Notice: Transferring Domain to 1and1

October 11, 2008 / Reviews / 23 Comments

With Nanyate?! expiring in 50 days or so, I have started the renewal and transfer process to a different registrar. So do expect some downtime (about 5 days?). I will also be transferring my portfolio, IvyTan.Net shortly after.

In case you’re wondering why I’m taking the trouble to transfer my domains, it’s because I’ve come to love 1and1. 1and1‘s domain prices are extremely competitive, charging only 6.99$ for a .com/.net/.org. On top of that, they provide FREE private WHOIS registration, and accept PayPal. It’s so convenient! (As opposed to other companies that hook you in with 6.50$ domain registration per year, and then jack it up to 9.99$ a year later! Ya okay, I’m a cheapskate.)

I’ve also never registered a domain name under my host (and I recommend you do the same). No, not because I don’t like my host. (In fact, I love TopHostingCenter! And my other host WebHostingBuzz isn’t too bad either.) It’s because I would never put my domain name at someone else’s mercy. I’d like to take care of my DNS and MX Records myself. Besides, having control of my own domain means that I can move hosts immediately should my host ever provide unsatisfactory services. (That’s happened a few times, mind you.)

Anyway, I recommend 1and1 to anyone who’s looking for a great domain registrar, and TopHostingCenter to anyone who’s looking for a great host. The people too awesome, the services always upgraded, and convenience to their customers always a top priority.

When Nanyate?! comes back online, I will have a new category in store for you. Those who enjoy my culture write-ups will enjoy this, I’m sure.

See you round soon!

  • THC has been going down too often for me while yours was fine majority of the time. It’s very weird.

    1and1 looks pretty good. I’m paying $8.50 for a private registration at GoDaddy. I think I’ll follow you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ivy

    @Michael: Maybe you’re put on a different server from me? You should let THC know of your downtimes via livechat on the front page. It was down for me recently, but after I complained, they fixed it within 10 minutes.

    1&1 has been treating some of my domains very well for the past year. I hope their service will stay as good as it is now. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve registered 3 domains with them in the past, and am now transferring Nanyate to them. If it all goes well, will be transferred as well. They were previously with NetFirms and StartLogic accordingly. I also used,, GoDaddy, Namecheap and Yahoo! Business (amongst others) to register my domains. They’re all pretty good. gave me a little a trouble but it wasn’t too bad. But then came 1&1 that accepts PayPal. And smooth transaction time after time. All the better for me!!

    In case you’re curious, my transfer process has been very smooth thus far. I’ve already authorized the transfer. So all I’m waiting for now is for the actual transfer to be made. The email said 5 – 7 days. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope it’s soon, coz I’m itching to blog.

  • I don’t have any beef with 1and1’s web hosting. However, I curse the day I ever listed any domains with them. Investigative journalist, Kelli Jack states: โ€œ1and1 should be shut down.โ€

    The Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau has them listed as โ€œUnsatisfactoryโ€ Check out Red Flag for some customer comments.

  • Ooh, thank you for sharing, Ivy! I will remember this the next time I need to renew my domain name!!

  • Ivy

    @Warth Publishing Inc: For someone who claims not to have beef with 1&1, I see your comments all over blogs that write on 1&1. Either you’re a disgruntled customer, who’s got too much free time on your hands or a specialized communications division from a close competitor.

    I find the registration and transfer process very smooth. And there is a auto-renew cancellation feature. So I don’t see the problem with 1&1’s domain features. From what I see, it’s their hosting services that are horrible, not the domain registration. Those who complain about the domain registration process just didn’t bother to read the Ts and Cs.

  • Gaaah…I just renewed one of my domains. I think I’m going to follow suit and transfer my other (main) domain to a different registrar. Hmmn..can you transfer a domain name even if it’s not due to expire for another year?

  • I always register my domain names on my Namecheap account. Of course, I always hunt down those coupon codes that save me quite a bit. I’ve bought a total of 3 .nu’s, and got $10 off each of them. Like you, I like having control of my domain as well – name servers, etc. I’ve lost a domain in the past, due to carelessness. The host closed, and ran with my domain. =/ Bastards.

