I talk with their support team I always ask if can i get my Free Domain anytime and they answer “Yes, you can get it anytime” and one support also tells me that “You can transfer your domain 2 months before your domain expire in other registrar”. So I get confident that I will get my domain anytime.

    And last week when I ask that I will get my Free domain, Eric told me that you can’t get now your Free domain because it has only 6 month expiration. I am sad about this because no one tells me about that and no one warned or email me that my FREE domain will expire within 6 months if I didn’t use it. Because if someone tells me about that, I will use it, even if it is on the last day.

    No Offense I am just sharing my experience with THC right now because I am a customer who spend $95 USD to buy that plan, in other host company if I use that money I can get 5 years or more with good support and no problem web host, But at that time I trust THC because my friends refer me to them. I don’t know if I will get more problem hosting with them in the future, but I hope I will not get anymore problem with them.

    Thanks anyways.

  • I just can’t believe this people are still in business. I have the rudolph plan and its soo unreliable. My site now has been down for a week after they made some changes. Danm. If your site isn’t critical to you then it might be ok, I think there are free plans that are much better.