Great WordPress Plugins!

Warning: Absolute vodka geekery ahead!

A new theme at Nanyate?! will always be accompanied with some awesome new plugins. So here are the chosen ones.

1. @Reply with Comment Preview Plugin

Since I wanted to keep this design clean, I have reluctantly removed WordPress Thread Comments and WP Paged Comments. It is now replaced with a Twitter-esque comment system, where you place @name to reply to comments. This plugin allows you to display the comment you’re replying to when you hover the @name. To use it on Nanyate?!, click on “respond to this comment” in the comment box you want to reply to. The HTML code that displays the @name will then be transposed in the comment text area.

I personally don’t think that this plugin’s potential is fully maximized, since it is not very friendly to those who have no knowledge of HTML. I would much prefer to see something like [@name] than a line of HTML code. (Plugin author Marcus Himmel, you hear me?) Also, the CSS and the XHTML are neither easily accessible nor valid for those who those customizing Web Standards Nazis. With all that said, it’s still an innovative plugin that might catch on in the near future – provided that it is improved upon.

2. WordPress Mobile Plugin

With the advent of iPhone, HTC Dream and other mainstream internet browsing-centric phones, I think mobile web surfing will be the next big thing in the very near future, and likely the norm 2 – 3 years. So, it’s best to start catering to them now!

This plugin turns your site design into a mobile-friendly one, when it detects a reader is browsing from his or her phone. The CSS is fully customizable. In return, the author requests you put a small Google Mobile or Admob ad, and demands a small share of the revenue. Alternatively, you can pay the author 25 Euros to remove all advertising.

HTC View
Mobile Nanyate?! from my HTC S730

LG View
Mobile Nanyate?! from my LG Viewty KU990R

There are alternatives out there, but most of them route to another URL and place ads on them. Until a fully free mobile plugin is released, I think this plugin is a pretty good deal.

3. Author Highlight Comments (not a plugin)

I wanted better control of my comment highlights, so I dug out a couple links from my rusting favorites folder “design resource”, and lookey what I found: Matt Cutt’s Highlight Author Comments

It’s better than the plugin Highlight Author Comments, which does not allow for flexible CSS-styling. And better than most other tutorials that determines the author based on email, which would clearly be very vulnerable to impersonations. Matt Cutt’s tutorial bypasses all that by using the WordPress admin ID to determine the author. So unless the impersonator-to-be knows your password, you’re pretty safe.

Embarassing story: it took me a few hours to get this code working because I am PHP-stupid, and got so overwhelmed by the new code that I was completely oblivious to the error in my CSS. Long and boring story. Basically, it was my CSS that caused the problem, not the PHP.

Anyway, if you’re as PHP-stupid as I am, or afraid of tweaking your comments.php, please read this excellent step-by-step guide by Colin King; just don’t follow the author highlight tutorial given. Alternatively, feel free to ask this PHP-stupid web enthusiast, if you run into any trouble. Just leave me a comment or send me an e-mail.

Hope you found this WordPress plugins review useful!

Thank You, Commenters!

Lastly, I’d like to thank those provided feedback to my layout. Theme Torii is now in Beta release. I’ve made the header marginally smaller, and changed the footer. Theme Torii now works on the following browsers: Firefox 3, Opera, Internet Explorer 6 + 7, Safari and Google Chrome.

  • ladyironchef


    thanks for visiting my blog. wow, you going to have wordpress themes coming up eh? looking forward to them : )


  • @ladyironchef:
    Mmmmm! I like this theme too, but I am excited to see what you come up with next! 🙂

  • Ai~

    Thanks for dropping by my domain! I love this new theme you’re using — awesome job! 🙂 Am gonna try out some of the plugins you recommended — thanks for the tip! 🙂 God bless!

  • WordPress Plugins are awesome. However, they also drive me crazy since some of them are then not compatible after a WP upgrade . . . GRRR.

  • Ivy

    @Melle: You are alive!! Where have you been?? And your site hasn’t been working!

    @Tara: Hahaha yeah, I hate it when that happens. But if you stick to plugins that are popular or up and rising, the author usually updates them very soon after a new release. Or even better, some plugins like the ‘commenter plugger’ never need and upgrade – ever. So it’s not so bad. Just a trial and error, I suppose.

  • ooooo i love WP too. hi 5! lol

  • I agree with Tara, I wish authors of AMAZING WP plugins would continue to update their plugins and make sure they’re compatible with newer versions of WordPress.

    The Twitter-like plugin is cool.. but I’m a fan of threaded comments. Can’t wait for WP 2.7… but like I said, I’m sure one of my favorite plugins (Post Levels) won’t work with it. =(

  • LoL… hey IVY!… it’s me.. SHERRY! lols… i haven’t forgotten about you… although korean class is the last time we’ve seen eachother… HOw’s everything :D…just stopping by to say hello.. thx for commenting on my photo lols 😛

    Hope you’re doing well ^^ Take care~~

    PS i really like your new theme 🙂

  • Iol~ I’m alright. I’m almost done with school… haven’t graduated yet… because I’m lacking one course.. which is only offered in the winter semester… so I have to wait until then.. I’ll be done in April 2009 tho. haha. But yeah, for now, I’m just looking for a part time job to use up all my extra time that I have off this semester… But I haven’t had much time so far to look, because I was in the hospital recently to get my tonsils removed… and it took 2 weeks just to recover =( But i’m doing fine now~ what time is it there??? Here it’s like almost 2am… I should be going to bed soon 😛

  • I adore this theme. It turned out amazing. =) Thanks for sharing those plugins. I’ve been looking for number 1 so this will be useful to me.

  • Thanks for sharing another respond to comment!! It does look fantastic, I like the idea of actually hovering over the names and seeing what they commented on before. But for now, I am still loving the threaded comments, so I won’t be shifting soon. ^_^

  • the plugins seems kind of cool 🙂 we might try them out thanks for sharing! 😀

  • @Ivy:

    I have a new site now. I dunno what to do with it, but I just want to have a reason to mess with Photoshop and HTML. I had to get rid of TOO MANY WEIRDOS! I still have the domain, and I’m hosting it under How are you? I remember you moved to Singapore? Or somewhere awesome. You’re sooooooooo lucky! I should make a nice bloggy and have some of these cool plug-ins on it. Ouais! Planning commences now!

  • @Melle: I meant EQUALLY awesome.*

  • Ivy

    @Melle: Cool! I’ve linked your new site. Do continue blogging and designing. They’re both a good skills to have. 🙂 Plus you can try out these comment system. Hahaha.

    Yes, I’m in Singapore now. I’m working as a PR officer, so I don’t really have much time these days to blog and design (hence a haphazard theme like this one).

  • Thanks for the plugins Ivy! Actually I was pretty torn between the usual way of replying comments (with an ‘@’ followed by the username, and the comments are not nested in one way or another) or the forum way (threaded comments). In the end I stuck with threaded comments for hope that WP2.7 will realise their promise of including threaded comments feature in their future releases!

    Speaking of the comment author highlight coding, I was pretty impressed by the hard-coding way of getting it done instead of using a plugin! I see plugins are potentially cumbersome and they will have compatibility problems with different versions of WP. By hard-coding the PHP stuff into your template, you don’t really have to worry much! That’s what I’ve been doing for my blog too. Thanks for sharing!

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