    Hope that the domain and host transfer goes smoothly. Looking forward to seeing what’s in store. =)

  • Ivy

    @Fatima: You can transfer your domains provided it stays with your current registrar for the first 60 days. After that, you may move it wherever you like.Whatever time you have left for your domain from the current registrar will be carried over to the new registrar.

    So, let’s say you registered a domain at GoDaddy on Jan 1st 2008 and will expire Jan 1st 2009. You can request a transfer on March 1st to NameCheap. And when the transfer is completed, your name will expire in Dec 2009 (1 year from NameCheap + leftover 9 mths from GoDaddy).

    Hope that answers your questions!

  • Ivy

    @Brandy: Damn! $10 cheaper for .nu domains are quite the deal. I always find .nu prohibitively expensive (for a domain name. 60 euros can be put into better use, IMO).

    Yeah, I lost a domain as well, I think I was using dotster then. Hahah. ๐Ÿ™

  • Mia

    Sounds cool! Looking forward to read your culture write-ups!

  • Thank you so much love. My domain is up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Ivy: They said moving my account to another server would cost me $150! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • @Ivy: BTW, you can still blog since you aren’t moving hosting companies. Registrars don’t affect day-to-day functions of domains.

  • Ivy

    @Michael: Yeah! I realized that last night when my new registrar informed me! Silly me!

  • Ivy

    @Michael: Whoa!! You don’t have to move servers per say. You should just let them know when a downtime occurs. ๐Ÿ™‚ They’ll fix it on the spot.

  • Gerald

    Hi. I would so love to be able to transfer my domains to 1and1 as well. But they don’t accept registrations/transfers from Singapore! I could find no listing of Singapore under their ‘country’ menu during the ordering process. A query to their support staff confirms this. Pray tell, how do you manage to place your order?

  • Ivy

    @Gerald: Hi, I signed up with 1&1 a year ago, and I was in Canada then. So, I used my Canadian address to apply for domains. Sorry about that! You might want to try another registrar in that case. I recommend and ๐Ÿ™‚ They’re a little pricier, but they’ve never disappointed me either. I’ve been using godaddy for more than 5 years, and is originally registered at netfirms. I left them only because I wanted to consolidate all my domains under one company, so there’s nothing wrong with netfirms.

  • Gerald

    @Ivy: Thanks. I might have a working U.S. address or two that just might do the trick. GoDaddy has been tainted by questionable business ethics in the past and I’d rather avoid them. Same goes for Netfirms. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Ivy: well, if anyone wants to compare domain prices, you might as well choose At one time they sold at US$1.99/domain even if you bought a single domain.

    Wrath Publishing’s complaint is not without any reason. You have to give him credit for warning everyone in as many places as possible! I’d do the same if I was him!

    I’ve come across a few others complaining about 1and1. Take a look here:

    I am not using 1and1 but having server 500 problem after upgrading from WP 2.7. The temporary solution of uploading a php.ini works…but it gets deleted for no rhyme or reason.

    I will never host with the same registrar where I got my domain! It’s just too risky.

    By the way, this blog has a nice theme!

  • @Michael: Why am I not suprised? That’s daylight robbery!

  • Ivy

    @kelly: Actually that offer from Godaddy isn’t straight out 1.99$. You have to purchase a hosting plan with them before they let you buy a domain for 1.99$. Hahaha. So it’s not that cheap.

    Also, I don’t see why all this talk about 1and1 being a bad host has anything to do with my domains being there. They are not my host; they are my domain registrar.

    I also don’t appreciate guys like Warth Publishing going all over the place to spread their bad experience unnecessarily. If I want a review, I will search for it. Don’t use my server and my space for your “evangelism”.

  • I have had nothing but problems with 1and1 and would never use them again. Their customer service sucks and cost me hundreds if not thousands of dollars and ended up costing me a domain name because of their stupidity.

  • Jeff must be a godaddy employee.

    1&1 is awesome IMO. Been with them for over 5 years now.